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Vacation Bible SchoolCourageousGod Will TakeCare of Us

Peril faced by Paul & 275 others at sea in Acts 27:The winds were constantly contrary v. 4Sailed with difficulty, wind not constantly permitting v. 7Sailing constantly with difficulty, sailing was now dangerous v. 8-9I am perceiving this voyage will end with disaster v. 10The harbor was not suitable to winter in v. 12A tempestuous, typhoon-like head wind arose v. 14The ship was caught, so they let it be driven by the wind v. 15They secured the skiff with difficulty v. 16Repeatedly used cables to undergird the ship over and over v. 17Constantly fearing run aground, lowered gear, driven by wind v. 17They were exceedingly and repeatedly tempest-tossed v. 18They lightened the ship of its cargo v. 18They threw the ships tackle/equipment overboard v. 19Courageous?

Peril faced by Paul & 275 others at sea in Acts 27:The sun and stars kept not appearing for many days v. 20No small tempest kept on beating on us v. 20All hope of being saved was draining out and given up v. 20Long abstinence from food v. 21Incurred disaster and loss v. 22There will be loss of the ship v. 22We must run aground on a certain island v. 26The fourteenth night had come v. 27They were continually driven up and down the Adria Sea v. 27About midnight drawing near some land v. 27Constantly fearing theyd run aground on the rocks v. 29They dropped four small anchors & prayed for daylight v. 29The sailors were seeking to escape the ship v. 30Courageous?

Peril faced by Paul & 275 others at sea in Acts 27:You cannot be saved v. 31Cut away the ropes of the skiff and let it fall off v. 32Waiting, continuing without food, ate nothing for 14 days v. 33They lightened the ship and threw out the wheat into the sea v. 38When it was day, they did not recognize the land v. 39They developed a plan to run the ship ashore v. 39They let go of the anchors and left them in the sea v. 40They loosed the rudder ropes v. 40They hoisted the foresail to wind and were heading for shore v. 40They struck a reef where two seas met, ran aground v. 41The prow stuck fast and remained immovable v. 41The stern was being broken up repeatedly by force of waves v. 41Soldiers plan was to start killing all of the prisoners v. 42Courageous?ConsignedGiven over to this one fact: GOD IS IN CONTROL!Difficulties to Deal with? (difficulty 3x in Acts 27)Fears to Face? (continuous fearing/afraid 3x in Acts 27)Winds to Weather? (wind/tempest 9x in Acts 27)GOD IS IN CHARGE! GOD IS ON THE THRONE!Isaiah saw the Lord sitting on His throne Isa. 6:1; cf. Psa. 47:8His throne is in heaven & His kingdom rules over all Psa. 103:19Righteousness & justice are the foundation of His throne 89:14Lovingkindness & truth go before Him and from Him Psa. 89:14Courage knows that God is able to make all things work together for good for His children Rom. 8:28CourageousGod Will TakeCare of UsConsignedContentedPaul seemed to be the only one on board unruffledRather than listen to him, centurion followed majority 27:11-12On board, there was fear, cowardice, deceit, murderous threatsTwo weeks of tempestuous, bleak conditions without eatingPaul told everyone to take heart Acts 27:22, 25Paul urged/encouraged them all the eat Acts 27:33-34Paul gave thanks for his two-week-old food Acts 27:35Courage learns to be content

CourageousGod Will TakeCare of UsConsignedContentedConcernedEven with his life in danger, Paul not concerned for selfPaul concerned about his fellow-prisoners & the soldiersTake heart, for there will be no loss of life Acts 27:22All those who sail with you Acts 27:24Unless these men stay in the ship, you cannot be saved 27:31Paul implored them to take food Acts 27:33I urge you to take nourishment, for this is for your survival, since not a hair will fall from the head of any of you Acts 27:23 Courage focuses on the needs of others and not self

CourageousGod Will TakeCare of UsConsignedContentedConcernedConviction-FilledThere is ONE GOD THE GOD Acts 27:23The God to whom I BELONG Acts 27:23; 1 Cor. 6:20The God whom I SERVE Acts 27:23; Matt. 4:10I BELIEVE God Acts 27:25; Rom. 4:16-25Courage is driven by an abiding confidence in THE GOD

CourageousGod Will TakeCare of Us

ConsignedContentedConcernedConviction-FilledCertainAll hope was given up (27:20) but not PaulsPaul walked/sailed by faith & not by sight 2 Cor. 5:7Paul knew that God would keep His wordIt will be just as it was told me Acts 27:25There will be no loss of life Acts 27:22Paul also knew that Gods promises are conditional v. 31

CourageousGod Will TakeCare of Us

ConsignedContentedConcernedConviction-FilledCertainConnectedThere stood by me this night an angel of the God v. 23God has granted you Acts 27:24Pauls connection with God saved everyone on boardCourageousGod Will TakeCare of Us

ConsignedContentedConcernedConviction-FilledCertainConnectedContagiousPaul was respected by the centurion Acts 27:3, 31, 43Through Paul they were all encouraged and also took food themselves Acts 27:36CourageousGod Will TakeCare of Us

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