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  • The EarthThe Earths Surface Changes Slowly OR QuicklyTeacher Page

  • Objective: Describe how wind and water move and change things.(Strand VI-B5)Related Vocabulary:Weathering - the process by which rock becomes soil.Chemical weathering - such as acid rainBiological weathering - such as by growing thingsErosion - the movement of weathered materials.Activity: 1. The students will identify examples of weathering and erosion.2. The students will differentiate between slow and fast weathering.3. The students will identify the different causes of erosion.Process:1. The teacher will click through each of the slides, reading as she/he does so.2. Each slide is self-explanatory but the teacher should run through the lesson prior to presenting it to the students.Related Activity:Each lesson is followed by a journal activity of some kind.

  • Okay boys and girls.Im your host, Mr. Weather-bee. Now, lets play that game that really moves the earth!Lets play . . .ORFAST EROSIONSLOW EROSION

  • Contestant #1: What is the meaning of the word WEATHERING?Is it when. . .A. Rock becomes soil OR when. . .B. Soil becomes rock ?

  • Did you choose answer A? You are correct!Lets move on to our next question.

  • Contestant #2: What is the meaning of the word EROSION?Does it mean . . .A. the movement of cloudsORB. the movement of weathered materials?

  • Did you choose answer B?Good for you! You are Great!We have a tie! Lets go to our tie-breaker questions.

  • Look at the 2 examples of WEATHERINGChemical BiologicalAre these slow or fast?

  • If you said that these types of weathering are . . .SLOW WEATHERINGTHEN, YOU ARE CORRECT!Lets try that 2nd tie-breaker question!

  • EROSION is caused by many things. It can be caused by . . . .Wind Water PeopleWhich of these caused the EROSION in the following pictures?

  • Choose 1 button.

  • You choseYou chose the correct type of cause.EXCELLENT! LETS MOVE ON!Wind

  • Choose 1 button.

  • You choseYou did it again!You are GREAT!Water

  • JOURNAL:Can you think of some ways that weathering and erosion can be harmful to our earth ?What are some things that can stop weathering or erosion from happening?

  • Well contestants, thats the end of our game!You all did such a GREAT job!Give yourselves a GREATBIG HAND!

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