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  • 1. An introduction to SURFnetErwin BleuminkManaging director
  • 2. SURFnet: the Dutch NREN SURFnet is the Dutch National Research & Education Network (NREN) Services, innovation, knowledge Not for profit Task organisation of Stichting SURF = ICT collaboration of higher education & research A small operation serving a large community: 85 employees 160 connected institutions 1 million end-users Turnover 35 million Euro; 1/3 innovation subsidiesSURFnet - We make innovation work 1
  • 3. SURFnet is part of the SURF Family Stichting SURF Institutions SURFnet SURFshare SURFmarket eSURFnet - We make innovation work 2
  • 4. Strategic plan Themes Network infrastructure Security and privacy Sourcing and sustainable ICT Professional shared services Infrastructure for digital content E-Science, supercomputing and grid Technology Enhanced Education - We make innovation work 3
  • 5. Reorganise to manage research e-Infrastructure SURFmarket: commercial ICT products and services on highly favourable conditions SURFshare: Shared Professional Services Netherlands E-Science Center (together with NWO, the Dutch NSF) SURFsara: Scientific computing & storageSURFnet - We make innovation work 4
  • 6. SURFnet: community and characteristics Our community Research universities Universities of Applied Sciences Academic & teaching hospitals Research institutes Research departments of companies Scientific libraries Secondary vocational education & training SURFnet characteristics: On the demand side of the market Global collaboration in innovation Unique relationship with both users and suppliers Bridge between R&D and marketSURFnet - We make innovation work 5
  • 7. Financing 1 2 2 8 20 Instellingen GigaPort3 SURFworks EC/FP7 Zusterorganisa es & NCF Turnover 35 million Euro per year Innovation paid for by government and industry Operations cost distribution model for connected institutesSURFnet. We make innovation work 6
  • 8. Organisation principles Principles Foster tension between technology and user perspectives in organisation Management of professionals Keep people working on innovation and operations close together (SURFnet outsources all operational management of services) Flat organisation Matrix organisation All people and operations in departments Innovation in multi-disciplinary teamsSURFnet - We make innovation work 7
  • 9. Management structure as of July 1, 2012 Management Erwin Bleumink CEO Erik Huizer Karen de Bruijn CTO CFO Dep Dep Dep Dep Dep Dep Young Talent program Finance, Information and organisation Innovation program Innovation programSURFnet - We make innovation work 8
  • 10. DepartmentsSURFnet - We make innovation work 9
  • 11. Would you recommend us? NPS = % promoters -/- % detractors 34% = 36% -/- 2% Source: SURFnet instellingenonderzoek 2011SURFnet - We make innovation work 10
  • 12. Anyone following me on Twitter already knows what I did this past summer.Source: The New Yorker, 5 september 2011SURFnet - We make innovation work 11
  • 13. Cloud cloud cloud d at a exp losion Mob ile m ob ile m ob ile d evice exp losion Go g o g o st ud y + w ork + p lay + Runcollab orat eonorgmobile et cet era your life + a anize + in the cloud Study Run you + Play a m ob ile + Work life on + Collaborate + Organise Source: A MD A nyt im e, A nyplace, A nyw here - NORDUnet 20 1 - 7 June 20 1 - Reykjavik 1 1 4SURFnet - We make innovation work 12
  • 14. gizmido.comSURFnet - We make innovation work 13
  • 15. Source:, copyright ASTRON
  • 16. SURFnet - We make innovation work 16
  • 17. Virtual organisation Next generation sequencing Integrated e-infrastructure SURFnet Light paths to 10+ locations Own compute infrastructure (Life Science Grid Cluster) SARA storage Need for collaboration infrastructure Large virtual organisation Academic hospitals: LUMC, Erasmus MC, AMC, MUMC, UMCN, VUMC Research universities: VU, WUR, TU Delft, RUG Research organisations: Hubrecht Commercial organisations: BGI (Hong Kong, Complete Genomics (LA, USA), Philips, PfizerSURFnet - We make innovation work 17
  • 18. Constituency End-Users Number of Users Institutions Researchers Bandwidth RequirementsSURFnet - We make innovation work 18
  • 19. Source: A future view on SURFnet, Roland Staring, master thesis TopTech 2011SURFnet - We make innovation work 19
  • 20. SURFnet - We make innovation work 20
  • 21. Vision Researchers, instructors, and students work together simply and effectively with the aid of ICTSURFnet - We make innovation work 21
  • 22. Motor for innovation Business case = use all that is available Needed: a trusted, connecting ICT infrastructure How? Innovation leading to services, standardisation, and knowledge (dissemination) With national and international partners Technical and business innovationSURFnet - We make innovation work 22
  • 23. Two result areas Network infrastructure A hybrid fixed-wireless network as the basis for all collaboration, providing efficient, unlimited data transport Core services: IP, bandwidth on demand, eduroam Collaboration infrastructure a pioneering collaboration environment that seamlessly connects systems, services, tools, and people Core services: SURFconext, SURFfederatie, SURFteams, resource brokerSURFnet. We make innovation work 23
  • 24. Services philosophy Innovation focused on creating operational services KISS: generic needs If useful, internationally developed & globally connected Distinguish between basic services and temporary ICT services and showcases Only provide services that the market does not deliver Active portfolio managementSURFnet - We make innovation work 24
  • 25. Types of services Basic services (core package) provide the linking factor between users and the services and tools offered by suppliers and institutions Temporary ICT services and showcases show users what is possible and thus provide an impetus for new types of collaboration and the sharing of tools. If these services are successful, the role of SURFnet as a service provider for these temporary ICT services must be taken over by the marketSURFnet - We make innovation work 25
  • 26. Services portfolio 2012 Basic services Impulse services SURFinternet SURFgroepen (Exit 2012) SURFfederatie SURFmedia (Exit 2012) eduroam SURFdashboard SURFcert SURFopzichter SURFlichtpaden SURFconext Ontsluiting dislocatie via IP SURFinternetpinnen (guar. 2013) SURFcertificaten (guar. 2013) SURFcontact (Exit 2012) SURFmailfilter (guar. 2013) Consultancy SURFdomeinenSURFnet - We make innovation work 26
  • 27. erwin.bleumink[at] @erwinbleumink erwin.bleuminkW +31 30 2 305 305 Creative Commons Attribution license:

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