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  • RR Donnelley Announces Intent to Create Three

    Independent Publicly Traded Companies

    Mr. Tom Carroll, Executive VP of External and Postal Affairs and Chief Human

    Resources Officer will be talking about the August 4th announcement of RR Donnelley

    & Sons Company intent to create three independent, publicly traded companies at

    the Fall Luncheon, Wednesday, November11, 2015. He will also be discussing the Pension Plan, something of interest to everyone.


    November 2015



    Retirees Newsletter



    Services Company


    Publishing and Retail-

    Centric Print Services



    Customized Multichannel


    Management Company


  • 2 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    CHICAGO, Aug. 04, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RR Donnelley & Sons Company (Nasdaq:RRD) today

    announced that it intends to create three independent, publicly traded companies: one business focused on

    financial communications and data services; one business focused on publishing and retail-centric print

    services; and one business focused on customized multichannel communications management.

    Thomas J. Quinlan III, RR Donnelley's President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "Over the last decade,

    we have strengthened our business portfolio through a combination of organic growth and strategic

    acquisitions, developing new products and services, inventing fresh ways to serve customers, attracting

    additional talent and building information technology systems.

    "We see a significant opportunity to unlock value by allowing these three businesses to pursue their own

    strategies and invest according to the unique dynamics of their respective industries. Each company will

    have the strategic focus, management resources and capital structure to enable it to strengthen its market

    position and pursue its growth opportunities, enhancing long-term value for stakeholders."

    The creation of these three independent businesses is expected to deliver the following strategic and financial


    Strategic Benefits

    Each business to focus on its distinct strategic priorities, driving opportunities to accelerate growth

    and enhance long-term value

    Greater flexibility to execute tailored business strategies and compete in evolving markets

    Even more focused brand strategy to support each business's marketing plan

    Financial Benefits

    Tailored capital structures reflective of each business's financial and growth profiles

    Better-optimized investment policies

    Market recognition of standalone growth prospects and profitability

    Enable investors' valuations to reflect each business's unique operating and financial dynamics

    Quinlan continued, "We recognize that parts of the current portfolio will be more successful pursuing

    different strategies, and that these particular businesses offer the scale, expertise, product and service mix

    and other resources to excel as standalone companies. Creating three independent companies will allow each

    to more quickly capitalize on opportunities created by continued technological innovation and globalization

    within the markets they serve."

    Financial Communications Services Company (FinancialCo)

    FinancialCo will be a leading, financial communications services company serving both the investment and

    capital markets worldwide. With proprietary technology, extensive capabilities and deep subject matter

    expertise, FinancialCo will support its customers with content management, multichannel content

    distribution, data management and analytics, collaborative workflow and business reporting tools and

    translations services. FinancialCo's one-stop-shop offering leverages a unique combination of technology,

    service and regulatory expertise built through the combination of RR Donnelley's financial print business,

    Bowne Financial and EDGAR Online.

  • November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 3

    As a standalone company with trailing 12-month net sales for the period ended June 30, 2015 of

    approximately $1 billion, the company believes FinancialCo will be positioned to aggressively invest in

    leading technology and workflow tools to support its customer communications requirements in a growing

    and fast evolving marketplace and to generate strong margins and cash flow to capitalize on significant

    opportunities in content collaboration, data analytics and compliance/regulatory services.

    Publishing and Retail-Centric Print Services Company (PRSCo)

    Publishers, merchandisers and retailers worldwide trust PRSCo to prepare, produce and distribute their

    periodicals, catalogs, inserts, books, office products and directories.

    As a standalone company with trailing 12-month net sales for the period ended June 30, 2015 of

    approximately $3.5 billion, the company believes PRSCo will continue to expand its unmatched scope of

    print-related capabilities to better serve customers worldwide and will be well positioned for further value

    creation through continued cost restructuring and accretive acquisition opportunities. The company's

    expertise, deep customer relationships and strong cash flow generation are expected to support both organic

    and acquisition opportunities.

    Customized Multichannel Communications Management Company (CMCo)

    CMCo will be a global, customized multichannel communications management provider that assists

    organizations around the world in creating, managing and executing their multichannel communications

    strategies. CMCo will offer customized digital and printed communications services, including direct mail,

    short-run commercial printing, statements, business process outsourcing, supply chain management,

    logistics, creative design, content management, forms, labels, packaging, kitting and fulfillment and more.

    As a standalone company with trailing 12-month net sales for the period ended June 30, 2015 of

    approximately $7 billion and deep relationships with Fortune 1000 customers, the company believes there

    are clear growth opportunities for CMCo driven by increasing demand for customized multichannel

    communications and it is well positioned to capture these opportunities by offering integrated solutions that

    help customers better manage their brand execution, marketing and supply chain strategies. CMCo is

    expected to have capital flexibility to fund growth investments and develop additional capabilities.

  • 4 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    News from in and around


    Stanley Laurinaitis Chicago Financial BE

    Judi & Stan celebrated their 50th

    wedding anniversary

    April 2015.The party was held at the Bonfire Restaurant

    in Homer Glen. We celebrated with our two daughters

    and son and six grandchildren. Our friends and close

    family attended as well.

    Don Bergen Corp-Warsaw-Lanc-Chgo-Pittsb HR

    Earlier this summer we visited the Hesston Steam Museum just north of LA Porte Indiana. Its a wonderful

    place to spend a day and there are three steam powered trains to ride. Soon after we arrived, we boarded this

    train without having seen the locomotive. My wife Jackie mentioned to our daughter that the train reminded

    her of the trains at the Brookfield Zoo that had been donated by Elliott Donnelley.

    The gentleman in the picture heard her mention the Donnelley family and asked what our connection was. I

    told him that I worked for RRD for 37 years and knew most of the family including Jim Tom and Elliott. He

    went on to relate that Jim and Tom had both visited the

    museum and as recently as 2 years ago and that the family had

    donated much of the equipment we would be riding that day.

    We had a great time with our daughter, Anne, from Singapore

    and her children. It was a fun way to reconnect with the

    Donnelley family.

    Since we retired in 2005, Jackie and I have lived in Warsaw,

    IN near our son Michael and his wife and four sons. We are

    both involved in community service and keep very busy. We

    travel as much as we can including, hot surprisingly, several

    trips to Singapore and SE Asia. Our best to all our fellow

    retirees, especially those from Chicago, Lancaster, Warsaw,

    Pittsburgh and Corporate.

  • November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 5


    Your Name_____________________________________________ Phone Number ( )_____________

    Address _________________________________________________________ Apt. No.______________

    City _____________________________________________ State___________ Zip Code_____________

    R.R.D. Division __________________________________________ R.R.D. Dept.____________________

    Years of service at R.R.D.__________________________________ Date Retired____________________

    Spouse or Guests full name______________________________________________________________


    Price per member, spouse or guest is $15.00 each x no. of persons = $ Total


    (Veterans Day) November 11, 2015 at Alta Villa Banquets

    430 North Addison Road Addison, Illinois 60101

    Please plan to attend the Fall Luncheon! The guest speaker, Mr. Tom Carroll, Executive VP of

    External and Postal Affairs and Chief Human Resources Officer will be talking about the August 4th

    announcement of RR Donnelley & Sons Company intent to create three independent, publicly traded

    companies. He will also be discussing the Pension Plan, something of interest to everyone. So, send in

    your reservation form to Jerry Malecki right away!

    Note: Bar opens at 11:00 a.m. Luncheon will be served at 12:30 p.m.


    Make Luncheon Checks Payable To: JERRY MALECKI

    Mail To:


    ADDISON, IL 60101 (630) 5434549

    The deadline for reservations is: November 1st

    No reservations accepted after November 1st and positively none

    will be accepted at the door! Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!!

    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE If you appear at the luncheon and our records show no payment was made, you will

    be asked to pay at the door. Money will be returned if a payment appears after the luncheon

  • 6 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    Ron Behnke Chicago WB

    Ron Behnke celebrated his 90th Birthday on August 5th, 2015. My wife, Rita, and I

    attended the celebration at The Plantation Golf & Country Club, in Venice, FL, where

    Ron lives and is a member. The date was also our 54th Wedding Anniversary. We

    regularly got together with Ron and his wife Shirley, who passed away last year, to

    celebrate both occasions.

    Joe Barton Chicago/Mattoon/Lancaster/Corp.

    If you've ever worked for a boss who reacts before getting the facts and thinking things through, you will

    love this!

    Arcelor-Mittal Steel, feeling it was time for a shakeup, hired a new CEO. The new boss was determined to

    rid the company of all slackers. >>

    >> On a tour of the facilities, the CEO noticed a guy leaning against a wall. The room was full of workers

    and he wanted to let them know that he meant business. He asked the guy, "How much money do you make

    a week?" >>

    >> A little surprised, the young man looked at him and said, "I make $400 a week. Why?" >>

    >> The CEO said, "Wait right here." He walked back to his office, came back in two minutes, and handed

    the guy $1,600 in cash and said, "Here's four weeks' pay. Now GET OUT and don't come back." >>

    >> Feeling pretty good about himself the CEO looked around the room and asked, "Does anyone want to tell

    me what that goof-ball did here?" >>

    >> From across the room a voice said, "Pizza delivery guy from Domino's."

    Rita & Joe Barton & Ron Behnke

  • November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 7

    2016 Dues (January December 2016) $5.00




    P.O. BOX 652

    HINSDALE, IL 60522-0652

    Your Name:______________________________________SpouseName___________________

    (Please Print) Address:_____________________________________________ Phone No._________________

    City and State:_________________________________________ Zip Code:________________

    RRD Division:_________________________________RRD Depart./(s):__________________

    Year and Month You Retired:_____________________Date of Birth:____________________

    E-Mail Address:________________________________________________________________

    Note: Surviving spouse is eligible for membership




    Members Note:

    Your dues are good for one year, January 1st till December 31


  • 8 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    Look for an upcoming announcement regarding the

    2016 Spring Luncheon which will be held on

    Wednesday, May 11th, 2016!

    Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club

    34th Annual Picnic

    September 9, 2015

    Meeting called to order by George Wenrich at 11:00 AM.

    In attendance were 25 members George Wenrich thanked Bonnie Fischer for her help with the picnic this year.

    Jerry Malecki, Fall Luncheon Chairman, asked that members send in their money ($15.00), for the Fall

    Luncheon to be held on November 11, 2015

    Fred Mark introduced the slate of officers for 2015. They are as follows:

    President George Wenrich

    1st VP Programming Bonnie Fisher

    Co-chair Spring Luncheon & /Co-chair Annual Picnic

    Secretary Joan Mrozek

    Treasurer Gene Benes

    Membership Sharon Kerr

    House Chairman

    Newsletter Editor John Hormanski

    Spring Lunch Chairmen Ruth & Carl Meyer

    Fall Lunch Chairman Jerry Malecki

    Fall Lunch Asst. Carol Malecki

    Chaplain Stanley Zach

    General Assistant Ed Slee

    General Co-Assistant Fred Mark

    A unanimous vote by those members present accepted all nominees.

    Our Spring luncheon will be held at the Camelot banquets, which is located just west of the Lexington


    A variety of games were played by those in attendance. Gift Cards as prizes were raffled to 25 lucky people.

    The weather was a great.

    Respectfully submitted, Joan Mrozek

  • November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 9

    The 34th Annual Retired Employees Picnic Held Wednesday, September 9th

    Bemis Woods, Western Springs, Il. Looked like it might rain again, but the sun came out in time to dry off the picnic benches and made for an

    enjoyable day for the retirees. Everyone had a nice time of catching up with old friends, playing Horseshoes, Bingo and Roly Poly.

    If you missed it this year, mark your calendar for the 2nd Wednesday in September, 2016



    ROLY POLY GAME! The Club President, George Wenrich,

    Thanks for all you do George!

  • 10 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    John & Cindy Hormanski, Sharon Kerr Jim Dekanic

    Don Siegler, Carl Meyer, Walter Bohenek Alvina Kita

    Colette & Don Siegler, all the way from Michigan! Ruth and Carl Meyer

  • November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 11

    Barb and Stan Zach Pat and Don Matthews

    Ed Slee, Don Matthews, Fred Mark, David Fisher Sylvia and Don Hosek

    Carol Malecki and Joan Mrozek Pat Matthews and Georgeen Slee

  • 12 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    Ruth Meyer and Joe Wood John Edmundson and Ruth Meyer

    Sylvia & Don Hosek, Walter & Geri Bohenek, Colette Siegler


  • November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 13


    Ed Slee measures for horseshoes

    Ed is impressed with Geri Bohenek Fred Mark going over the roster with

    John Hormanski

    1st Place Don Matthews


    Place George Wenrich


    Place Don Hosek

  • With Roly-Poly, all you have

    to do is roll the ball and

    what you hit, you win!

    Youd be surprised at how

    easy it is to miss


    14 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    There were lots of winners at BINGO!

    Looks like Geri Bohenek has done this before! Carl Meyer & Jerry Malecki are impressed

    by Don Sieglers direct hit!

    Colette Siegler takes aim

  • November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 15

    Think you are having a bad day?

    Fire authorities in California found a corpse in a burned-out section of forest while assessing the damage

    done by a forest fire. The deceased male was dressed in a full wet suit, complete with scuba tanks on his

    back, flippers, and face mask.

    A post-mortem test revealed that the man died not from burns, but from massive internal injuries. Dental

    records provided a positive identification. Investigators then set about to determine how a fully clothed diver

    ended up in the middle of a forest fire. It was revealed that on the day of the fire, the

    Pat Matthews is wondering how it could

    have possibly split the middle! Walter

    Bohenek & barb Zach are wondering too!

    We are such a Happy Bunch,

    come out next year and join us!

  • 16 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    man went diving off the coast, some 20 miles from the forest. The fire fighters, seeking to control the fire as

    quickly as possible, had called in a fleet of helicopters with very large dip buckets. Water was dipped from

    the ocean and emptied at the site of the forest fire.

    You guessed it. One minute our diver was making like Flipper in the Pacific, the next, he was doing the

    breast stroke in a fire dip bucket 300 feet in the air.

    Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed, but keep reading.

    Still t h ink you ' r e having a bad day? A man was working on his motorcycle on the patio, his wife nearby in the kitchen. While racing the engine,

    the motorcycle accidentally slipped into gear. The man, still holding onto the handlebars, was dragged along

    as it burst through the glass patio doors.

    His wife, hearing the crash, ran in the room to find her husband cut and bleeding, the motorcycle, and the

    shattered patio door. She called for an ambulance and, because the house sat on a fairly large hill, went down

    the several flights of stairs to meet the paramedics and escort them to her husband.

    While the attendants were loading her husband, the wife managed to right the motorcycle and push it outside.

    She also quickly blotted up the spilled petrol with some paper towels and tossed them into the toilet.

    After being treated and released, the man returned home, looked at the shattered patio door and the damage

    done to his motorcycle. He went into the bathroom and consoled himself with a cigarette while attending to

    his business. About to stand, he flipped the butt between his legs.

    The wife, who was in the kitchen, heard a loud explosion and her husband screaming. Finding him lying on

    the bathroom floor with his trousers blown away and burns on his buttocks, legs and groin, she once again

    phoned for an ambulance. The same paramedic crew was dispatched.

    As the paramedics carried the man down the stairs to the ambulance they asked the wife how he had come to

    burn himself. She told them. They started laughing so hard, one slipped, the stretcher dumping the husband

    out. He fell down the remaining stairs, breaking his arm.

    Still having a bad day?

    J us t remember, it could be worse... The average cost of rehabilitating a seal after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska was $80,000. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively saved animals were being released back into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers. A minute later, in full view, a killer whale ate them both.

    Still think you a r e ha v in g a bad d ay? A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen shaking frantically, almost in a dancing frenzy, with

    some kind of wire running from his waist towards the electric kettle. Intending to jolt him away from the

    deadly current, she whacked him with a handy plank of wood, breaking his arm in two places. Up to that

    moment, he had been happily listening to his Walkman.

    S T I L L t h ink you ' r e ha vi n g a bad d ay? Two animal rights protesters were protesting at the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughterhouse in Bonn,

    Germany. Suddenly, all two thousand pigs broke loose and escaped through a broken fence, stampeding

    madly. The two hapless protesters were trampled to death.

    W h a t?! S TILL ha v in g a b a d day? ? Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet didn't pay enough postage on a letter bomb. It came back with 'return to sender'

    stamped on it. Forgetting it was the bomb, he opened it and was blown to bits.

    T h e r e now, feeling better?

  • Warsaw

    "Nifty Fifty Plus" *******************

    3rd Tuesday of each month at:

    Golden Corral

    US 30 & end of E. Center St.

    For information Contact:

    Gwen Snyder (574) 267-8015

    Turn in your news items, wedding anniversaries, photos & news of interest

    Please e-mail notes & photos or as a typed or a hand written note by US mail


    John Hormanski 13153 Sparrow Ct.

    Homer Glen, IL 60491

    (708) 307-4830

    November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 17

    Lancaster Retiree Events ***********************

    Meetings are held at the

    East Plant, Lancaster, Pa.

    1st Tues. of each month,10A.M.

    For information Contact:

    Sam Girard (717) 392-2319

    George Mavros (717) 291-9889 ***************************

    Breakfast Fellowship

    "The Centerville Diner."

    2nd Thursday of each month at 9 A.M.


    Bowling Social Event at

    Leisure Lanes 2nd Wednesday of each month

    at 1:00 P.M.


    Lancaster Home Page

    NOTICE !!!

    We need members who

    can help with the

    Newsletter mailing

    Please Contact

    George Wenrich

    (708) 532-8230


    Retiree Events *****************

    Meetings are held at the




    Luncheon starts at 11:30 A.M.

    the 2nd Tuesday during months


    November 10, 2015

    2016 Dates;

    January 12

    March 8

    May 10

    September 13

    November 8

    For information Contact:


    Retirement Breakfast **************

    Held the 1st Thursday of each

    month at8A.M.

    Tom's Restaurant

    894 Burnham Ave,

    Calumet City, IL. 60409

    (708) 868-2600

    For Information Contact:

    Art Sobczak.. (708) 474-9495


    Mark your calendars for these

    upcoming events!


    Spring Luncheon


    May 11, 2016 Camelot Banquets

    Hickory Hills, Illinois


    35th Annual Picnic


    September 14, 2016 Bemis Woods Grove

    Western Springs, Illinois

    Fall Luncheon


    November 9, 2016 Alta Villa Banquets

    Addison, Illinois

  • 18 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    In Remembrance

    Bruce M. Mc Bain Chicago/EG/Willowbrook/Bedford Park

    Bruce M. Mc Bain, age 75. U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon veteran. Loving father of Stacy

    (Shane Trapp) Mc Bain. Cherished partner of Kathleen Madden. Former husband of Linda Mc

    Bain. Many years of service at R.R. Donnelley & Sons. Interment Abraham Lincoln National

    Cemetery, Elwood, Illinois. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Wounded Warrior Project

    Thomas A. Putman Chicago MK

    Thomas A. Putman, age 86 formerly of Frankfort, passed away Sunday, August 23rd, 2015, at

    the Timbers of Shorewood. Thomas is survived by his loving family, children, Kenneth

    Putman, Ellen (Donald) Mytnik, Richard (Karen) Putman, Mary Schoenrade-Putman; siblings,

    Ann Heyne, Gerry Heckler; 10 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Thomas was preceded in death by

    his parents, Henry & Mary Putman (Kas); wife, Eleanor Putman (Rey); and brother, Jeff Putman. Thomas

    was a United States Army Veteran and a longtime member of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Mokena. He

    retired from RR Donnelly in Chicago after 40 years of service.

    Arthur E. Lorenz Chicago Corporate Tech Center

    Arthur E. Lorenz, age 81. Beloved husband of Kathryn, nee Ruzicka. Loving father of Kathy Mitchener,

    Joe (Kathleen), and Elizabeth (David) Garvey. Cherished grandfather of Nathan, Matthew, and Sarah

    Mitchener, Steven and Kate Lorenz, Jack and JJ Garvey. Fond brother-in-law (Tom & Frank Ruzicka),

    uncle, and good friend of many. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to Purdue

    Foundation In Memory of Art Lorenz (Purdue University Development Office - 403 W. Wood

    Street West Lafayette, IN 47907-2007),supporting the Joseph Ruzicka Undergraduate Fellowship, an

    endowment created by Art and Kathryn to support undergraduate students who participate in summer

    research projects in the College of Science at Purdue University where they built many fond memories,

    friends and family. To make a gift via the web go to by selecting Other in the

    Designation Area and writing Joseph Ruzicka Undergraduate Fellowship Fund in the instructions box.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends

    I thought you might find following article interesting. It is about two years old.

    November 22, 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy. On that day in

    1963, the news of President Kennedys tragic death shocked the world and plunged the United States into

    mourning. Although five decades have passed, the memory of the day remains vivid to the generation of

    Americans that lived through the experience. Many of you may know a relative or neighbor who can recall in

    detail where they were when they heard the tragic news. In the days and weeks following the death of

    President Kennedy, the White House received a flood of condolence mailover 800,000 letters in the first

    six weeks, a figure that would eventually rise to over 1.5 million letters.

  • For the electronic version of the newsletter.

    November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 19

    Condolences arrived from around the world. Men, women, and children from diverse backgroundssocial,

    economic, political, ethnic, racial, and religiouswrote to Jacqueline Kennedy and her children. They

    declared their shock and disbelief, supplied words of support and encouragement, shared their memories of

    President Kennedy, and expressed what he meant to them. They also sought to assure the Kennedy family

    that John F. Kennedy and his legacy would be remembered.

  • 20 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015

    Crawfordsville Division 39th Annual Retiree Breakfast

    Over 250 retirees gathered together for the 39th Annual Retiree breakfast at the Crawfordsville High School,

    welcomed by Steve Seamans and his staff. After the meal, Steve spoke of the Crawfordsville Division,

    stating the division was on the positive side of their budgets for the past two years. Overall, he said, the

    Book Group represents 10% of total RRD, with over $1 billion in sales. Recently RRD bought the Courier

    Corporation, which brings several different facets of manufacturing into the company, including customers

    such as Gideon Bibles.

    Also of local interest is the inclusion of Moore Langen Printing, located in Terre Haute Indiana, with its

    large sheet-fed capacity. (Moore Langen for many years was a major producer of record jackets for

    Columbia Records, which was also in Terre Haute. How many of us belonged to the Columbia Records

    Club in the past?) Steve spoke of how the digital age has changed the short run printing processes; such has

    having zero makeready waste at press, instead of tossing sometimes hundreds of sigs on each form start-up.

    He also spoke about the dominance of some authors, such as James Patterson and Michael Connelley. He

    said these two authors can require a total of five million books at their first release, which sometimes cause

    other author's books to be withheld for a period of time. (At the end of the breakfast all retirees were given a

    copy of the two latest books by these authors. Thank you!)

    RRD is now an $11.5 billion company with 65,000 employees worldwide. The company is now well known

    as an "integration supplier," providing such things as the electronic menu boards at Chic-fil-A restaurants,

    and recognition chips in rental car key tags so that the renters, or car jockeys, can find a particular car in the

    large airport rental lots.

    Also attending the breakfast was Dirk Hiler, who is now responsible for all RRD book facilities. Our former

    head and local boy makes good, John Pecaric, is now responsible for all the international business and works

    out of Shanghai, China. We all remember when he used to live less than a half-mile from our South Plant in

    the middle of a cornfield. What a change for him and his family!

  • November 2015 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club 21

    RRD Retiree Luncheon in Harrisonburg, VA

    On Tuesday September the 8th

    retirees met at The

    Wood Grill Buffet in Harrisonburg, VA. for a luncheon

    gathering. We break every summer so it was time to

    catch all the news that we had missed. Gary Calleo

    graciously agreed to explain what is going on within

    the company. He shared information that is currently

    found on the RRD web site. There was a brief question

    and answer period. Thank you to Gary for explaining

    some issues, and for taking time out of his hectic

    schedule to join us. Trish Philon shared with the group

    that she and Mo would be heading up a team to walk

    for Alzheimers. Anyone who wishes to join Team

    Philon or help monetarily was invited to do so. The

    walk will begin at the County Administration Building

    on October 31st at 9:00 a.m. There are three new

    retirees that joined our group. We welcomed Bud Schultz, Sandy Goodman, & Susan Huffman.

    Dating Ads for seniors found in a Florida Newspaper. You can say what you want about Florida, but you

    never hear of anyone retiring and moving north. These are actual ads seen in The Villages'' Florida

    newspaper. (Who says seniors don't have a sense of humor?)


    Sexy, fashion-conscious blue-haired beauty,

    80's, slim, 5'4' (used to be 5'6'),

    Searching for sharp-looking, sharp-dressing companion.

    Matching white shoes and belt a plus.



    Recent widow who has just buried fourth husband,

    Looking for someone to round out a six-unit plot.

    Dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath not a problem.



    I am into solitude, long walks, sunrises, the ocean, yoga and meditation. If you are the silent type, let's get

    together, take our hearing aids out and enjoy quiet times.



    Active grandmother with original teeth seeking a dedicated flossier to share rare steaks, corn on the cob

    and caramel candy.


    BEATLES OR STONES ? I still like to rock, still like to cruise in my Camaro on

    Saturday nights and still like to play the guitar.

    If you were a groovy chick, or are now a groovy hen,

    let's get together and listen to my eight-track tapes.

  • 22 The Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club November 2015


    I can usually remember Monday through Thursday.

    If you can remember Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

    let's put our two heads together.



    Male, 1932 model , high mileage, good condition, some hair,

    many new parts including hip, knee, cornea, valves.

    Isn't in running condition, but walks well.

    The most devastating fire in United States history

    occurred October 7, 1871 in Wisconsin . Over the course

    of the next day, 1,200 people lost their lives and 2 billion

    trees were consumed by flames. Despite the massive

    scale of the blaze, it was overshadowed by the Great

    Chicago Fire, which began the next day about 250 miles


    Peshtigo, Wisconsin, was a company lumber and

    sawmill town owned by William Ogden that was home

    to what was then one of the largest wood-products

    factories in the United States. The summer of 1871 was

    particularly dry across the northern Midwest. Still,

    settlers continued to set fires, using the "slash and burn"

    method to create new farmland and, in the process,

    making the risk of forest fire substantial. In fact, the

    month before had seen significant fires burn from

    Canada to Iowa.

    Peshtigo, like many Midwestern towns, was highly

    vulnerable to fire. Nearly every structure in town was a

    timber-framed building--prime fuel for a fire. In

    addition, the roads in and out of town were covered with

    saw dust and a key bridge was made of wood. This

    would allow a fire from outside the town to easily spread

    to Peshtigo and make escaping from a fire in the town

    difficult. On September 23, the town had stockpiled a

    large supply of water in case a nearby fire headed in Peshtigo's direction. Still, they were not prepared for the

    size and speed of the October 7 blaze.

    The blaze began at an unknown spot in the dense Wisconsin forest. It first spread to the small village of

    Sugar Bush, where every resident was killed. High winds then sent the 200-foot flames racing northeast

    toward the neighboring community of Peshtigo. Temperatures reached 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, causing

    trees to literally explode in the flames.

    On October 8, the fire reached Peshtigo without warning. Two hundred people died in a single tavern.

    Others fled to a nearby river, where several people died from drowning. Three people who sought refuge in a

    water tank boiled to death when the fire heated the tank. A mass grave of nearly 350 people was established

    because extensive burns made it impossible to identify the bodies.

    Despite the fact that this was the worst fire in American history, newspaper headlines on subsequent days

    were dominated by the story of another devastating, though smaller, blaze: the Great Chicago Fire.

    The Peshtigo Fire of 1871

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    The Coca-Cola Bottle: Celebrating 100 Years of an American Icon

    Original Coke Bottle Patent, November 16, 1915. (Records of the

    Patent and Trademark Office, National Archives)

    Today the Coca-Cola bottle is one of the most recognizable

    containers in the world, but a century ago nearly all soda bottles

    looked the same.

    To distinguish its product from competitors, in 1915 the Coca-Cola

    Company launched a competition among glassmakers to design a

    new bottle that was distinctive in both look and feel.

    The winning design, patented by the Root Glass Company of Terre

    Haute, Indiana, sought inspiration from Coca-Colas ingredients.

    However, the bottles fluted contour shape was instead modeled

    after the cacao pod, the main ingredient in chocolate.

    The Coca-Cola Company adopted the Root Glass Companys bottle

    design in 1916, but the original prototype was never manufactured

    because it was top-heavy and unstable.

    The first commercial Coke bottles debuted with a wider base and

    slimmed-down, contoured shape. This silhouette became so

    unmistakable that in 1961 the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    gave it trademark status.

    Men of the 133rd Field Artillery Battalion enjoy Cokes on the front, March

    17, 1944. (Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, National


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    Please be careful! Half of seniors, age 80 and over, fall annually.

    Falls are the leading cause of death, injury and hospital admissions among the elderly population. In fact, one

    out of every three seniors falls every year. Last year alone, more than 1.6 million seniors were treated in

    emergency rooms for fall-related injuries.

    Several factors contribute to the fact that seniors fall so much more frequently than younger people:

    Lack of physical activity. Failure to exercise regularly results in poor muscle tone, decreased bone mass,

    loss of balance, and reduced flexibility.

    Impaired vision. This includes age-related vision diseases, as well as not wearing glasses that have been


    Medications. Sedatives, anti-depressants, and anti-psychotic drugs, plus taking multiple medications are all

    implicated in increasing risk of falling.

    Diseases. Health conditions such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and arthritis cause weakness in

    the extremities, poor grip strength, balance disorders and cognitive impairment.

    Surgeries. Hip replacements and other surgeries leave an elderly person weak, in pain and discomfort and

    less mobile than they were before the surgery.

    Environmental hazards. One third of all falls in the elderly population involve hazards at home. Factors

    include: poor lighting, loose carpets and lack of safety equipment.

    My new bride, Precious, and yours truly, want to wish everyone a Happy


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