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  • 1. The R4i 3DS The Ultimate Nintendo 3DSHomebrew CardFrom

2. One of the biggest things that people look towhen they consider purchasing any type of 3DSFlash card is the ability to play classic gameconsole emulators and games from the 8-bit and16-bit era. The R4i 3DS allows you to do justthat, but using the SnesDS emulator, youll beplaying all of the Super Nes games you used toenjoy on your old Super Nintendo console athome. 3. The greatest thing about the Nintendo Dsiand the Nintendo 3DS is the ability to playthese old console games, on your new handheld system. It really is a lot like having aportable Super NES right in your pocket.Ready for you to kick back and play someMario All Stars or Donkey Kong Country anytime you may feel like it.How well do the games run? They run justas well as they did on the actual Super NESitself. 4. The screen resolution on theNintendo Dsi and the Nintendo 3DSis perfectly suited for Super NESgames. IN fact, the look betterthan they did on the actual TVscreen you used to play them on.The graphics look smoother andless pixelated. The animation inthe characters looks much morereal and fluid than if you wereplaying the game on a 20 27screen. Not to mention the factthat it is 100% portable. 5. First, youll need to download SnesDS, and youcan do so by visiting this linkOnce you have the emulator, youll need tounzip the .zip file to a folder on your computer.Just make sure to mark down where you savedthe file and where you unzipped thefile. 6. The archive itself only has the snesDS.ndsfile in it as shown in the image. You canclick on the EXTRACT TO button in winrarto extract the file and save it to a locationyour on computer. Once thats done,youre almost there and ready to play.Youll now have to copy over thesnesDS.nds file to your micro SD Card. Youcan order the r4i 3ds with a micro sd cardalready included, or if you have your own,copy it over to the root of your micro SDCard. Which means, not in any folder, justright to the card. 7. In order for you to be able to play games, youll need to get whatscalled a game rom. These would be super nes roms that you candownload. They are usually found in a file format such asgamename.sfc where gamename is replaced with which ever game it isyou are getting.Youll want to create a SNES folder on the micro SD card as well andcopy your games to that folder. 8. All thats left for you to do now is take yourR4 3DS or your R4 For DS card and put yourmicro SD card inside of it. Then plug it intoyour Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS system.Youll see the main menu of the R4. Selectgames, and then select the SnesDS emulatorand it will load up. Once loaded, it willshow you a list of all of the games you havein the SNES folder and youre set. Just pickthe game you want to play and start yourjourney into 16-bit console gaming. Playingthe games with the emulator is just likeplaying the real thing. You can save yourgames, load your save games, even saveyour game in real time save mode at anypoint in any game.

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