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November 7, 2017Allan Drive Middle School Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting called by: Felicia Hiscock, Principal

Type of meeting: School Council

Council Chair: Tessie Iafano

Council Secretaries: Jackie Fraser / Heather Munich

Minutes recorded by: Heather Munich

Attendees: Tessie Iafano, Tracy Greco, Nadia Milton, Carrie Anderson, Gen O’Brien, Ryoko Barnes, Jackie Fraser, Felicia Hiscock, Mike Wills, Tammy Aiello, Jayne Muise-Brown, Heather Munich, Ann McRuvie, Marci Wilson, Monty MunichRegrets:

Welcome : Everyone was welcomed.

Principals report (Felicia Hiscock): The announcements are now available to the students on their google drive accounts. The

monitor on the 2nd floor is ready to go, just waiting to have it hooked up Forest of reading books arrived today, Felicia thanked the council for the donated funds. Parent Connect Online is up and running. Only feedback so far is that the school times are

generic and need to be updated to our actual times. BBQ and open house was successful. We had more community resource tables then last year.

Hot dogs were not a huge hit. The school will do a hot dog day in December, an email to be sent out at a later date for volunteers

DPA bags are being used. Will look at purchasing more in the new year Basketball hoops have been repaired. French Speech Contest, only immersion students participated. Trying to get core French

students involved The Me to We team organized the dance, activity room, movie, and food drive. The school

filled a pick up truck with food donations. Spirit Squad/Character Crew did a candy drive, which was also given to the Exchange Volley ball is in full swing, they were at a tournament in Brampton this past weekend Mindfullness club is up and running, have recently done yoga Evergreen club had a successful Yellow Fish Road project. Healthy Schools Committee organized “the big crunch” in conjunction with the YMCA Intramurals are up and running Felicia met with student leadership teams and the Healthy Schools Program re: survey about

next steps. Initiatives that will help the school community become more healthy Mr. Patrick is working on news casts for the school website using a green screen Mr. Allear will be producing a written newsletter with his students


Page 2: November School Council Minutes - Pages - · Web viewVolley ball is in full swing, they were at a tournament in Brampton

Report Cards: Go home on Friday. Will include interview forms, which will happen on November 16 in the

evening, and the 17th in the morning.

Treasurers report/spending update: Banking has been transferred over to Carrie and Jayne from Barb and Jayne The up to date account statement is attached Jungle Sport is booked for Apr 30 to May 4. Every class attends twice. School has paid the

$500 deposit, the estimated total is approximately $4000 Technology and library transformation to a Leaning Commons are the schools 2 main focus

for funding needs right now. $5000 for technology was approved to be used now, and $5000 was approved for the Learning Commons to be spent probably in the spring.

The board tech budget supplying 2-3 Chrome Books per classroom. Our donation will supplement that.

Other: Question was raised about visual arts, and how that’s done. Immersion and Extended French

now have art in French. It is integrated into the class time. 1 period per week is allocated to art. Previous art teacher is responsible for ordering materials, and supporting teachers in this.

Question was raised about handwriting and cursive. Its not part of the curriculum, neither is keyboarding. Teachers incorporate it as they can. Google Read and Write is replacing Kurzweil and Dragon Naturally Speaking on SEA laptops. Keyboarding may not even be needed in 10 years. Websites and resources can be provided upon request if parents want to work on keyboarding at home.

Ellwood is looking for volunteers on December 2 from 8:00 for breakfast with Santa. If anyone has Humberview students that need volunteer hours, this is a great activity.

ADMS will participate in the Santa Claus Parade Breakfast Club numbers are up, will consider taking donations via Cash Online in January

Meeting Schedule : Next meeting: Tuesday, December 5, at 6:30 p.m

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