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  • 1.Music VideoLesson 1

2. Lesson objectives Understand some key attributes and thepurpose of music videos 3. What is a Music Video?Complete the sentence A music video is.. Discuss Brain storm 4. A music video is not A 3 part text No Todorov 5. What is the purpose of a musicvideo? Brainstorm Promote Artist Music Financial Artistic? 6. Watch a MV Rock DJ - Robbie Williams Analyse Shot count 7. Music Video Lesson 2History of MVs 8. Lesson objectives To understand the history of the evolutionof the MV To reinforce lesson 1 especially relating tothe purpose of MV 9. How it all started 1900 Gramophone invented 1920 Fischinger sound/visionsynchronisation 1927 1st sound film 1940s Hollywood musicals 1939+ Panarom 1963 Ready Steady Go (ITV) 1964 TOTP (BBC) + Beatles 10. How it all started 1981 MTV +Pop clips on Nickelodeon 1983 CMTV + Thriller 1984 Music Box in Europe 1985 VH1 begins + MTV take over 1987 MTV Europe to 1.6 million homes 11. MTV Europe 12. MTV UK weekly reach %121086420 13. MTV UK weekly reach %12 Factors for decline10 Proliferation of pop channels8 Proliferation of cable TV6 YouTube420 14. MTV Europe subscribers 2001 MTV Central33, 208, 517 MTV Italia 15, 866, 816 MTV European 10, 547, 850 MTV UK & Ireland 10, 149, 761 MTV Spain 8,029,854 MTV NL5,385,120 MTV Nordic5, 279, 559 MTV France5,261, 625 MTV Poland1,620, 325 Hotel Room218,235 Total Free To Air 4,580,000 Total 100, 147, 662 15. MTV in decline? Blog link to Guardian article 16. View and discuss 17. Music Video Lesson 3Analysing Music Videos 18. Essay titleThe evolution and changing role of the MusicVideo from 1900, and its likely development inthe future. 800 - 1000 words Word processed Illustrations allowed Referenced Copy on blog + Paper copy for feedback Deadline Friday 29th June Details on blog 19. Lesson Objectives To understand the key characteristics ofan MV To begin to apply formal analyticaltechniques to MVs 20. Background Are there styles of MV? Discuss 21. Content What are some of the typical elements of aMV? Discuss 22. Andrew Goodwins Analysis Andrew Goodwin Dancing in the DistractionFactory Published 1992 Suggests 7 characteristicsof MVs Not all MVs show all 7 -but many do 23. 1 Lyrics and visualsRelationship between lyrics and what isshown on screen Illustrating Amplifying ContradictingEg - Showing an image of a dead dog whenthe lyric dead dog is sung. 24. 2 Music and visualsRelationship between music and what is shown onscreen Illustrating Amplifying e.g. pace Contradicting Cutting visuals in time to music Shot-count v bpm is relevant 25. 3 Genres existsThere are MV genres They are often associated with specific musicalgenresExamples of genre include Stadium performance Studio performance Location Narrative based Others? 26. 4 Artist close upsRecord companies require that the mainartist is strongly featured (in close up?) Artistic branding Celebrity making Artistic portrayal Implications onlooking good 27. 5 Star iconographyArtist may develop their own stariconography Branding Style Brand values/USPe.g. Spice Girls 28. 6 Voyeurism (esp in treatment of women)Concept of seeing something youshould/would not usually see Nudity/near nudity/revealing clothes Exhibitionism An intimate location e.g. bedroom Screen within screen Mirror shot Door/window framing Cameras or binoculars 29. Voyeurism What is acceptable? Too much - limits audience Too little - uninteresting 30. Voyeurism -Frame within a frame Not overtly sexual Image surrounded by something acting asa frame eg. Doorway, window etc 31. Frame within a frame 32. VoyeurismMirror shot+Scanty clothing+Private setting 33. VoyeurismSubject framed bydoorwindow orother frame 34. 7 IntertextualityThere are often intertextual references to Other MV Movies TV texts etc 35. In additionNormal conventions apply Camera angles Camera movements Editing etc 36. Examples Watch the examples and identify the 7factors 37. SummaryFurther activities Practice applying Goodwins to a MV ofyour choice Visit Blog link to see detailed Goodwinsanalysis of a Rihanna video Remember Essay due in Monday 38. Music VideoLesson 4Analysis of MV 39. Essay titleThe evolution and changing role of theMusic Video from 1900, and its likelydevelopment in the future. 800 - 1000 words Word processed Illustrations allowed Referenced Deadline Monday 30th June 40. Aims Understand the practical application ofGoodwins Analysis Try the application 41. Review sheet 42. Example for analysis Its Raining Men Geri Halliwell 43. Activity Plan an essay - bullet point the followingparagraphs Intro 1 para for each Goodwin point Conclusion 44. Music Video Lesson 5Analysis of MV 2 45. Aims To gain further experience of the analysisof MVs using Goodwins as a framework Understand that some MVs exhibit someaspects even at the expense of others 46. Aims To gain further experience of the analysisof MVs using Goodwins as a framework Understand that some MVs exhibit someaspects even at the expense of others 47. Preparation Rule up goodwins sheet 48. Examples for analysis Jennifer Lopez Discuss 49. Examples for analysis George Michael What are the main characteristics andcreative elements of this?