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E-learning for a global university

Scaling up & branching out: From totality to connectivity

Dr Fiona Strawbridge Head of Digital










Learning Technology Support Service3 - 8 FTE2012

E-Learning Environments15 FTE2016

Digital Education23 FTETeam timeline


E-learning statement(not quite a strategy)2012

E-Learning Strategy2016

EducationStrategyStrategy timeline


Rookie learning technologist2012

Aspiring Leader2016

Decision maker

Personal timeline2008

Mrs Moodle


To Total Moodle

Its 2007

Photo by Leo Reynolds - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License with Haiku Deck

Photo by janwillemsen - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License with Haiku Deck

UCL Moodle is born

cc: Public Domain Photos - Migration to Moodle

2011: Everyone has got to use itcc: - -

Moodle baseline v1.0Should include:

news forum timetable/course calendar lecture materials glossary of key terms additional texts and resources

We prepared for a backlash

cc: jezarnold - didnt materialisecc: jezarnold -

What went right?

1. The institution backed Moodle

2. The LTSSsupported Moodle

We linked key systems together

cc: i spy with my crafty eyes - provided templatescc: Ken Whytock -

We aligned training with the baseline


We targeted new staff

We targeted late adoptersNo surprisesEmphasise the student experienceSpeak their languageFind out what motivates them

3. Departmental staff adopted Moodle

The teaching administrators

UCL admin and financial systems Portico student information service Financial Information System (FIS) - financial data and management Timetabling/CMIS - room bookings and timetabling Service in Partnership (SiP) HR forms Rome - online recruitment Web content management (silva) Scanners being piloted as attendance checks for Points-Based Immigration System (PBIS)UCL teaching and learning systems Moodle - elearning environment Turnitin plagiarism detection Lecturecast automated lecture recording Opinio - web-based surveys My Portfolio staff and student e-portfolio Electronic Voting Systems (EVS) audience response 'clickers' Wiki collaborative web pages Blackboard Collaborate virtual classroomCommunication and networking tools Email inefficient way of contacting students? Facebook seen mainly as a communication tool Phone Text messaging no UCL service but a strong demand Messenger - text messaging Skype video conferencing Linkedin professional networking Blogs UCLWordpress service Twitter how to use in HE? YouTube online videosProductivity tools MS Office Word, Excel, PP, Acrobat Dreamweaver web page development Etherpad collaborative note taking Evernote stores notes, photos Google docs share web documents Google analytics web usage UCL Dropbox exchange large files Dropbox web-based online storageMarketing and events management Eventbrite events management Find a Masters marketing Oxboffice ticketing service Google Adwords online advertising40+ toolsIt is almost impossible for busy academic staff to stay up to date (SLiDA)Multi-skilled and influential


cc: Public Domain Photos - migration of web content

4. Students demanded better Moodle

What students liked best

Some staff are quick and use the resource really well; couldn't ask for better. Others seem either tech-shy, slow to load materials, or don't get the links right My #### classes seemed to have an aversion to any 21st century technology altogether. Consistency and more control in Moodle would be good ButMoodle use varies enormously by lecturer: some make excellent use some don't use them at allAll courses should be on Moodle, and lecture notes and homework problems uploaded on to it


A departmental push

cc: jenhegna1 - make-overs

cc: Ethan T. Allen - achieved Total Moodle


Being (more) strategic

Its 2011

we have no clear education strategy

and Im asked to prepare an e-learning strategy(2012-2015)

Some horizon scanning

A spot of surveillance

Expert guidance

Textbook stuff

The leaders role is to describe reality and give hope.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Student views

Credits: Alex Dutton & Amy Wood

A digital story competition

Key strategic aims

1. Raising our profile as an educational leader

2. Building on the baseline

3. Seamless digital infrastructure

4. Connecting students, academics and ideas


cc: JD Hancock -

Participatory approach(Luckin et al. 2006; Sharpe et al. 2008)

cc: JD Hancock - champions

Academic + AdministratorLocal strategic statementsShare good practiceNetworks and special interest groups

Digital Education support structureCore servicesInnovationEvaluationChampionsSchool-facingadvisors

How did we do?

1. Raising our profile as an educational leader?

Photo by Leo Reynolds - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License with Haiku Deck

Photo by janwillemsen - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License with Haiku Deck

Photo by Foxtongue - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License with Haiku Deck



Course discoveryRegistration and paymentLearning environment


118 courses17,000 learners


2. Building on the baseline?

UCL Baseline 2016 categories:StructureOrientationCommunicationAssessmentResourcesCross-platform compatibilityAccessibilityIntellectual propertyActive participationQuality assurance

3. Seamless digital infrastructure?

Interfaces rather than integrationMoodle

CMISTimetabling SITSStudent Information

4. Connecting students, academics and ideas?

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put ones thought into action is the most difficult thing in the world.

GoetheThe smallest of deeds always exceeds the grandest of intentions.

Anon(And Jason Nortons email signature)

PART 3 Connectivity

Its 2016

Weve had a change of guard

Gabriel Vilenna Fernandez

providing a powerful guiding coalition (Kotter 2006)

ProvostMichael ArthurVice ProvostAntony SmithEducational DevelopmentDilly Fung

And have a strategy, with education at the core



We will develop a distinctive digital infrastructure to connect students with each other, with staff and with the outside world to support networked, research-based and interdisciplinary education.


CLEThe existing VLE will be augmented by a set of communication, collaboration and productivity tools that will together form our Connected Learning Environment


Beyond modulesBeyond UCLShowcaseStudent controlNetworksRecommendations

Student Sites

UCL Together Core VLE

Core VLE

UCL Together (a working title)

Credits: Hana Mori & Beatrice Maidman

cc: daniel_iversen - academic social network


CommunitiesMock upRecommendationsVotes & RewardsEventsUpdates


cc: virginied - - content

cc: JD Hancock - - people

cc: GotCredit - spaces, people, resources, trending

cc: Methos04 - management

cc: afagen - media

cc: mikecogh -

And, possibly

Idea generation


Kudos GuruNoviceExpertMaster


A bit more open

Easy to useElegantCustomisableFeels like education


CommunitiesMock upRecommendationsVotes & RewardsEventsUpdates


Photo by Leo Reynolds - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License with Haiku Deck

Possible a partnership approach have run a couple of procurement exercises using this approach108

Student Sites

UCL Together Core VLE

Student sites(another working title)

University of Mary


Student Sites

UCL Together Core VLE


Mark van Laere

And, by the way

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