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  • 1. MediaMosa frontend Arjen Klop
  • 2. Assets Document mananagement system Drupal DAM DAM vs DM WCM, CMS WLEDStyle Kaltura Assets MAM Mediafile RESTAlfresco CC stephen schiller
  • 3. DM, document managerDAM, Digital Asset Manager (asset != document) MAM, Media Asset Management EMAM, Entertainment Media Asset Management BAM, Brand Asset Management LAM, Library asset management PAM, Production asset management MCM, Marketing Content ManagementCollection ManagementWCM, web content management (CMS)
  • 4. dm - Documentsubject: file (office, pdf, text, image, xml, html, limitedmediafiles)metadata:file-metadata (author, format, size, version...)XMP / IPTCfuncties: versiebeheer, workflow/collaboration,filemanagement, asset management tools, capture/scan,desktop integration (word, image tools).voorbeeld: KnowledgeTree, OpenDMS, Alfresco
  • 5. collection managementsubject:objectmetadata: CCO, CDWA, VRA
  • 6. CMS - WCMsubject: webpagesvoorbeeld: Drupal, TYPO3, Mambo, Joomla!, Plone, Xoops,Xaraya, phpWebsite, Alfresco, MMBase, ...(
  • 7. DAM - Digital Asset Managementsubject: asset with filesmetadata: standarised formatsmanipulating (converting, merging)workflowsearchasset management tools for organizingmetadata QDC/OAIsan/nas storage with versioningintegration mediatools (video, image etc)distribution
  • 8. Open/Closed Source DAMsOpen source solutions: DSpace, Nuxeo, ResourceSpace, Razuna, Activae, CynapseClosed Source: plenty...
  • 9. MAM - Media Asset Managementsubject: asset with mediafilesmetadata: limited upload streaming transcoding video players frontend integration (like dm) rich media applications sub admin sitefile types: audio, video, images, flash, logosexample: Kaltura (VAM?)
  • 10. Learning Asset Management System - LAMSRich Media Asset Management System - RMAMS
  • 11. Unique Selling Points Strong autorisation possibilities Easy to extendtranscoding/job serverfarm Very Open Model (plugable) Generic extensible play object model Open API Shared Repository ...
  • 12. Old White Label Ega Drupal Application For *Demo* only It is not, not ED*IT, leraar24 ...
  • 13. Frontend as Drupal Modules
  • 14. MM-SDK: Drupal module- Connector (/login + maintaining/refreshing session)- REST tester for developersMM-CK: Construction Kit Upload Asset Browser view Metadata support Stills/Video Transcoding Autorisation-> For a new or existing Drupal Website.
  • 15. demo video...
  • 16. Next?Drupal 6 development stops hereDrupal 7 is on its way: More features, nicer interfaceMore CMS / LMS plugins?

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