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    Leben im BadLiving bathrooms

    Duravit AGWerderstr. 3678132 HornbergGermanyPhone +49 7833 70 0Fax +49 7833 70

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  • Living bathrooms for living people

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    The following pages contain lots of information on sanitaryware ceramics, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, whirlpool and spa systems, accessories, design, designers, decorations, colours, forms and a whole selection of good ideas for the bathroom. Enjoy!

    *also available in moss-green - 34, caramel - 42 and curry - 25

    Colour Chart Ceramic/Metal/Glas

    Without tap hole 1 tap hole pre-punched 1 tap hole punched 1 tap hole pre-punched, left 1 pre-punched tap hole for soap dispenser, right 1 tap hole punched, left 1 pre-punched tap hole for soap dispenser, right 2 tap holes pre-punched, left and right Tap hole punched (2 extra tap holes are possible, please indicate when ordering) 1 tap hole punched, 2 tap holes pre-punched 3 tap holes punchedX To determine height please set washbasin on pedestal In combination with siphon # 0050361000 Size depending on vanity unit

    >> Depending on outlet Installation from above Installation from below{ Vertical outlet} Horizontal outlet Economical 6 liters flushing> Side supply, left< Side supply, right= Back supply Bottom left supply Depth WidthL/R Left/Right With lighting


    Glas Finishes


    Colour Number

    Colour Group A B G G

    Metal FinishesCeramic

    1930 Series . . . . . . .

    2nd floor . . . . .

    Architec . . . . . . . .

    Bacino . . . . . . .

    Bagnella . . . . . . . .

    Caro . . . . . .

    Ciottolo . . . . . . . .

    Darling . . . . . . .

    Duraplus* . . . . . . . .

    Bathroom_Foster . . . . . . . .

    Happy D. . . . . . . . .

    Scola . . . . . . . .

    Starck X . . . . . .

    Starck 1 . . . . . . . .

    Starck 2 . . . . . . . .

    Starck 3 . . . . . . . .

    Vero . . . . . . . .

    US-Toilets, Bidets . . . . . . . . .

    Vanity Basins . . . . . . .

    Multi-functional Shower

    . . . . . . . .











































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  • Well Being

    Well Being from Duravit 174The right way to bath 178Features bathtubs

    (Coloured light, Whirl comfort,

    Operation) 206Sundeck 214Pillar 220Blue Moon 222Seadream 228

    Free-standing bathtubs

    Happy D., Starck, Starck X,

    2nd oor 180

    Back-to-wall bathtubs

    Happy D., 2nd oor, Vero 188

    Built-in bathtubs

    Happy D., Starck, Daro,

    2nd oor, Vero 194

    Corner baths

    2x3, Happy D., Paiova,

    2nd oor, Vero 200

    Shower trays

    Starck, 2nd oor 232

    Multi-functional shower 236


    The Duravit brand 4Duravit Design Center 6Designers 8Mobile storage units 136WonderGliss 160Vanity basins and

    washbowls 162Toilets 170Colour chart 244Ceramic furniture combination

    possibilities 248Features ceramics 250Features furniture 252Features Well Being 254

    Technical pages

    All dimensions and

    models on page 259and following pages


    Design series

    2nd oor 10Vero 44Happy D. 58Starck X 68Starck 1 82Starck 2 92Starck 3 98Architec 112Scola 116Bagnella 116Bacino 117Duraplus 118Darling 132Serie 1930 138Bathroom Foster 144Caro 154

    Furniture series

    2nd oor 10e-mood 26Fogo 34Happy D. 58 Starck X 68Starck 1 82Starck 1.2.3 106X-Large 120Mobile storage units 136Multibox 150

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    The Duravit brand from product to personality. Branding permeates our lives. Whether we're buying shoes, jeans, cereals or toothpaste, we choose the brand that fits, looks or tastes best and the one that offers us an extra ingredient: personality. The Duravit brand personality has had plenty of time to develop. Today Duravit, with its almost 200 years of history, is one of the industry's leading companies. An innovative company that has changed the face of sanitary products and played a major role in transforming the bland, sterile bathroom of old into a delightful sanctuary for the senses. Initially with sanitary ceramics, later with bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs and wellness creations: complete living bathrooms from Duravit. The welcome consequence of the values that the Duravit brand stands for and always has stood for. For Duravit, tradition is more than just a word. It stands for a special kind of continuity thathas seen a family business grow into a public company and expand internationally whilst remaining loyal to its original home in Hornberg. Unquenchable curiosity and an unconventional approach to new challenges are the driving forces behind new ideas at Duravit. No other manufacturer has a record that can compare when it comes to innovative, individual, irresistible design. Or setting new standards for quality in both materials and workmanship. And our service structure is as professional as it is friendly, smoothing the way for Duravit products to reach your bathroom and not leaving you on your own afterwards, either. The combination of all these attributes is what makes up the Duravit brand's unique personality a feel-good personality that allows you to feel at one with our products. Enjoy!

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    Experience first-class bathroom design where it originates. The Duravit Design Centre in Hornberg in the Black Forest is waiting for you to discover it. Designed by architect and designer Philippe Starck, the creator of many Duravit bathroom classics. Discover 5 floors of design highlights from Duravit: perfected bathroom fittings from attractive washing areas to practical bathroom furniture and comfortable whirl tubs. More about ceramics and furniture production and the evolution of the bathroom from its history through to architecture and ultimately design. Experience complete (dream) bathrooms in an individual atmosphere. Whether bath, whirlpool or multifunctional shower, here you can experience "Living Bathrooms" in "real life", because we have six fully functional test bathrooms waiting for you to try out. You don't even have to worry about towels and a bath robe it's all laid on. When can we expect you for a test bath? We look forward to your visit!

    Fancy a new bathroom? Why not just make an appointment for a test bath. Hornberg +49 7833 70 114,

    04_DDC_BM_KEX.indd 704_DDC_BM_KEX.indd 7 05.03.2008 10:46:04 Uhr05.03.2008 10:46:04 Uhr

  • Design Award 87/ 88/ 90/ 92/ 94/ 96/ 97/ 02/ 04/ 05/ 06, Design Center Stuttgart Reddot award, Design Innovations87/ 88/ 90/ 91/ 94/ 95/ 98/ 99/ 00/ 02/ 03/ 05/ 07, Design Zentrum NRW Design Plus Award 95/ 99/ 01/ 03, Sanitr Heizung Klima ISH iF Product Design Award 95/ 98/00/ 05/ 07, Industrie Forum Design Hanover Design Preis Schweiz (Swiss Design Award) 95 Trophes du Design Batimat 95 Good Design Award 95, 98/ 99/ 00/ 02/ 04/ 05/ 06, The Chicago Athenaeum, The Museum of Architecture and Design Prix dexcellence Marie Claire Maison 95 International Design Award, ELLE Deco 02

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    05_Designer_BM_KEX.indd 805_Designer_BM_KEX.indd 8 05.03.2008 10:49:20 Uhr05.03.2008 10:49:20 Uhr




    3 4


    5 6

    The Duravit designers. 1 The maxim of architect and designer Frank Huster are function-al criteria, coupled with high demands on design aspects. 2 Duravits cooperation with Sieger Design goes back as far as 1984 and has de ned bathroom culture with a number of design classics. 3 Philippe Starck needs no introduction. Citrus squeezers, TVs and houses: Starck simply does it, and does it simply ingeniously just like the Duravit bathroom range that bears his name. 4 Working in his own design studio, Andreas Struppler has designed successful products for Sedus, Interstuhl and Wittmann. Always true to his motto: Comfort and intelligent uses whether for the of ce, sport or the home. 5 Jochen Schmiddem's job is inventing pleasure he designed the multifunctional shower for Duravit. Demonstrating that this versatile designer is heading for the very top of his profession. 6 The Austrian design group Eoos claims to operate on the principles of a rock band. The obvious success of this approach is evident in products for Walter Knoll and Matteograssi, and for the Armani and Adidas agship stores. 7 Phoenix Design have won a number of awards, among others for their work for Duravit, Loewe and Lamy. Unmistakable in their designs: clear-cut, classic lines and a reduction to the essentials. 8 Lord Norman Foster is one of the most renowned architects worldwide. The new German Reichstag building is just one of many examples worldwide confirming this fact.

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  • Design by Sieger Design

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    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1006_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 10 05.03.2008 11:09:09 Uhr05.03.2008 11:09:09 Uhr

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    2nd floorTaking the bathroom to a new level

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1106_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 11 05.03.2008 11:09:17 Uhr05.03.2008 11:09:17 Uhr

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    __ Good morning and welcome to a new level of bathroom design. Welcome to 2nd floor. __

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1206_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 12 05.03.2008 11:09:21 Uhr05.03.2008 11:09:21 Uhr

    From the 40 cm-wide handrinse basin to the 120 cm-wide washbasin, wall-mounted or with a pedestal:available in a wide variety of sizes and complemented by a modular furniture system, 2nd floor provides new impulses in modern bathroom design.

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    2nd floor

    Our home is subject to permanent change. The way we see the bathroom has also changed. Nowadays, we no longer consider it as a separate, isolated room, but as part of an open living space. These changes call for a new kind of bath-room range: 2nd oor. The welcoming atmosphere of the range is underscored by the many warm wood features that form a pleasing contrast with the white ceramic surfaces, seen here in Cherry Tree (decor).

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1306_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 13 05.03.2008 12:17:35 Uhr05.03.2008 12:17:35 Uhr

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    __ 2nd oor in Rosewood (decor): sophisticated wood nishes, clear-cut styling, lots of different sizes, 1000 good ideas a bathroom with character. For more, just turn to page 190.__

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1406_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 14 05.03.2008 11:09:39 Uhr05.03.2008 11:09:39 Uhr

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    2nd floor

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1506_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 15 05.03.2008 11:09:54 Uhr05.03.2008 11:09:54 Uhr

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    __The combination of white ceramics and dark, highgloss wood finishes in Rosewood (decor) make your 2nd floor guest bathroom incredibly welcoming. __

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1606_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 16 05.03.2008 11:10:00 Uhr05.03.2008 11:10:00 Uhr

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    2nd floor

    Plenty of storage space is provided by the mirror cabinet and vanity unit from the coordinating modular furniture range.Bathtime bliss with lots of comfort is guaranteed by a wide choice of bathtubs with integrated inlet and overflow and access support.

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1706_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 17 05.03.2008 11:10:14 Uhr05.03.2008 11:10:14 Uhr

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    __ Light, friendly, inviting: the 2nd floor bathroom in a Bleached Oak finish (real wood veneer) also lives from the inspired fusion of ceramics and wood, consistency and diversity, excellent design and sheer luxury.__

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1806_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 18 05.03.2008 11:10:23 Uhr05.03.2008 11:10:23 Uhr

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    2nd floor

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 1906_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 19 05.03.2008 11:10:40 Uhr05.03.2008 11:10:40 Uhr

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    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 2006_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 20 05.03.2008 11:10:48 Uhr05.03.2008 11:10:48 Uhr

    2nd floor

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    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 2106_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 21 05.03.2008 11:11:13 Uhr05.03.2008 11:11:13 Uhr

  • __ Minimalist but charming: hand-picked and skilfully used, the pieces here in the Ebony (real wood veneer) version create a formal and functional bathroom and living concept. __

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    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 2206_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 22 05.03.2008 11:11:27 Uhr05.03.2008 11:11:27 Uhr

    __ Seitenhinweis........ __

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    2nd floor

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 2306_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 23 05.03.2008 11:11:44 Uhr05.03.2008 11:11:44 Uhr

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    __ Reduced, but with finesse: 2nd floor in Ebony (real wood veneer). The optional matt Stainless Steel inner finish on the basin is sophisticated while still being absolutely easy-care.__

    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 2406_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 24 05.03.2008 11:11:56 Uhr05.03.2008 11:11:56 Uhr

    2nd floor

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    06_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 2506_2ndfloor_BM_KEX.indd 25 05.03.2008 11:12:07 Uhr05.03.2008 11:12:07 Uhr

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    07_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 2607_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 26 05.03.2008 11:15:19 Uhr05.03.2008 11:15:19 Uhr

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    Design by Andreas Struppler

    e-moodThe highlight in any bathroom

    07_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 2707_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 27 05.03.2008 11:15:53 Uhr05.03.2008 11:15:53 Uhr

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    __ Magical concepts with the very highest intelligence: the light concept is based on the e-board, a welcome addition to the storage space above the wash basin that keeps the whole washing area tidy. __

    07_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 2807_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 28 05.03.2008 11:16:07 Uhr05.03.2008 11:16:07 Uhr

    The multifunctional e-board is the centrepiece of the new, innovative range of bathroom furniture. It discreetly houses a soap dispenser (optional), tissue dispenser, cosmetics shelf and power outlet with no visible cables. The cover can be combined with the Fogo, Happy D. and 2nd oor ranges. The mirrored e-cabinet and e-mirror offer both functional lighting and atmospheric coloured lights with different programmable mood lighting.

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    Both light and colour programmes are controlled via touch-LEDs as main switches on the product itself. All functions can also be controlled via standard switches and remote control. The individual e-mood modules are linked via a radio signal or BUS data systems, which enable them to communicate. The master-slave function provides additional comfort: when the light is changed for one module in a network of modules, the selected product automatically assumes the master function and orders its slaves the other modules to follow.

    07_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 2907_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 29 05.03.2008 11:16:23 Uhr05.03.2008 11:16:23 Uhr

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    07_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 3007_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 30 05.03.2008 11:16:36 Uhr05.03.2008 11:16:36 Uhr

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    07_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 3107_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 31 05.03.2008 11:16:57 Uhr05.03.2008 11:16:57 Uhr

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    __ Comfortable: A night light automatically switches on when it gets dark.Other features include the e-light element, the e-wall fitted storage cabinet and large illuminated glass e-screen. __

    07_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 3207_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 32 05.03.2008 11:17:07 Uhr05.03.2008 11:17:07 Uhr

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    07_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 3307_e_mood_BM_KEX.indd 33 05.03.2008 11:17:22 Uhr05.03.2008 11:17:22 Uhr

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    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 3408_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 34 05.03.2008 11:24:14 Uhr05.03.2008 11:24:14 Uhr

    FogoPure nature

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    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 3508_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 35 05.03.2008 11:24:26 Uhr05.03.2008 11:24:26 Uhr

  • The best supporting role in the bathroom. A beautiful washbasin is a good idea but the logical next step in creating a perfect bathroom setting is a coordinating furniture console. Fogo from Duravit is just the ticket: the new, 8 cm thick furniture console made from real wood veneer, pictured here in American Walnut, is happy to play the supporting role for the washing bowls and countertop basins. The inside drawer and large pull-out compartment on the vanity unit or mobile container on casters provide plenty of space for all that additional bathroom paraphernalia.

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    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 3608_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 36 05.03.2008 11:24:31 Uhr05.03.2008 11:24:31 Uhr

    Fogo's got what it takes. The tall cabinet is especially generous, measuring 176 x 50 x 42 cm. The inside of the 8cm thick door features glass shelves with practical rims, providing plenty of space for toiletries and bath accessories.

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    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 3708_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 37 05.03.2008 11:24:40 Uhr05.03.2008 11:24:40 Uhr

  • __ The practical vanity units with plenty of storage space are available to complement the Vero washbasin range __

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    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 3808_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 38 05.03.2008 11:24:50 Uhr05.03.2008 11:24:50 Uhr

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    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 3908_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 39 05.03.2008 11:25:12 Uhr05.03.2008 11:25:12 Uhr

  • Minimalistic design. Interesting combinations result by combining the Vero washbasins with Fogo in Ash Olive. No matter which washbasin model you go for 50, 60, 80 or an imposing 100 cm width Fogo always provides a generous shelf surround. The chrome console brackets double up as towel rails. Mirrors including a lamp in aluminium nish glare-free illumination are available in slimline 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm widths. The attractive mirror cabinet is available in 4 widths (60, 80, 100 and 120 cm). A translucent shelf with integrated indirect light source illuminates both the inside of the mirror cabinet and the washbasin beneath.

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    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 4008_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 40 05.03.2008 11:25:16 Uhr05.03.2008 11:25:16 Uhr

    Rollcon-tainer lbaum

    1200 mm 1800 mm20 20 20 20 20 20 2020

    badmagazin 41


    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 4108_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 41 05.03.2008 11:25:22 Uhr05.03.2008 11:25:22 Uhr

  • Variety is the spice of life. Fogo is built within the concept of variety. This is re ected in the ingenious option that allows all consoles to be cut precisely and variably to measure between 80 and 200 cm. With such exible dimensions, Fogo cuts a neat gure in small bathrooms and really brings larger bathrooms into their own. And thanks to the variety of available nishes, the furniture console harmonises equally well with just as wide a variety of lifestyles. As, for example, Fogo in Bleached Oak, here with the Bacino console basin or in the Macassar nish, dark brown and timelessly beautiful, here with the Bagnella console basin.

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    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 4208_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 42 14.03.2008 9:05:01 Uhr14.03.2008 9:05:01 Uhr

    badmagazin 43


    08_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 4308_Fogo_BM_KEX.indd 43 05.03.2008 11:25:39 Uhr05.03.2008 11:25:39 Uhr

  • VeroNew products in the classic range

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    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 4409_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 44 05.03.2008 11:46:48 Uhr05.03.2008 11:46:48 Uhr

    badmagazin 45

    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 4509_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 45 05.03.2008 11:47:04 Uhr05.03.2008 11:47:04 Uhr

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    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 4609_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 46 05.03.2008 11:47:14 Uhr05.03.2008 11:47:14 Uhr

    A long-awaited classic design range with rectangular washbasin. New items include a console basin with tap area, fully glazed. An extensive range of WCs and bidets with SoftClose toilet seat. There are six versions of the Vero bathtub in four sizes: single-seater 170 x 70 cm and 170 x 75 cm and spacious two-seater 180 x 80 cm and 190 x 90 cm.

    Toilet and bidet wall-mounted or free-standing precisely mirror the rectangular basic shape of the washbasin resting on a narrower plinth. The toilet seat with comfortable automatic SoftClose system ts ush with the bowl, creating a harmonious ensemble.

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    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 4709_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 47 05.03.2008 11:47:36 Uhr05.03.2008 11:47:36 Uhr

  • __ Where space is at a premium. The handrinse basins and built-in undercounter basin that can be combined with any countertop you choose. __

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    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 4809_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 48 05.03.2008 11:47:48 Uhr05.03.2008 11:47:48 Uhr










    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 4909_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 49 05.03.2008 11:48:07 Uhr05.03.2008 11:48:07 Uhr

  • Vero 80 cm

    __ The generous furniture washbasins in a choice of widths (85, 105 or 125 cm) and with large surrounds. __

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    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 5009_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 50 05.03.2008 11:48:17 Uhr05.03.2008 11:48:17 Uhr

    Vero 85 cm, 105 cm, 125 cm







    badmagazin 51


    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 5109_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 51 05.03.2008 11:48:31 Uhr05.03.2008 11:48:31 Uhr

  • __ Friends of good bathroom design will love the new Vero range.There is more information on the Vero bathtubs on page 192. __

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    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 5209_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 52 14.03.2008 9:06:41 Uhr14.03.2008 9:06:41 Uhr


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    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 5309_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 53 05.03.2008 11:49:03 Uhr05.03.2008 11:49:03 Uhr

  • Design right down the line. The classic rectangular Vero washbasin has made a name for itself amongst lovers of design and architecture. That's why, in addition to the 60 cm-wide washbasin, we are now introducing three new models measuring 50, 80 and an imposing 100 cm, whose pre-punched tap holes offer the possibility to mount one or two tap ttings. Interesting combinations can be created with Fogo or with the matching chrome console on two feet, which is height-adjustable and features a decorative rail that doubles up as a practical towel rail. Vero design in its purest form.





    Vero 50 cm

    54 badmagazin

    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 5409_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 54 05.03.2008 11:49:08 Uhr05.03.2008 11:49:08 Uhr

    Vero 60 cm








    Vero 60 cm

    badmagazin 55

    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 5509_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 55 05.03.2008 11:49:11 Uhr05.03.2008 11:49:11 Uhr

  • Vero is characterised by its clear lines. The washbasin range concentrates exclusively on the purity of the rectangle and opens up totally new perspectives for washing area design. The chrome frame can be installed with all Vero washbasins in the widths 50, 60, 80 and 100 cm.

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    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 5609_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 56 05.03.2008 11:49:17 Uhr05.03.2008 11:49:17 Uhr





    Vero 100 cm



    Vero 80 cm

    badmagazin 57


    09_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 5709_Vero_BM_KEX_kurz.indd 57 05.03.2008 11:49:23 Uhr05.03.2008 11:49:23 Uhr

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    Design by Sieger Design

    Happy D.Happy End with Happy D.

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 5810_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 58 05.03.2008 12:03:12 Uhr05.03.2008 12:03:12 Uhr

    badmagazin 59

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 5910_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 59 05.03.2008 12:03:26 Uhr05.03.2008 12:03:26 Uhr

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    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 6010_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 60 05.03.2008 12:03:37 Uhr05.03.2008 12:03:37 Uhr

    Happy D.

    badmagazin 61

    What a beautiful day: Happy D. is now complete featuring ceramics, baths, furniture and accessories, this successful range is just waiting for you to discover it. Because Happy D. has got what it takes to make you happy. With a classic, archaic shape that has universal appeal. With a practical functionality that is just the ticket for the bathroom for example the new individual and modular furniture items in real wood or melamine that offer convincing storage solutions. And all this with a cost effectiveness that's hard to beat. With enormous variety and attractive details, Happy D. simply makes everyone happy what about you?

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 6110_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 61 05.03.2008 12:03:46 Uhr05.03.2008 12:03:46 Uhr

  • 62 badmagazin

    __ A real eye-catcher: the new real wood surround for the freestanding bathtub. More Happy D. baths can be found on page 174 and following pages. __

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 6210_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 62 05.03.2008 12:11:02 Uhr05.03.2008 12:11:02 Uhr

    Happy D.

    badmagazin 63

    A happy end to an exciting day searching for shells - thanks to the generous-sized bowl on the metre-wide washbasin. The elegant stand-alone units in high-gloss White (dcor), Bleached Oak (real wood), Cherry (real wood) or Walnut (real wood) have lots of attractive detail features, both inside and outside. The furniture units come in various widths that perfectly match the form of the washbasins and bowls. The curved doors provide plenty of room for all kinds of bits and pieces.

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 6310_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 63 05.03.2008 12:04:12 Uhr05.03.2008 12:04:12 Uhr

  • 64 badmagazin

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 6410_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 64 05.03.2008 12:04:24 Uhr05.03.2008 12:04:24 Uhr

    Happy D.

    badmagazin 65

    __ Ample storage space! Happy D. consoles team up with the vanity units to ensure order with method __

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 6510_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 65 05.03.2008 12:04:44 Uhr05.03.2008 12:04:44 Uhr

  • 66 badmagazin

    Feeling free. The variable console version adds flexibility to your bathroom planning. With or without cabinet below, left or right with bowl or washbasin as required. Happy D. across the full breadth of your wall a tall cabinet, mobile storage unit, illuminated shelf and wall cabinets in a wide range of finishes make your bathroom complete. The tray drawers, the glass dividers with containers in the larger drawers and the removable, glass-lined tray of the mobile storage unit are especially easy to clean.

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 6610_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 66 05.03.2008 12:04:51 Uhr05.03.2008 12:04:51 Uhr

    Happy D.

    badmagazin 67

    Purist. The clear-cut lines of this design are carried through to the wall-mounted and free-standing WCs and bidets. And just as their form is minimalist, so is their water consumption: an economical 3 or 6 litres. The space-saving hand basins, either 46 cm (bottom left) or 50 cm, projecting 34 cm or 25 cm, will fit in almost every guest toilet. The washbasin is available as a floor-standing or semi-pedestal model or with a matching chrome stand (top right).

    10_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 6710_HappyD_BM_KEX.indd 67 05.03.2008 12:05:02 Uhr05.03.2008 12:05:02 Uhr

  • 68 badmagazin

    Starck XIts not Starck. Its Starck X

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 6811_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 68 05.03.2008 13:05:00 Uhr05.03.2008 13:05:00 Uhr

    badmagazin 69

    Design by Philippe Starck

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 6911_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 69 05.03.2008 13:05:18 Uhr05.03.2008 13:05:18 Uhr

  • 70 badmagazin

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7011_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 70 05.03.2008 13:05:30 Uhr05.03.2008 13:05:30 Uhr

    badmagazin 71

    Starck X

    In mathematics the letter X stands for an unknown quantity. In Chinese Tao for elevation to the divine. In bathroom design, it stands for the beginning of a new era. With his Starck X range, designer Philippe Starck is maximising minimalism. A minimalism whose realisation required highly skilled craftsmanship. It was worth it. Ceramics, fur-niture, tubs, accessories: as a bathroom range, Starck X is in a class of its own, second to none. Is it luxury? Is it extravagance? Is it excess? No, Starck X.

    The imposing, cylindrical washbasins with a diameter of 400 or 495 mm rest on a rectangular, also ceramic base. Their sculptural character elevates them to works of art, unrivalled and matchless.

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7111_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 71 05.03.2008 13:05:42 Uhr05.03.2008 13:05:42 Uhr

  • 72 badmagazin

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7211_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 72 05.03.2008 13:05:53 Uhr05.03.2008 13:05:53 Uhr

    The innovative mirror elements with all-round illuminated strips and contact-free sensor technology ensure non-glare lighting.

    badmagazin 73

    Starck X

    In the midst of our hectic life and loud world, Starck X creates an oasis that invites you to escape from the rat race and relax, and literally wash your cares away. Even the rectangular washbasin model measuring 705 x 520 mm develops an almost sculptural gracefulness with its clear-cut, cubist design. Exceptional in design, partitioning and colouring, the shallow, 110 cm-wide washbasin resting on a metal console features an additional shallow shelf recess in White Highgloss or Platin Highgloss.

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7311_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 73 05.03.2008 13:06:06 Uhr05.03.2008 13:06:06 Uhr

  • 74 badmagazin

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7411_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 74 05.03.2008 13:06:17 Uhr05.03.2008 13:06:17 Uhr

    A washing area comprising ceramic and metal, both minimalist and lively: the 100-cm wide Starck X washbasin with additional shallow shelf recess in White Highgloss and Platin Highgloss.

    badmagazin 75

    Starck X

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7511_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 75 05.03.2008 13:06:31 Uhr05.03.2008 13:06:31 Uhr

  • 76 badmagazin

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7611_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 76 05.03.2008 13:06:37 Uhr05.03.2008 13:06:37 Uhr

    Starck X

    badmagazin 77

    The concept of the Starck X bathroom furniture is intended to be just as unique. The pieces are not only brilliant thanks to their white high-gloss finish, but also because of the variety of aesthetic and constructive features and details. Philippe Starck has designed the carcass of the tall cabinet, for example, so that it appears to hover suspended from the wall. The interior of the cabinet reveals the optional colours White Highgloss or Platin Highgloss, which can also be found on the interior of the handle-free drawers of the vanity units.

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7711_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 77 05.03.2008 13:06:50 Uhr05.03.2008 13:06:50 Uhr

  • 78 badmagazin

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7811_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 78 05.03.2008 13:07:00 Uhr05.03.2008 13:07:00 Uhr

    badmagazin 79

    Starck X

    Consistency in the design of the ceramics: the Starck X bidet and toilet, cubist and 40 cm high. One innovative and functional detail is the recess on the bidet cover which reveals the inset flat tap fitting.

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 7911_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 79 05.03.2008 13:07:09 Uhr05.03.2008 13:07:09 Uhr

  • 80 badmagazin

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 8011_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 80 05.03.2008 13:07:19 Uhr05.03.2008 13:07:19 Uhr

    Starck X

    badmagazin 81

    Cubist, understated and minimalist, the generous Starck X acrylic bathtub invites you to wallow in luxurious indulgence. Because it doesn't matter if it over ows, the water can come right up to the rim, allowing the bather to wallow in a fee-ling of wellbeing: a totally new concept, from the individual design of the all-round water channel through to optional remote-control lighting. Now new: the free-standing 180 x 90 cm bath with integrated over ow. The design focuses on the individual, who from the contact with water draws new energy to cope with the stress of everyday life perhaps the greatest luxury of all.

    11_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 8111_StarckX_BM_KEX.indd 81 05.03.2008 13:07:29 Uhr05.03.2008 13:07:29 Uhr

  • 82 badmagazin

    Design by Philippe Starck

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 8212_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 82 05.03.2008 13:00:59 Uhr05.03.2008 13:00:59 Uhr

    badmagazin 83

    Starck 1The Poetry of Reduction

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 8312_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 83 05.03.2008 13:01:07 Uhr05.03.2008 13:01:07 Uhr

  • 84 badmagazin

    Modelled on the washbowl, a refreshing and revitalising source. The washbasin and hand-rinse basin rest on a large white ceramic panel and on a solid-wood vanity unit that is as simple and elegant as an old table. Alternatively, the washbasin is available as a 90 cm or 75 cm version. An ingenious option is the towel holder on either the pedestal or semi-pedestal. Its there exactly where its needed and renders additional holes or assembly work redundant. The 57 cm washbasin seems to oat above a semi-pedestal. With an all-round glaze, the built-in washbasin creates a very individual washing area.

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 8412_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 84 05.03.2008 13:01:11 Uhr05.03.2008 13:01:11 Uhr

    badmagazin 85

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 8512_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 85 05.03.2008 13:01:18 Uhr05.03.2008 13:01:18 Uhr

  • 86 badmagazin

    We are getting tired of the materialistic way of life, we cant stand it any longer, its sti ing us. Everywhere, we are surrounded by super uous objects. We must get back to the basics. Philippe Starck perceives the soul of everyday objects that surround us. Tells us their stories, breathes life into them. Whether chair or juicer, TV set or prefabricated house, Starcks credo can be applied to all his creations. He thus creates ambiences which put our souls to rest. And he retraces our fundamental needs. Freshness, cleanliness, hygiene.

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 8612_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 86 05.03.2008 13:01:26 Uhr05.03.2008 13:01:26 Uhr

    badmagazin 87

    Starck 1

    The metamorphosis of a bucket_ both come in wall-mounted and floorstanding versions openly admit their origins. Naturally, all toilets feature both Stop-and-Go function and 6-litre flush tight when it comes to water consumption, generous in hygienic comfort. The function of the urinal is clearly defined.

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 8712_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 87 05.03.2008 13:01:41 Uhr05.03.2008 13:01:41 Uhr

  • 88 badmagazin

    The vanity unit resembles a barrel and conceals towels and bathroom utensils. It features a warm Pearwood veneer, beautiful dark Macassar or American Walnut to match the washbasin console with real-wood veneer. The interior displays a black melamine coating and a glass shelf with chrome rail.

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 8812_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 88 05.03.2008 13:01:52 Uhr05.03.2008 13:01:52 Uhr

    badmagazin 89

    Starck 1

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 8912_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 89 05.03.2008 13:02:01 Uhr05.03.2008 13:02:01 Uhr

  • 90 badmagazin

    We need to stop and think about the basic facts of life a statement of somebody whose design provides answers instead of easy af rmations. For his bathroom series, Starck delves deeper. Hes interested in matter per se, not in the matter of fact. Essence is the consequence. Getting back to basics. A clich, certainly. But also_ A philosophy, a principle of life and design. The bathroom by Starck 1.

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 9012_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 90 05.03.2008 13:02:07 Uhr05.03.2008 13:02:07 Uhr

    badmagazin 91

    Starck 1

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 9112_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 91 05.03.2008 13:02:20 Uhr05.03.2008 13:02:20 Uhr

  • 92 badmagazin

    Design by Philippe Starck

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 9212_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 92 05.03.2008 13:02:30 Uhr05.03.2008 13:02:30 Uhr

    badmagazin 93

    Starck 2The Bathroom at Source

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 9312_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 93 05.03.2008 13:02:45 Uhr05.03.2008 13:02:45 Uhr

  • 94 badmagazin

    Philippe Starck has made history. Over the years, his many creations have turned into classics and his name has reached cult status. What more can a man offer, who has given the world lemon juicers that are alien look-alikes, toothbrushes from outer space, TV sets carved from cork and Mega-glow-worms? A whole lot. Starck 2 The bathroom at source. And once again, the world has become richer. In terms of design. But also in terms of life-style. History in the making.

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 9412_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 94 05.03.2008 13:02:51 Uhr05.03.2008 13:02:51 Uhr

    badmagazin 95

    Starck 2

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 9512_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 95 05.03.2008 13:03:11 Uhr05.03.2008 13:03:11 Uhr

  • 96 badmagazin

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 9612_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 96 05.03.2008 13:03:17 Uhr05.03.2008 13:03:17 Uhr

    badmagazin 97

    Starck 2

    Mans origins are in the waters. Lets give him back his ancestry. Philippe Starcks ceramic creations are veritable water creatures. Their uid forms imitate water as it runs its course. An experience mirrored in the washbasin, available in four sizes, resting on pedestals or semi-pedestals. The 38-cm handrinse basin needs nothing more than a semi-pedestal, since its raison dtre lies in saving space. Its surprising that, despite its modest outer dimensions, the range never-theless offers generous storage space.

    12_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 9712_Starck_1_2_BM_KEX.indd 97 05.03.2008 13:03:23 Uhr05.03.2008 13:03:23 Uhr

  • 98 badmagazin

    Starck 3Making a splash

    Design by Philippe Starck

    98 badmagazin

    13_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 9813_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 98 05.03.2008 13:34:38 Uhr05.03.2008 13:34:38 Uhr

    badmagazin 99

    13_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 9913_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 99 05.03.2008 13:34:57 Uhr05.03.2008 13:34:57 Uhr

  • 100 badmagazin

    13_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 10013_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 100 05.03.2008 13:35:10 Uhr05.03.2008 13:35:10 Uhr

    Starck 3

    How many elements does a designer really need? Line, circle and square are the basics of every object designed to last longer than just one season. Philippe Starck knows this in his new bathroom range he is doing away with the unnecessary. The Starck 3 washbasin derives its distinctive character from its basic rectangular shape, an all-round rim and a low back panel. In contrast to semicircular washbasins of comparable size, the rectangular shape offers a wider variety of space-saving sizes. So smart, so brilliant, so very Starck.

    badmagazin 101

    13_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 10113_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 101 05.03.2008 13:35:20 Uhr05.03.2008 13:35:20 Uhr

  • The toilet a fundamental part of every bathroom and yet often neglected by most designers. Not so by Philippe Starck for Duravit. Treated with the same care as everything else, the Starck 3 toilet with concealed trap becomes the unmistak-able highlight of the range. Well-designed appearance shouldn't compromise on performance: all toilets are equipped with Dual-Flush and both toilet and bidet are available as a floorstanding and wallmounted version. A urinal with matching ceramic partition completes the wide range. In fact, Starck 3 suits all requirements. Not only for public areas, but also for your home.

    102 badmagazin

    13_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 10213_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 102 05.03.2008 13:35:28 Uhr05.03.2008 13:35:28 Uhr

    Starck 3

    badmagazin 103

    13_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 10313_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 103 05.03.2008 13:35:34 Uhr05.03.2008 13:35:34 Uhr

  • 104 badmagazin

    13_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 10413_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 104 14.03.2008 9:10:48 Uhr14.03.2008 9:10:48 Uhr

    The wall-mounted + 5 toilet, urinal with integrated partition sides, urinal with spray head and completely enclosed ceramic surface, matching urinal partitions, the comfort-size toilet and the floor-standing toilet with standard seat height.

    More information?The new Starck 3 brochure. The measure of all things when it comes to design, variety and price.

    Starck 3

    badmagazin 105

    13_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 10513_Starck3_neu_BM_KEX.indd 105 14.03.2008 9:10:57 Uhr14.03.2008 9:10:57 Uhr

  • 106 badmagazin

    Starck 1.2.3Design, material, color

    14_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 10614_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 106 05.03.2008 13:42:22 Uhr05.03.2008 13:42:22 Uhr

    badmagazin 107

    Design by Philippe Starck

    14_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 10714_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 107 05.03.2008 13:42:36 Uhr05.03.2008 13:42:36 Uhr

  • 108 badmagazin

    Hidden. The interior drawers of the tall cabinet keep everything neat and tidy out of sight behind the consistent design of the door front.

    14_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 10814_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 108 05.03.2008 13:42:44 Uhr05.03.2008 13:42:44 Uhr

    badmagazin 109

    Starck 1.2.3

    Less is more_ for his new range of furniture Philippe Starck reduces to the max. But not at the expense of comfort and quality. Starck follows the classic lines while using new colors for the bathroom and an innovative choice of materials. The Starck 1.2.3 furniture range is not only the perfect partner for all the Starck ceramics ranges, it also handsomely complements other existing bathroom ttings. Starck 1.2.3 a successful trio of design, material and color.

    Dual use. Two doors and a practical drawer find space in the practical vanity unit for the 1300 mm-wide Starck 3 double washbasin. Modern material mix. The carcass in timeless White (decor), the front in sophisticated shimmering Aluminium combined with the Starck ceramics ranges, the ideal prerequisites for creating harmonious washing areas. New feeling of space: the Universal vanity unit in refreshing white offers plenty of storage space in the cloakroom. Storage on wheels. The practical mobile storage unit guarantees flexibility and an optimum use of space in small bathrooms.

    14_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 10914_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 109 05.03.2008 13:42:55 Uhr05.03.2008 13:42:55 Uhr

  • 110 badmagazin

    14_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 11014_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 110 05.03.2008 13:43:05 Uhr05.03.2008 13:43:05 Uhr

    badmagazin 111

    Starck 1.2.3

    Innovative furniture design_ the concealed lights on the generous-sized mirror cabinet create diffused lighting effects. The combination of light maple and metallic copper harmonises perfectly. Versatility for small bathrooms_ building up on a 40 cm square, Starck 1.2.3 cabinet modules can be used to produce creative designs even where space is at a premium.

    14_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 11114_Starck123_BM_KEX.indd 111 05.03.2008 13:43:22 Uhr05.03.2008 13:43:22 Uhr

  • 112 badmagazin

    Design by Prof. Frank Huster

    15_Architec_BM_KEX.indd 11215_Architec_BM_KEX.indd 112 05.03.2008 13:47:02 Uhr05.03.2008 13:47:02 Uhr

    badmagazin 113

    ArchitecHigh design quality and functionality

    15_Architec_BM_KEX.indd 11315_Architec_BM_KEX.indd 113 05.03.2008 13:47:15 Uhr05.03.2008 13:47:15 Uhr

  • 114 badmagazin

    15_Architec_BM_KEX.indd 11415_Architec_BM_KEX.indd 114 05.03.2008 13:47:29 Uhr05.03.2008 13:47:29 Uhr

    badmagazin 115


    Toilet hygiene is not a matter of chance. It is the result of visual appeal and functionality. Developed by Prof. Frank Huster, the Architec ceramics range epitomises this idea: with simple, understated styling. The agreeable result is an extensive, logically coordinated choice of dimensions and possibilities that offers planners and architects maximum exibility. Origi-nally developed for public and semi-public areas, Architec has become more and more attractive for private bathrooms as well. Due to the clear use of forms, Architec underlines a very special style of home decor.

    __ The 57,5 cm wide washbasin is optimum for the barrier-free bathroom __

    15_Architec_BM_KEX.indd 11515_Architec_BM_KEX.indd 115 05.03.2008 13:47:46 Uhr05.03.2008 13:47:46 Uhr

  • BagnellaInspired by the tradition of the washing bowl, Sieger Design created the round Bagnella console basin. With its classical origins, it adds another dimension to inno-vative bathroom design. Moving away from universal bathroom furnishings to the unique.

    ScolaThe Scola washbasin can either be used conventionally or for corner installation. Another option: Scola with a matching chrome base two-legged, height-adjustable and with an all-round rail that doubles up as a practical towel rail. Only one question needs to be resolved: Bowl on the right or left side?

    116 badmagazin

    16_ScolaBacinoBagnella_BM_KEX.in116 11616_ScolaBacinoBagnella_BM_KEX.in116 116 05.03.2008 14:02:17 Uhr05.03.2008 14:02:17 Uhr

    48 cm # 0451480000

    Bacino leaves plenty of freedom of scope for designing individual and unusual washing areas. The simple, no-fuss forms leave nothing to be desired when it comes to comfort, making them ideal as individual solutions in small recesses, cloakrooms or cramped hotel bath-rooms. Two together create a generous washing area. Whether square or round the choice is yours.


    Scola, Bagnella, Bacino

    badmagazin 117

    16_ScolaBacinoBagnella_BM_KEX.in117 11716_ScolaBacinoBagnella_BM_KEX.in117 117 05.03.2008 14:02:24 Uhr05.03.2008 14:02:24 Uhr

  • 118 badmagazin


    17_Duraplus_BM_KEX.indd 11817_Duraplus_BM_KEX.indd 118 05.03.2008 14:34:27 Uhr05.03.2008 14:34:27 Uhr

    With Duraplus, Duravit offers a wide range of washbasins, handrinse basins, toilets, bidets and urinals for all renovation, modernisation and conversion projects. The attractive, space-saving and easy-care sanitaryware items allow plenty of scope for generous bathroom design, especially where space is at a premium. Naturally, all in trusted Duravit quality and at excellent value for money.


    badmagazin 119

    17_Duraplus_BM_KEX.indd 11917_Duraplus_BM_KEX.indd 119 05.03.2008 14:34:35 Uhr05.03.2008 14:34:35 Uhr

  • 120 badmagazin

    Design by Sieger Design

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12018_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 120 05.03.2008 14:37:33 Uhr05.03.2008 14:37:33 Uhr

    badmagazin 121

    X-LargeX-tra wide _ X-tremely different

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12118_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 121 05.03.2008 14:37:52 Uhr05.03.2008 14:37:52 Uhr

  • Light and airy. With Bacino, the vanity unit, mirror and tall glass cabinet in White Highgloss (decor), it is possible to create a generous washing area even where space is tight. Perfect platform_ With the new furniture consoles combined with washing bowls or countertop bowls, it is possible to create a wide variety of washing area solutions. Vanity units that can be fitted either on the left, right or both sides come in 40 and 60 cm widths.

    122 badmagazin

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12218_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 122 05.03.2008 14:38:02 Uhr05.03.2008 14:38:02 Uhr

    badmagazin 123


    Tom, Dick or Harry? Common or garden? No thank you. This is X-Large, the bathroom furniture range with a difference. High-quality natural tones with a cool edge. Why X-large? A vast range incorporating countless details. Elegant, attractive and extremely functional. An amazing seven new vanity units to combine with the Vero range of washbasins. Tall cabinets in various widths with wooden and glass doors. Stand-alone, console and guest bathroom solutions. All in a practical modular system, all superbly crafted. X-Large is a versatile range for individual bathroom design even if you're budget is not X-tra large.

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12318_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 123 05.03.2008 14:38:17 Uhr05.03.2008 14:38:17 Uhr

  • 124 badmagazin

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12418_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 124 05.03.2008 14:38:21 Uhr05.03.2008 14:38:21 Uhr

    badmagazin 125


    Successful combination. The washing area in Oak Natural (real wood veneer) with furniture washbasin from the Vero range. Lots of space. Theres a tremendous amount of storage space in the extra-wide vanity-unit drawers. A love of detail. X-Large features a wealth of sophisticated details that make it a truly great range. Spacious drawers, mirrors with lighting and shelves and elegant profiled handles.

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12518_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 125 05.03.2008 14:38:31 Uhr05.03.2008 14:38:31 Uhr

  • 126 badmagazin

    Good connection. There is a variety of matching vanity units to complement the Duravit furniture washbasins and console basins.A miracle of space. The mirror cabinets in widths 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm offer lots of space for all kinds of paraphernalia.

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12618_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 126 05.03.2008 14:38:33 Uhr05.03.2008 14:38:33 Uhr

    badmagazin 127


    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12718_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 127 05.03.2008 14:38:50 Uhr05.03.2008 14:38:50 Uhr

  • 128 badmagazin

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12818_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 128 05.03.2008 14:39:01 Uhr05.03.2008 14:39:01 Uhr

    badmagazin 129


    __ Elegant. The vanity unit with Vero countertop bowl with the colour/material mix in Weng (decor) and aluminium . __

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 12918_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 129 14.03.2008 9:16:13 Uhr14.03.2008 9:16:13 Uhr

  • 130 badmagazin

    Homely. X-Large in warm Makor real-wood veneer with Vero furniture washbasin.A perfect fit. The high-quality chrome apron is the optimum connection to every standard washbasin.

    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 13018_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 130 05.03.2008 14:39:31 Uhr05.03.2008 14:39:31 Uhr


    badmagazin 131


    18_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 13118_XLarge_BM_KEX.indd 131 05.03.2008 14:39:37 Uhr05.03.2008 14:39:37 Uhr

  • DarlingDesign for you and you and you

    Design by Sieger Design

    132 badmagazin

    19_Darling_BM_KEX.indd 13219_Darling_BM_KEX.indd 132 05.03.2008 14:42:51 Uhr05.03.2008 14:42:51 Uhr

    __ The tub Daro comes in 170 x 75 cm as well as in 180 x 80 cm, fitting every room size. __

    badmagazin 133

    19_Darling_BM_KEX.indd 13319_Darling_BM_KEX.indd 133 05.03.2008 14:43:13 Uhr05.03.2008 14:43:13 Uhr

  • Design for you and you and you. Darling is different. Far removed from the one-size- ts-all credo, this range offers a very personal touch. Perfectly coordinated_ either solo or in combination with the fresh Darling furniture. Darling really offers the ultimate in versatility_ stretching to a maximum of 202 cm, which makes it the longest ceramic furniture washbasin in the world. The Darling washbasin is available in widths of 55, 60, 65 and 70 cm with a siphon cover or with pedestal. And, before we forget_ Darling also comes at a heart-warming price.

    134 badmagazin

    19_Darling_BM_KEX.indd 13419_Darling_BM_KEX.indd 134 05.03.2008 14:43:23 Uhr05.03.2008 14:43:23 Uhr

    Unforgettable forms_ The Darling washbasins sleek design is simply enchanting a circle within a circle. Sieger Design has combined a striking circular form with modern technical features_ wall-mounted washdown or floorstanding toilet plus matching floorstanding or wall-mounted bidets. The fresh-up treatment for the guest bathroom_the 47 cm Darling handrinse basin.

    badmagazin 135


    19_Darling_BM_KEX.indd 13519_Darling_BM_KEX.indd 135 05.03.2008 14:43:38 Uhr05.03.2008 14:43:38 Uhr

  • 136 badmagazin

    Racy Runabouts. Always ready for a quick turn and at hand wherever you need them the practical mobile storage units in the Duravit furniture ranges. Stylishly they guarantee mobility and optimal use of space in small bathrooms. The vehicle classes: from mini to maxi, with towel rail or removable tray, a large ap and integrated mirror, with pull-out compartments or laundry basket whichever you choose, the storage space you gain is enormous. Fun on wheels guaranteed with the mobile storage units made by Duravit.

    __ Fogo range #9543 with interior drawer __

    20_Trolliparade_BM_KEX.indd 13620_Trolliparade_BM_KEX.indd 136 05.03.2008 14:48:01 Uhr05.03.2008 14:48:01 Uhr

    badmagazin 137

    Mobile storage units

    Racy runabouts on top from left to right_ 2nd floor range #9272, X-Large range #2701 with mirror flap and drawer system_ 4x9 range #9340_Starck 1.2.3 range #9337 with easy-care plastic front_ Happy D. range #9396 with tray

    __ X-Large range #2701 with mirror flap and drawer system __

    20_Trolliparade_BM_KEX.indd 13720_Trolliparade_BM_KEX.indd 137 05.03.2008 14:48:10 Uhr05.03.2008 14:48:10 Uhr

  • 138 badmagazin

    Serie 1930The Renaissance of Classic Modernism

    21_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 13821_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 138 05.03.2008 14:50:42 Uhr05.03.2008 14:50:42 Uhr

    badmagazin 139

    21_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 13921_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 139 05.03.2008 14:51:03 Uhr05.03.2008 14:51:03 Uhr

  • 140 badmagazin

    21_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 14021_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 140 05.03.2008 14:51:15 Uhr05.03.2008 14:51:15 Uhr

    badmagazin 141

    Serie 1930

    On 10 December 1930, Adolf Loos celebrated his sixtieth birthday. It was on this day that the great architect and father of modernism coined a remarkable phrase. The culture of a people is revealed by the nature of its washing amenities and toilets. An incontrovertible af rmation of the importance of uncompromising interior design in the bathroom. Perhaps it was in championing this cause that Duravit was inspired to create a washbasin whose famous octagonal shape remains as modern today as it was 70 years ago.

    21_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 14121_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 141 05.03.2008 14:51:28 Uhr05.03.2008 14:51:28 Uhr

  • 142 badmagazin

    142 badmagazin

    21_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 14221_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 142 05.03.2008 14:51:38 Uhr05.03.2008 14:51:38 Uhr

    badmagazin 143

    Serie 1930

    Cornering the retro market_ The design concept of Series 1930 runs like a leitmotif through the entire programme, from the washbasin for one- and three-hole tap fittings through the corner handrinse basin to the WC and bidet, in wall-mounted and floor-standing versions. Plus matching accessories, towel rail and bath towel rail. A bathroom classic that has lost none of its validity and fascination in the new millennium.

    21_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 14321_Serie 1930_BM_KEX.indd 143 05.03.2008 14:51:50 Uhr05.03.2008 14:51:50 Uhr

  • 144 badmagazin


    Design by Norman Foster

    22_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 14422_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 144 05.03.2008 14:55:19 Uhr05.03.2008 14:55:19 Uhr

    badmagazin 145

    22_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 14522_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 145 05.03.2008 14:55:31 Uhr05.03.2008 14:55:31 Uhr

  • 146 badmagazin

    22_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 14622_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 146 05.03.2008 14:55:38 Uhr05.03.2008 14:55:38 Uhr

    badmagazin 147


    Is it design or is it architecture? In any case, it is genuine Foster. Sensational, like all his work: Stansted Airport in London and Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong, the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and the new German Reichstag. Once again, the architect and designer Norman Foster has excelled himself and created a bathroom that pushes the boundaries, which de nes the bathroom anew. Bathroom_Foster. Made by Duravit.

    From the washbasin to the bidet_ Foster provides an exemplar of functional design design that transcends its basic purpose. The basin rim_ finely modelled. The bowl_ generously proportioned.

    22_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 14722_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 147 05.03.2008 14:55:48 Uhr05.03.2008 14:55:48 Uhr

  • 148 badmagazin

    22_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 14822_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 148 05.03.2008 14:56:04 Uhr05.03.2008 14:56:04 Uhr

    badmagazin 149


    Both the built-in washbasin (428 280 mm) and countertop bowl (500 352 mm) can be combined ideally with all types of consoles. Creative ideas full of finesse for modern yet timeless interior designs.

    22_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 14922_Foster_BM_KEX.indd 149 05.03.2008 14:56:16 Uhr05.03.2008 14:56:16 Uhr

  • 150 badmagazin


    Design by Sieger Design

    The multifunctional mirror cabinet range

    23_Multibox_BM_KEX.indd 15023_Multibox_BM_KEX.indd 150 05.03.2008 15:00:58 Uhr05.03.2008 15:00:58 Uhr

    badmagazin 151


    Multibox-Mix with 60 cm Basic cabinet_ Left [Basic cabinet 9785 + Accs-Rail 9975]_ Right [Basic cabinet 9785 + Combi-Shelf 9413 R]

    More? Left [Drawer block 9411 L + Basic cabinet 9785 + Shelf 9412 R]_ Right [Combi-Shelf #9413 L + Basic cabinet 9785 + Drawer block 9411 R]

    The largest Multibox with 95,8 cm width_ Single and in kombination_ Left [Basic cabinet 9799]_ Right [Basic cabinet 9799 + Shelf 9412 R]

    Left_ [Drawerblock 9411 L + Basic cabinet 9797 L + Accs-Rail 9975]_ Right [Side cabinet 9410 L + Basic cabinet 9797 L + Combi-Shelf 9413 R]

    What does flexible actually mean? According to the dictionary: adaptable. In other words the ability to adapt to a wide variety of different situations. For Multibox no problem: basic cabinet with or without add-ons, left or right or right or left - whatever you choose: Multibox is, quite simple, flexible.

    23_Multibox_BM_KEX.indd 15123_Multibox_BM_KEX.indd 151 05.03.2008 15:01:03 Uhr05.03.2008 15:01:03 Uhr

  • 152 badmagazin

    The recessed version Multibox disappears into the wall. An elegant frame in aluminum covers the space between the cabinet and the wall (picture top). Inside, the cabinet sections contain lots of practical drawers. With a wavy underside, they can be used in the drawers of the side cabinets as well as on the rail in the basic cabinet. Integrated lighting strips at the sides optimally illuminate the mirror and the interior of the cabinet at the same time without blinding the user. The mirrored backs of the doors provide optimum all-round reflection (small picture right).

    23_Multibox_BM_KEX.indd 15223_Multibox_BM_KEX.indd 152 05.03.2008 15:01:08 Uhr05.03.2008 15:01:08 Uhr

    badmagazin 153


    Drawer block4 large and 4 small drawers

    Combi-Shelf2 open drawers, 2 large drawers

    Side cabinet2 glass shelves

    Basic cabinet *2 integrated lights, switch, socket

    Accessory railmake-up mirror and glass

    Side cabinet2 glass shelves


    What should a mirror cabinet do? Keep things tidy. Give all those small and indispensable bathroom necessities a neat and attractive home. Is that all? We expect a mirror cabinet to do much more: it should be exible, versatile and inexpensive just like Multibox from Duravit. Practical: there is no need for tools when attaching the side elements; they are simply hooked into the basic cabinet and are also suitable for retro tting. Quick, tidy and exible Multibox from Duravit.

    * attachments (Shelf, Combi-Shelf, Drawer block or Side cabinet) can be applied to each side of the basic cabinet

    23_Multibox_BM_KEX.indd 15323_Multibox_BM_KEX.indd 153 05.03.2008 15:01:27 Uhr05.03.2008 15:01:27 Uhr

  • 154 badmagazin 154 badmagazin

    24_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 15424_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 154 05.03.2008 15:06:58 Uhr05.03.2008 15:06:58 Uhr

    badmagazin 155badmagazin 155

    CaroThe Essence of Purity

    Design by Phoenix Design

    24_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 15524_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 155 05.03.2008 15:07:15 Uhr05.03.2008 15:07:15 Uhr

  • 156 badmagazin

    24_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 15624_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 156 05.03.2008 15:07:25 Uhr05.03.2008 15:07:25 Uhr

    In these times dominated by a striving for more, faster, brighter, louder, when experience is measured in terms of quantity rather than quality, it is good to witness a design idea which wins through on the strength of pure clarity. Caro uncompromisingly shuns everything which is super uous to requirements, drawing its inspiration from the motion and colour of water. A restrained approach provides for expansive results. The washbasin countertop is as large as possible, because the bowl is only as large as necessary.

    badmagazin 157


    24_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 15724_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 157 05.03.2008 15:07:39 Uhr05.03.2008 15:07:39 Uhr

  • 158 badmagazin

    24_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 15824_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 158 05.03.2008 15:07:48 Uhr05.03.2008 15:07:48 Uhr

    badmagazin 159


    The built-in washbasin and the 90, 70 and 60 cm washbasins offer an attractive alternative.True to the logic of reduction, the handrinse basin with semi-pedestal is simple but impressive.

    24_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 15924_Caro_BM_KEX.indd 159 05.03.2008 15:07:57 Uhr05.03.2008 15:07:57 Uhr

  • WonderGliss

    160 badmagazin

    25_WonderGliss_BM_KEX.indd 16025_WonderGliss_BM_KEX.indd 160 05.03.2008 15:10:16 Uhr05.03.2008 15:10:16 Uhr

    Without WonderGliss, water droplets flatten out and adhere to the surface. With WonderGliss, water forms round droplets, which run off, taking with them all the dirt which previously made such a chore of bathroom cleaning.

    WonderGliss has been developed by Duravit in cooperation with the high-tech company Nanogate, who develops and produces surprising solutions in the field of surface finishing and nano-ceramics on the basis of chemical nano-technologies (nanos are minute particles between atomic elements and a compact body).

    Washbasins, WCs and bidets coated with WonderGliss remain smooth, attractive and clean for a particularly long time. Rather than simply being applied to the ceramic surface, the WonderGliss coating is burnt in after the initial ring, by means of a special process. WonderGliss deprives dirt of a suitable surface to attack dirt and lime are unable to establish a hold on the smooth surface. Residues simply run off with the water droplets. And less dirt deposits mean less cleaning.

    badmagazin 161


    WonderGliss on the InternetMore information on this subject is available at

    25_WonderGliss_BM_KEX.indd 16125_WonderGliss_BM_KEX.indd 161 05.03.2008 15:10:44 Uhr05.03.2008 15:10:44 Uhr

  • 162 badmagazin

    As attractive as they are practical. That built-in washbasin and design do not have to be contradictions in terms is adequately proved by this beauty.Created by star designer Philippe Starck, it harmonises perfectly with the Duravit bathroom ranges Starck 1 and 2.

    26_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 16226_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 162 05.03.2008 15:21:53 Uhr05.03.2008 15:21:53 Uhr

    badmagazin 163

    Individual Design

    Vanity washbasins are not only great space-savers. They also represent a viable alternative for individual and prag-matic bathroom design. In combination with ceramic, plastic or marble countertops or with the corresponding vanity units from Duravit they offer a wealth of shelf and storage space. Round, square, classic... Whatever your preference, the vanity washbasin programme from Duravit offers a whole range of variants for every style of interior design. The choice is yours!

    26_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 16326_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 163 05.03.2008 15:22:07 Uhr05.03.2008 15:22:07 Uhr

  • 164 crations



    1930 # 047658..00















    Darling # 046456..00Caro # 046157..00Bali /Architec # 047334..00Architec # 0318500000

    Architec # 0318450000Architec # 0318400000Architec # 0468470000



    2nd floor # 031758..29





    2nd floor # 049112....2nd floor # 049180....



    2nd floor # 049170....















    Starck 3 # 030348..22Starck 2 # 0478470000Starck 1 # 040753..00

    Manua # 522048..00Happy D. # 04235400..Duraplus # 047256..00Duraplus # 047262..00



    Starck 3 # 030256..00

    164 badmagazin

    Attractive and practical: vanity basins are available to match many of the Duravit bathroom ranges. When set on a countertop or Duravit furniture unit, the edge of the washbasin rests on the countertop - leaving plenty of usable space (Pic. 1 and 3). Individual and easy to clean: especially practical for hotels or public areas - the vanity basins are attached to the countertop from below producing washing areas without grouted joints or edges - so that everything can simply be wiped clean (Pic. 2).



    ty b


    s, c



    p m



    26_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 16426_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 164 19.03.2008 11:36:37 Uhr19.03.2008 11:36:37 Uhr

    1 2 3





    2nd floor # 031653..00





    Architec # 0468400000Architec # 0463400000







    Architec # 0319370000Architec # 0319320000Architec # 0319270000



    Architec # 0319420000









    Happy D. # 0457480000Happy D. # 0441480000/30





    Starck 3 # 030549..00





    Santosa # 046651..00





    Starck 3 # 030249..00




    Starck 3 # 031055..00





    Vero # 0330480000



    Architec # 00462400000



    Foster # 0336430000

    Vanity washbasins, undercounter models: The dimensions shown are outer measurements and the inner basin measurements as visible after installation.

    badmagazin 165

    Vanity basins





    ed w





    ty w



    s, u






    26_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 16526_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 165 19.03.2008 11:36:50 Uhr19.03.2008 11:36:50 Uhr

  • 166 badmagazin

    26_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 16626_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 166 05.03.2008 15:22:22 Uhr05.03.2008 15:22:22 Uhr

    badmagazin 167

    Bowled over.

    The washbowl a timelessly modern idea for the bathroom. The surface-mounted basin from Duravit transforms the washbowl into a complete sink unit, which is simply installed on an appropriate vanity unit. An attractive alternative to washbasins and a design statement which will retain its validity in the new millennium.

    26_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 16726_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 167 05.03.2008 15:23:18 Uhr05.03.2008 15:23:18 Uhr

  • 415


    h = 90

    2nd oor # 031758..00


    h = 120



    h = 100



    h = 75




    h = 155

    Bacino # 0325420000Architec # 0320500000

    Architec # 0320450000Architec # 0320420000



    h = 355

    Ciottolo # 0323470000



    h = 145



    h = 145



    h = 145

    Starck # 0447530000Starck # 0408330000Starck # 0408530000



    h = 155

    Bacino # 0333420000



    h = 165

    Ciottolo # 032250..00



    h = 155

    Bacino # 0334520000



    h = 205

    Ciottolo # 0324880000


    h = 145


    Architec # 0320400000



    h = 150

    Foster # 0335500000



    h = 115

    Bagnella # 0451480000



    h = 140

    Happy D. # 0458600028



    h = 140

    Happy D. # 0458400028



    h = 145

    Bagnella # 0451400000Bacino # 0341370000



    168 badmagazin

    26_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 16826_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 168 19.03.2008 11:38:32 Uhr19.03.2008 11:38:32 Uhr



    h = 145

    Starck # 0446480000



    h = 130



    h = 145



    h = 130



    h = 130



    h = 135



    h = 135

    Vero # 04541000..Vero # 04548000..



    h = 130

    Vero # 0455600000

    Vero # 04545000..

    Vero # 0453600025

    Starck # 0445460000 Vero # 04546000..



    h = 130

    Vero # 045260000



    h = 130

    Vero # 0455500000

    badmagazin 169

    Washbowls, surface-mounted

    26_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 16926_Waschtische_BM_KEX.indd 169 05.03.2008 15:23:39 Uhr05.03.2008 15:23:39 Uhr

  • Toilets1-Piece and 2-Piece

    170 badmagazin 170 badmagazin

    27_Toilets_BM_KEX.indd 17027_Toilets_BM_KEX.indd 170 06.03.2008 9:07:01 Uhr06.03.2008 9:07:01 Uhr

    badmagazin 171badmagazin 171

    27_Toilets_BM_KEX.indd 17127_Toilets_BM_KEX.indd 171 06.03.2008 9:07:12 Uhr06.03.2008 9:07:12 Uhr

  • 4 Starck_One-piece # 0163010002

    One-piece US-type toiletSiphonic action (1.6 g.p.f. / 6 l.p.f.)12 / 304 mm rough-in

    Duravits one-piece generation unites design-oriented sanitaryware with innovative solutions for toilets - made in Europe. Eight different ceramic colors form an ideal basis for individual bathroom design in private and hotel bathrooms alike.

    2 Metro_ One-piece # 0157010002 +Metro_ Bidet # 0262100000

    Elongated one-piece Low consumption toilet (1.6 g.p.f. / 6 l.p.f.)Large water surface12 / 305 mm rough-inSiphon-jet action with concealed trapAccomodates most elongated toilet seatsElegant, modern designCo-ordinates with most Duravit ranges and colors

    1 Starck 3_One-piece # 0115010000

    One piece, US version toiletElongated with syphonic jet1.6 gpf (6 liters)12" / 305 mm rough-in3" / 80 mm flapper valvewith side lever

    3 Tribeca_ One-piece # 0159010002

    Elongated one-piece Low consumption toilet (1.6 g.p.f. / 6 l.p.f.)Large water surface12 / 305 mm rough-inToilet seat includedSiphon-jet action with fully glazed 2 3/16 / 55 mm trapCo-ordinates with most Duravit ranges and colors





    172 badmagazin

    27_Toilets_BM_KEX.indd 17227_Toilets_BM_KEX.indd 172 06.03.2008 9:07:18 Uhr06.03.2008 9:07:18 Uhr

    7 Caro_ Two-piece # 0101010000 + # 0924100002

    Two piece syphonic jet 12" / 305 mm rough-inTank 1.6 gpf/6 liters3" / 80 mm flapper valve, bottom water inlet, side lever

    5 Happy D._ Two-piece # 0103010000 + # 0926100002

    Two piece syphonic jet 12" / 305 mm rough-inTank 1.6 gpf/6 liters3" / 80 mm flapper valve, bottom water inlet, side lever

    6 Duraplus_ Two-piece # 0102010000 + # 0925100002

    Two piece syphonic jet 12" / 305 mm rough-inTank 1.6 gpf/6 liters3" / 80 mm flapper valve, bottom water inlet, side lever

    8 Starck 3_ Two-piece # 2105010000 + # 0920400002

    Low consumption toilet (1.6 g.p.f. / 6 l.p.f.)Large water surface12 / 305 mm rough-inSiphon-jet action with fully glazed 1 15/16 / 50 mm trap

    Duravit knows toilets. In fact Duravit has been manufacturing low consumption toilets since the early 1960s. The Two-piece toilets offer the performance you demand and the design youd expect.





    badmagazin 173


    27_Toilets_BM_KEX.indd 17327_Toilets_BM_KEX.indd 173 14.03.2008 9:22:28 Uhr14.03.2008 9:22:28 Uhr

  • Well BeingBathtubs Whirlsystems Showertrays

    174 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 17428_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 174 06.03.2008 10:05:57 Uhr06.03.2008 10:05:57 Uhr

    badmagazin 175badmagazin 175

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 17528_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 175 06.03.2008 10:06:07 Uhr06.03.2008 10:06:07 Uhr

  • 176 badmagazin

    An aesthetic approach to creating the right bathroom atmosphere - Duravit bathtubs and wellness products. We want you to be able to relax and recover in your very own personal wellness 'oasis'. That's why all of our bathtubs and whirlpools have backrests set at an ergonomically-correct angle of 28-31 and why they're made of high quality sanitary acrylic. The acrylic material, with its warm and skin-friendly surface, gives just the right feeling of wellbeing from the moment you enter the bath. Relaxation for body, mind and soul - Duravit wellness products to make you feel good.

    176 badmagazin 176 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 17628_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 176 06.03.2008 10:06:16 Uhr06.03.2008 10:06:16 Uhr

    badmagazin 177badmagazin 177badmagazin 177

    Wellness from Duravit

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 17728_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 177 06.03.2008 10:06:32 Uhr06.03.2008 10:06:32 Uhr

  • What a day_ Overslept, traf c jam, stress at work... What a blessing that theres a place where you can leave it all behind: the bath the best cure for the trials of everyday life. The baths and whirlpools from Duravit offer you not only an exhilarating experience in the bath, but highly agreeable after-effects, too: The air bubbles stimulate the bloodcirculation, while the water massage stimulates the blood ow through the body. You feel carefree and relaxed, tenseness and aches are soothed away. So throw your work clothes in the corner, dive in and relax... What a day...

    The right way to bath

    178 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 17828_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 178 06.03.2008 10:06:36 Uhr06.03.2008 10:06:36 Uhr

    The best bath time... Taking a bath after 9 o'clock in the evening is an ideal way to really relax. The bath should not be any warmer than 37C. Adding a relaxing ingredient to the water, for example Lemon balm or Vanilla from our scent ranges PURE NATURE or PURE RELAX, is especially good for the body. Afterwards you can go to bed relaxed and fall asleep contented. If you have plans for the evening then you should either shower or have a bath with a maximum temperature of 36. Don't spend longer than 15 minutes in the bath and choose an invigorating fragrance such as Pine, Orange or Ginkgo.






    Health aspects...As well as the feeling of well-being, Duravit places great importance on the health aspects of bathing. The effects of temperature (warm/cold) and the feeling of weightlessness (hydrostatic effect) can play an important role in treating circulation problems, rheumatic conditions and reduced muscular mobility. Immersion in water, with its support for body weight, provides relief for joints and muscles. As well as pure water, both cold and warm, bath additives can be helpful - either to aid relaxation or to invigorate.

    That makes scents...Scents and fragrances can create positive emotions and moods and directly affect our sense of well-being. The effects of pure ethereal oils can be obtained by adding them to the bath or using an aroma lamp. With Duravit's PURE range of fragrances, a bath in your own home becomes a health-boosting celebration of the senses. The PURE NATURE range of ethereal oils is ideally suited for preventing and relieving colds, head-aches and muscle pain: Eucalyptus, Pine, Lemon balm. The pleasantly-scented exotic fruit oils in the PURE RELAX range invigorate both body and spirit, aid relaxation and enliven the senses: Orange, Ginkgo, Vanilla. The PURE range of fragrances from Duravit is available from specialist dealers.

    Variety at bath time...A bath pillow makes things even more pleasant - placed under the neck it supports the head, helping to relax the neck and shoulders as well as making the lying position more comfortable. The active massage jets in a Duravit whirlpool bath promote even better relaxation, making it a worthwhile investment. And bath time pleasure is doubled in one of Duravit's two-person baths, maybe with candlelight and your favourite CD?

    A bath that's too hot makes you sluggish...Hot bath temperatures - above 38 Celsius - cause the heart to beat faster and make you feel weary and extremely lethargic. Your skin loses at least 20% of its natural oils, even if moisturizing bath products are used, and becomes extremely dry. Don't spend more than 15 to 20 minutes in warm water - that's the optimal bath time.

    The right way to bath

    badmagazin 179

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 17928_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 179 06.03.2008 10:06:39 Uhr06.03.2008 10:06:39 Uhr

  • Designed with the traditional bathtub in mind, free-standing baths offer both luxury and plenty of space. Featuring the latest whirlpool technology, the free-standing 2nd oor, Happy D., Starck X. and Starck baths are perfect for total relaxation - turning any bathroom into an individual health spa. A real eye catcher: the new real wood veneer surround for the free-standing Happy D. bath.

    180 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18028_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 180 06.03.2008 10:06:42 Uhr06.03.2008 10:06:42 Uhr

    badmagazin 181

    The centrepiece of the bathroom

    Free-standing bathtubs

    Free-standing bathtubs

    badmagazin 181

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18128_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 181 06.03.2008 10:07:00 Uhr06.03.2008 10:07:00 Uhr

  • __ Starck bath with integrated panel, 180 cm x 80 cm. Additional Starck baths can be found on page 82 and following pages __

    182 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18228_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 182 06.03.2008 10:07:08 Uhr06.03.2008 10:07:08 Uhr

    The healing effects of water were well known back in the days of ancient Rome. The Latin phrase sanus per aquam, abbreviated to spa, stands for all whirl and massage applications with water today and lives on in the names of many towns where people take the waters to this day.

    Starck bath free-standing, 1900 x 900 mm.

    badmagazin 183

    Free-standing bathtubs

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18328_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 183 06.03.2008 10:07:23 Uhr06.03.2008 10:07:23 Uhr

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    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18428_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 184 06.03.2008 10:07:30 Uhr06.03.2008 10:07:30 Uhr

    The Starck X bathtubs come in 3 versions as single- or two-seater models. The perfect spa experience is provided by the optional coloured lighting.The optional all-round water channel is available with wooden inserts or specially treated stones.

    badmagazin 185

    Free-standing bathtubs

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18528_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 185 06.03.2008 10:07:44 Uhr06.03.2008 10:07:44 Uhr

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    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18628_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 186 06.03.2008 10:07:48 Uhr06.03.2008 10:07:48 Uhr

    The bathtub models available in the 2nd floor range combine comfort with even more choice: bathtubs come in five sizes, with or without a step, with an open shelf or a pull-out storage compartment. Additional comfort is provided for water lovers and bookworms by the optional tray with book support.

    Free-standing bathtubs

    badmagazin 187

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18728_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 187 06.03.2008 10:08:04 Uhr06.03.2008 10:08:04 Uhr

  • Design that creates space

    __ Happy D. bath 180 x 80 cm with integrated panel __

    Back-to-wall bathtubs188 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18828_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 188 06.03.2008 10:08:08 Uhr06.03.2008 10:08:08 Uhr

    badmagazin 189

    Back-to-wall bathtubs

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 18928_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 189 06.03.2008 10:08:34 Uhr06.03.2008 10:08:34 Uhr

  • Functionality is in the detail: with 2nd floor, the inlet and overflow have been integrated into the bathtub. The innovative outlet, concealed by a sanitary acrylic cover, is opened and closed simply by tapping on it. The attractive access support provides even more comfort.

    190 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19028_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 190 06.03.2008 10:08:46 Uhr06.03.2008 10:08:46 Uhr

    badmagazin 191

    Back-to-wall bathtubs

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19128_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 191 06.03.2008 10:08:57 Uhr06.03.2008 10:08:57 Uhr

  • Six variants of the Vero bathtubs are available in four different sizes: single-seaters 170 x 70 cm and 170 x 75 cm and spacious two-seaters 180 x 80 cm and 190 x 90 cm.The wide sloping backrest at a 30 angle offers added comfort.

    192 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19228_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 192 14.03.2008 10:18:10 Uhr14.03.2008 10:18:10 Uhr

    The homely but modern bathtub panelling in a wood finish adds the finishing touch to the design and, thanks to a magnet system, is particularly easy to remove for maintenance and repair purposes. Choose from all real wood and wood decor surfaces from the Fogo and X-Large ranges.

    badmagazin 193

    Back-to-wall bathtubs

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19328_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 193 06.03.2008 10:09:15 Uhr06.03.2008 10:09:15 Uhr

  • Installation ideas for comfort baths

    Built-in bathtubs

    194 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19428_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 194 06.03.2008 10:09:23 Uhr06.03.2008 10:09:23 Uhr

    High or low. The Happy D. built-in bath is available for design fans in the typical Happy D. shape with a high rim or as a classic built-in bath with lower rim.

    With the Happy D., Starck and Daro baths, Duravit has created a top-class range of top class baths to suit every bathroom. These beautifully-shaped baths are suitable for either tiled or wooden plinths and inspire creative interior design ideas. The bathtubs can all be supplied with whirlpool system versions Airsystem, Jetsystem, Combi-System P, E and L. They're still available in their traditional form, too - for design purists.

    badmagazin 195

    Built-in bathtubs

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19528_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 195 06.03.2008 10:09:35 Uhr06.03.2008 10:09:35 Uhr

  • __ Starck built-in bath, rectangular 1700 x 700 mm __

    196 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19628_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 196 06.03.2008 10:09:46 Uhr06.03.2008 10:09:46 Uhr

    One model, numerous versions_ The sleek, attractive bath by Philippe Starck harmonises with all Starck ceramics and furniture series. True greatness is also the hallmark of the two new Starck built-in baths. A comfortable 190 x 90 cm and 200 x 100 cm offer unadulterated bathtime fun, alone or in company! For an even greater welcoming feel. The Starck bathtubs are now also available with panelling.

    __Starck built-in bath, rectangular, 2000 x 1000 mm __

    badmagazin 197

    Built-in bathtubs

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19728_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 197 19.03.2008 11:43:44 Uhr19.03.2008 11:43:44 Uhr

  • Daro sleek elegance for the bathroom_ With its sweeping, graceful contours, the bath can be coordinated with many of the ceramic suites and furniture ranges to turn your bathroom into a stylish spa oasis.

    __ Daro built-in bath, rectangular, 1800 x 800 mm __

    198 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19828_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 198 19.03.2008 11:44:26 Uhr19.03.2008 11:44:26 Uhr

    __ 2nd floor bath, built-in version, 1700 x 750 mm __

    2nd floor in tune with all bathroom users needs. With the bathtubs and whirltubs, a multitude of different sizes can adapt to any bathroom layout.

    badmagazin 199

    Built-in bathtubs

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 19928_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 199 06.03.2008 10:10:21 Uhr06.03.2008 10:10:21 Uhr

  • Making the most of bath-room

    Corner baths

    200 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 20028_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 200 06.03.2008 10:11:31 Uhr06.03.2008 10:11:31 Uhr

    Space-saving and perfectly integrated into the room - Duravit's corner solutions from the 2x3, Happy D. and Paiova ranges offer plenty of space for happy bathing and showering. Generous internal dimensions and an ergonomic body position make for a relaxing bath - either for one person or two, depending upon the model chosen. The latest whirlpool techno-logy, available as an option for all ranges, guarantees sparkling bath time pleasure.

    2x3 The hexagonal bath for family bathtime fun_ The Duravit hexagonal 2x3 bath is generously sized for splashing about and relaxing.

    badmagazin 201

    Corner baths

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 20128_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 201 06.03.2008 10:11:42 Uhr06.03.2008 10:11:42 Uhr

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    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 20228_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 202 06.03.2008 10:11:58 Uhr06.03.2008 10:11:58 Uhr

    Another member of the Happy D. family: the corner bath with apron is suitable for both right and left corner positions.

    badmagazin 203

    Corner baths

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 20328_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 203 06.03.2008 10:12:11 Uhr06.03.2008 10:12:11 Uhr

  • Optional extras with a touch of genius: steps in different sizes, mobile storage units, bathtub handles and headrests.Practical: thanks to its unusual shape, Paiova also offers plenty of space for unlimited showering enjoyment.

    204 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 20428_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 204 06.03.2008 10:12:26 Uhr06.03.2008 10:12:26 Uhr

    Paiova the new wellness concept: alone or side by side. Theres no reason why we have to take a bath alone. And, thanks to Paiova, we no longer have to sit face to face. The new corner bath, designed by the successful Eoos design group, is a real bathing revolution: at long last, there is ample room to lie side by side.

    badmagazin 205

    Corner baths

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 20528_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 205 06.03.2008 10:12:40 Uhr06.03.2008 10:12:40 Uhr

  • Extras that do you good

    Coloured Light, Whirl Comfort, Operation

    206 badmagazin

    28_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 20628_WuW_BW_BM_KEX.indd 206 06.03.2008 10:12:58 Uhr06.03.2008 10:12:58 Uhr

    Coloured light - gentle massage for your soul. The positive effect of colours on the human psyche is an accepted medical fact. The gentle coloured light promotes a feeling of wellbeing and gentle relaxation - in the comfort of your own bathroom, Five light sources, set into the sides of the bath, inject colour and mood into the water, their colours changing in a steady rhy

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