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    LAREDO Buffelgrass(Pennisetum ciliaris L.)

    Laredo buffelgrass is a highly nutritious grass and is considered excellent for pasture in hot, dry areas and is valued for its production of palatable forage and intermittent grazing during droughty periods especially in dry land areas.

    It is easy to cultivate and low cost of establishment, comparatively high value and yield, extreme drought tolerance, stand persistence, and tolerance to crop pests, overgrazing and trampling by livestock. It is cultivated for permanent pastures. The only disease problem has been leaf blight (Pyricularia grisea). But the hybrid, LAREDO was bred to be resistant to this disease and none has ever been detected in the recently developed LARADO buffelgrass.

    Protein percentage 11% per 100 grams

    Seed Rate: 3-4 kg / Hac. ( hulled seed ) 8-10 kg / Hac.(unhulled seed)

    Sowing depth: 1 2 cm

    Sowing Time: April to August when soil temperature at night is notless than 20C. Seed should be mixed with fine soil ( hulled seed ) and broadcast.

    Fertilization: 200-300 kg / Hac DAP before sowing 50 -75 kg Urea / Hac in 4-5 installment through irrigation water.

    Harvesting: With adequate moisture and fertilizer grass can be cut and use after 4-8 months after sowing and subsequent cutting at every 40-60 days.

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