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  • Statements of ISOM Teachers

    Get trained for ministryand for personal growth!

    Bachelor and Master Program

    Some of the available languages

    Prices of the Bible School Semester 1 package € 200,–Additional Students € 70,–

    The Semester 1 package contains: • DVD Courses Semester 1

    • One Student Workbook Semester 1

    • Leader Handbook + CD

    • Book „Unlocking the Abraham Promise“

    • Application Forms for the Bible School and Students

    Joyce MeyerMarilyn Hickey Jack Hayford Bill Winston AL Gill PG Vargis Bayless Conley John Bevere Brian Houston

    After the five Semesters students can continue their studies in the modular Bachelor and Master program of the ISDD Bible School. To complete the Bachelor‘s degree, five addi-tional modules can be selected. Afterwards, further study is possible for the Master‘s degree, for which three additional modules are required.

    Module 1: Effective Ministry (8 courses)

    Module 2: Miracle Living / A.L. Gill (5 courses)

    Module 3: John Bevere Module (3 courses)

    Module 4: Romans, Marriage & Family (5 courses)

    Module 5: Training Women – Part 1 (15 courses)

    Module 6: Training Women – Part 2 (17 courses)

    Module 7: Training Women (P1&2) (13 courses)

    Module 8: Spiritual Intimacy / Mark Virkler (5 courses)

    Module 9: Messianic Module (9 courses)

    Module 10: Cleansing Stream (5 courses)

    Module 11: Spiritual Maturity (8 courses)Module 12: Marketplace Module (25 courses) Module 13: Understanding Islam Module (3 courses)

    For a detailed overview of the content of the courses of the modules, please refer to our website un-der the heading “Lea der Handbook”.


    International School of Ministry

    ISOM Bible SchoolTraining the

    Whole ChurchCall us or write us at:Christus für Europa e.V. ISOM Bible SchoolBerliner Straße 116356 Werneuchen / Seefeld

    Phone: +49-(0)33398-918771 Fax: +49-(0)33398-682982

    The potential of training thousands of leaders from all over the world, via video, is awesome. We support this vision whole-heartedly.Joyce Meyer

    I believe that this vision for the Inter national School of Ministry is of God. It will inspire God’s people globally and stir them into action as never before.Reinhard Bonnke

    My heart aches for others in remote regions who lack the opportunity for quality leader-ship training. I believe God has raised the International School of Ministry to meet the Churches greatest need. Dr. Dick Eastman

    People are changed when they get into God’s word and His word gets into them. It is the only thing that will provide lasting results and changed lives. ISOM is preparing thousands worldwide to bring forth the Word… and fruit that remains.Marilyn Hickey

    A complete list of the 70 languages you will find on our website below.

    1. Albanian2. Amharic3. Arabian4. English5. German6. Farsi7. French8. Hebrew9. Italian

    10. Korean11. Polish12. Rumanian13. Russian14. Spanish15. Tagalog16. Turkish17. Vietnamese

  • Are looking for a training school for your church ... family ... or as a single student? Do you want since a long time to systematically study the Bi-ble and train for ministry? Then the International School of Ministry (ISOM) might be the answer, that you have been looking for!

    The ISOM Bible School was founded with the vision to ...

    1. train Christians for ministry where they live.

    2. deliver high-quality training to all towns and churches.

    Bachelor and Master Program

    The ISOM Bible School consists of a base study of 5 semesters and also an advanced study with a Bachelor‘s and Master‘s degree.

    Each semester consists of high quali-ty DVD courses and study workbooks for each student, which are taught by 70 internationally renowned teach-ers. Each week two lessons are stud-ied so that it takes about 4 months to go through one semester.

    Studies in the church or locally in homes

    The ISOM Bible School successfully runs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria since 1998 at hundreds of lo-cations as a Bible School – directly in church rooms or in homes.

    The ISOM Bible School is the world‘s largest multimedia Bi-ble School with 350,000 students in 145 Nations, and can be studied in 70 different languages.

    Tip: Order the Semester 1 package TODAY to start the Bible school or to introduce it to others!

    Many Greetings and Blessings,

    Markus & Suni RappChrist for Europe







    Order Form Semester 1 package for € 200,– Free info package

    1 Training in three dimensionsa) Bible knowledge, b) Character, c) Ministry

    2 Training Program for any church and location

    3 Cost effective: Only 70 € per Student/Semester

    4 Over 70 international renowned teachers

    5 Christians are trained as disciples of Jesus

    6 Practical training and mentoring throughgroup study and homework

    7 Bachelor & Master Program with 13 Modules



    Semester 1 (32 lessons)A1 Foundations of Faith

    (6 lessons) Bayless ConleyA2 Supernatural Living & Healing

    (10 lessons) Dr. A.L. GillA3 New Testament Survey

    (10 lessons) Dr. John Amstutz A4 Praise and Worship

    (5 lessons) LaMar BoschmanA5 Fear of the Lord

    (1 lesson) John Bevere

    Semester 2 (32 lessons)B1 Power of Prayer

    (5 lessons) Dr. Dick EastmanB2 Ministry of Helps

    (5 lessons) Buddy BellB3 Old Testament Survey

    (10 lessons) Christopher Gornold-Smith

    B4 Essence of the Gospel (5 lessons) Terry Law

    B5 Jesus our Healer today (5 lessons) Bayless Conley

    B6 Living by Faith (2 lessons) Bill Winston

    Semester 3 (33 lessons)C1 Mobilization for Multiplication

    (1 lessons) Berin Gilfillan C2 Hearing God’s Voice

    (4 lessons) Dr. Mark Virkler C3 Cell Groups & Principle of 12

    (5 lessons) Larry StockstillC4 Power Evangelisation

    (5 lessons) Reinhard Bonnke C5 Leader’s Integrity

    (2 lessons) Jack HayfordC6 Leadership Vision

    (5 lessons) Dr. David ShibleyC7 Church Planting

    (5 lessons) Dr. Jim FeeneyC8 Being led by the Spirit

    (5 lessons) Bayless ConleyC9 Promise Keeper

    (1 lessons) Dr. Ed Cole

    Semester 4 (32 lessons)D1 Wilderness Mentalities

    (7 lessons) Joyce MeyerD2 Developing Leaders

    (5 lessons) Brian HoustonD3 Ministry of Reconciliation

    (4 lessons) Dr. R.A. BernardD4 Personal Evangelism

    (5 lessons) Ray ComfortD5 Spiritual Warfare

    (5 lessons) Dean Sherman D6 Authority & Forgiveness

    (2 lessons) John BevereD7 Spiritual Breakthrough

    (3 lessons) Marilyn HickeyD8 Cell Group Leaders

    (1 lesson) Bill Hornsby

    Semester 5 (33 lessons)E1 Christ Connection

    (7 lessons) Dr. T.L. OsborneE2 Living to give

    (5 lessons) Wayne MyersE3 Biblical Eldership

    (5 lessons) Dick BenjaminE4 Reaching a new generation

    (7 lessons) Willie GeorgeE5 The Esther Message

    (2 lessons) Berin & Lisa GilfillanE6 Fulfill your Destiny

    (4 lessons) Brigg CliffE7 Renewed like an Eagle

    (2 lessons) John Burns

    Semesters of the Bible School Some Plus Points

    After completion of 5 Semesters student receive an internationally accredited Diploma, which is equal to half a Bachelor degree.

    Please look at the back page for an overview of the Bachelor & Master Modules.

    7 Schlüssel für hundertfache Segnungen

    Unlocking the

    Abraham Promise


    WILLIAMCAREYV E R L A Gcfechristus für europa

    Es gibt eine Verheissung im Wort Gottes, die für alle Chris-ten gilt, männlich und weiblich, ungeachtet der Rasse oder sozialen Hintergrunds. Diese Verheissung führt zu großer Fruchtbarkeit und Segnungen im Leben des Gläubigen. Sie garantiert ein Leben im Sieg über alle Feinde und eröffnet das Potenzial, Nationen zu erreichen und zu segnen. Sie wird durch einen Schwur vom Allerhöchsten bekräftigt und war-tet darauf, aufgeschlossen zu werden: Der Abraham Segen! Als Christen sind wir Erben der Verheissung Gottes an Abra-ham, alle Familien der Erde zu segnen und göttliche Vermeh-rung zu erleben.

    Berin Gilfillan ist der visionäre Gründer der ISDD Bibel-schule und der Organisation „Good Shepherd Ministries“, wo-hinter Gottes Vision steckt, Gemeinden zu helfen, Christen im Wort Gottes als Jünger Jesu und für den Dienst auszubilden.

    Dieses Buch beschreibt die Vision der Multiplikation hinter der ISDD Bibelschule und beschreibt die Aufgabe, die Gott uns gegeben hat, mit Ihm zusammenzuarbeiten. Heute gibt es über 320.000 aktive Bibelschüler in 145 Nationen der Welt und in 70 Sprachen. ISDD ist ein Hilfsdienst für Pastoren und Leiter eine neue Generation von Christen auszubilden und die große Endzeiternte einzuholen. Die Arbeit erfährt explo-sive Multiplikation in der ganzen Welt.

    Seven Keys for Multiplication

    Aufschließender AbrahamVerheißung


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