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  • Imposition in JDFFrancis LabaereEsko-Graphics

  • ContentsImposition in Job PlanningStripping process (resource: StrippingParams)Imposition in PrepressImposition process (resource: Layout)Imposition in Digital PrintingLayoutPreparation process (resource: LayoutPreparationsParams)Imposition and MIS to Prepress ICS

  • Imposition in Job Planning

  • Optimized production plan Customer Order

  • Optimal PlanIncludes parameters related toPrinting (press, paper, work style)Folding (folding scheme)Binding and trimming (assembly method)Largely determines the imposition, BUTNo exact positions (no creep, no bottling, )No press marks, slug lines

  • JDF StrippingHigh level(Optimal Plan)flattened

  • StrippingParamsBinderySignatureFoldCatalog, SignatureCells, (FoldProcedure)StripCellParamsTrimSize, BleedFace, BleedSpine, BleedFoot, BleedHead, WorkStyleWorkAndBack, WorkAndTurn, Perfecting, WorkAndTumbleRelativeBox and PositionSectionListReferences to Device (printing press) and Media (paper and plates) resources

  • StrippingParams/BinderySignature

    Sheet1,2,3: using FoldCatalog F16-6 sheetwise82 folding schemes in FoldCatalog. See Fig 7.9 & 7.10 on pages 368-369 of jdf spec 1.2 (p. 404-405 in PDF)

  • Sheet1,2: using FoldCatalog F16-6 sheetwise Sheet3: using FoldCatalog F8-7 work and turnStrippingParams/ StripCellParams

  • StrippingParams/ StripCellParams

    BleedFace F1BleedSpineS1BleedHeadH1BleedFootT1TrimFaceF2SpineS2TrimHeadH2TrimFootT2FrontOverfoldF3BackOverfoldF3MillingDepthS3CutWidthHeadH3CutWidthFootT3TrimSizeXYPairCreepXYPair

  • Sheet1,2: using FoldCatalog F16-6 sheetwise Sheet3: using FoldCatalog F8-7 work and turnStrippingParams/ Position

  • 0011Position/@RelativeBox: defines the relative position of the signature (0->1)Position/@Orientation: defines the rotation and side of the signature. See jdf spec 1.2 p.24 (p.60 in PDF)StrippingParams/Position/ @RelativeBox

  • StrippingParams/BinderySignature

    Sheet using SignatureCells

  • StrippingParams/@SectionList64 pages


  • StrippingParams/@SectionList

  • AssemblyPerfect bound Gathering (on a pile)Saddlestitch Collecting (on a saddle)Mixed assembly is possible as well

  • Imposition in Prepress

  • JDF ImpositionExact page and mark positions on the sheets

  • Layout002834.62834.6Front1843.9996.31428.62029.6

  • LayoutBack002834.62834.6996.31428.62029.61843.9

  • Layout

  • LayoutImposition parameters like work style, assembly, and binding are implicitPositions are absoluteMarks are includedFlattened description: no difference between one 16-page signature and two 8-pages signatures on a sheet

  • Imposition in Digital Printing

  • Imposition in digital printingGenerates an imposition Layout from high level parameters Useful for digital printers with integrated prepressSupports controls for specifyingMulti-up regular grid of page cellsScaling and rotation of reader pages for page cell mapping Single sided or perfected (head to head/foot) sheetsAuto generation of sheet marks and slug linesPage distribution schemes for saddle, and perfect bindingSequential cut block distribution (i.e. cut and stack post cards)Control for vert, horiz, and stack wise distribution of cut blocksIndependent horiz/vert gutter spacing and creep compensationDocument and cut block step and repeatVDP document ganging

  • LayoutPreparationParamsNumberUpRows and columns of PageCellsPageDistributionSchemeDistribution of PageCells over NumberUp (Saddle, Perfect, Sequential)PresentationDirectionDistribution of pages into NumberUp (FoldCatalog, XYZxyz)SidesOneSidedFront, OneSidedBackFlipX/Y, TwoSidedFlipX/YFinishingOrderGatherFold, FoldGather, FoldCollect, GatherStepRepeat

  • LayoutPreparationsParamsImageShiftInsertSheetFitPolicyPageCellBorder, Color

  • Impositioning&MIS to Prepress ICS

  • MIS to Prepress ICSFrom MIS Controller to Prepress Workflow Manager

    Gray Box PrePressPreparation

    Gray BoxPlateMaking

    Gray Box ImpositionPreparation


    LayoutRunList (marks)



    Nr of pages




  • MIS to Prepress ICSLevel 1 ImpositionPreparation Gray BoxBinderySignature: only FoldCatalogStrippingParams: no SectionListAssembly: no mixed assembliesStripCellParams: only TrimSize is mandatory

  • Summary

  • SummaryThree imposition methods covering different needsStripping (MIS -> Prepress)Layout (Imposition program -> RIP)LayoutPreparation (Prepress -> Digital press)Open issues for imposition (aka step & repeat) for packaging

    **BinderySignature based on FoldCatalogSignatures and sheets*BinderySignature based on FoldCatalogSignatures and sheets

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