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  • 1. ForkmeonGitHubefficient branching using git-flow by Vincent Driessennslations: English - Brazilian Portugues - (Simplified Chinese) - Aboutgit-flow git Vincent Driessen more git-flowgit-flowcheatsheetcreated by Daniel Kummer TweetTweet 1

2. Basic tips Git flow OSX ClientSourcetree GUI git-flow - Git-flow Setup git Git flow OSX Linux Windows 3. OSX$ brew install git-flowLinux$ apt-get install git-flowWindows (Cygwin)$ wget -q -O - --no-check-certificate | bashgit-flowwget util-linuxgit flow git flow wiki.Getting startedGit flow 4. gitgit-flowgit flow init Features 5. develop git flow feature startMYFEATUREdevelop MYFEATUREdevelop develop 6. git flow feature finishMYFEATURE git flow featurepublish MYFEATUREgit flow feature pullMYFEATURE 7. gitflow releasedevelop releasegit flow release startRELEASE [BASE][BASE]developCommitHEADMake a release 8. releasefeature:git flow releasepublish RELEASE(releasegit flow release track RELEASE)git: release master master develop release release 9. git flow release finishRELEASEgit flowhotfixgit flow hotfix startVERSION [BASENAME] Hotfixes master 10. develop mastermastergit flow hotfix finishVERSIONCommands 11. Backlog gitgit flow git support 12. Comments0 commentsWhats this?AROUND THE WEBTennis Star Drowns After 60 Foot Cliff Jump First To KnowBillionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For"Financial Ruin"MoneynewsDont Let Employees Use Their Phones For WorkWithout These RulesSprintChemist Says High Cholesterol a Scam The Peoples ChemistLeave a message...BestBest CommunityCommunity ShareShareNo one has commented yet.Comment feed Subscribe via email0

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