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  • 1. Email Etiquette
    How to write successful emails.
    UNH Upward Bound
    Monday October 11, 2010

2. Whats the big deal?
Email etiquette is important for multiple reasons. To begin with, email use for communicating is as commonplace as picking up a phone. We use it to speak with our families, fellow employees, bosses and professors. We use it to find jobs, internships and even to maintain relationships. It is part of our every day lives; an important part. To use it properly and in the right context is to set you apart from others and help to ensure your future success.
3. Inappropriate Emails
Wally Ford
Betty Lou Who
Leslie Dillinger
4. Appropriate Emails
Tracy Lee
Rollin Littleton
5. Be mindful of your email address is fine to use with friends but NOT to staff at high schools, colleges, businesses or any person you do not personally know.
Create a new address like or
Remember, simple and professional. No numbers, nick names or references to cartoon characters
6. Is email appropriate for the occasion?
Do not email matters concerning medical issues, your social security number or other identification numbers, credit card numbers, account names and passwords
Some businesses or professors do not check email frequently. Check on a school or business website for an email address or call and ask their preference.
7. Subject Line

  • Always include a subject line

8. Make it short and to the point, ie: Fee Waiver Question or Admissions Requirements