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  • 1.DWELLING DESIGNU R B A N [ S U S TA I N ] A R C H I T E C T U R E Kiev. Mytropolyta Lypkivskogo street 27/

2. House on the edge of the earth : , , , . : : 250 2 : 2013place: Grigorovka village, Kanev district, Cherkasy region, Ukraine. tipe: single-family house square: 250 2 time: 2013 . . . . , , , , , .Vast expanses of the Dnieper river anybody can see from the altitude of Bukryn bridgehead. The left bank is practically invisible. Hilly ridge along the Dnieper and endless plain with a desolate wind-swept area form the unique bioclimate of that place. Complex geology and visual orientation of building volumes sophisticated the project. The building collects and recycles gray water and rainfall, is heated by three independent systems, has stocks of electricity, garbage disposal, central dust removal, planted flowerbeds and facades. 3. itecturerbanSchU.r 4. House on the edge of the earth : .Courtesy of: a r c h i t e c t R o m a n P o m a z a n structure engineer Roman Kurochkin. 5. W a r r e n h o l e: , , .place: Tsymbalov Yar str. Goloseevskij district, Kiev.: tipe: single-family house: 222 2square: 222 2: 2011time: 2011- . . Once upon a time there lived a musician. He was a genius . guitarist. Once he entrusted with construction of a new house on . 17- - - his land. The plot he inherited was not simple. It was the , - . 17-meter-height clay hill, referenced to the remains of a gully and a creek of Lybid valley. It was resolved to make a tunnel-like house , . using natural environment and adding daylighiting by reflective - solar tunnels. Soil thickness will ensure savings on heating and , . insulation. Terrace and garden will be reorganized on the hill. . Separate volume of a recording studio should to be in-built into . the hill. Stairs upwards the hill duplicate an inclined elevator. 6. itecturerbanSchU.r 7. W a r r e n : h o l ea r c h i t e c tCourtesy of: R o m a nP o m a z a n 8. itecturerbanSchU.r 9. P r i v a t e h o u s i n g : ( H VA C ) Courtesy of: a r c h i t e c t R o m a n P o m a z a n structure engineer Roman Kurochkin electrical engineer Aleksandr Subbota h e a t i n g e n g i n e e r ( H VA C ) N a t a l i y a B a s o v s k a y a visualization Aleksander Yashish 10. tainA.r itecturerbanuschS. U. 11. tainA.r itecturerbanuschS. U. 12. tainA.r itecturerbanuschS. U. 13. 27 27km of Borispol highway : , , .place: Boryspil district, Kiev region, Ukraine.: tipe: urban development project: 2,52 sguare: 2,52 : 2013tipe: 2013 - An abandoned children's camp had been mossed in the . remains of a dense pine forest in Kyiv region during last two decades. Political will of new administration entrusted with . 5-- converting this area into a social housing for municipality - - needs. Typical 5-storey housing section with autonomous . - heating and water supply intended to be the full set for the - - settlement. Local community will consist of first-line and 1000 . - mid-level municipal staff with approximately 1,000-strong. 4- , Social infrastructure will be represented by 4 year school, , . cafesandbistro,artclubandminicinema. 14. itecturerbanSchU.r 15. 27 27km of Borispol highway : : Courtesy of: a r c h i t e c t R o m a n P o m a z a n Consultant: planner Eugen Lishanskiy u r b a n 16. r A.tain.uschS itecturerban U. 17. DWELLING DESIGNU R B A N [ S U S TA I N ] A R C H I T E C T U R E Kiev. Mytropolyta Lypkivskogo street 27/ Sustain Architecture Roman Pomazan Produced and published by Urban [Sustain] Architecture Kiev Ukraine Marketing consultant Konstantin Kolesnikov Marketing consultant Piotr Kornatski Visual art consultant Alexandra Arkhangelska Design consultant Bezin Dmitriy Content copyright of Roman Pomazan and Bezin Dmitriy Russian edited by Roman Pomazan English translation by Alexandra Tkachenko Graphic design by Alexandra Tkachenko and Roman Pomazan Layout by Alexandra Tkachenko All correspondence to: 04108 Kiev Uzhviy Natalii street 7/94 T +380687044482 EMAIL WWW

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