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  • 7/31/2019 Division 14's May Newsletter



    Issue 2 May 2012

    Lt. Govs messageTable of ContentsPage 1

    o Lt. Governor's Messageo Division 14 Swag

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    o Project ELIMINATEo Officer Dutieso Service Opportunity

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    o Key Leader Recapo ICON 2012

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    Hello Division 14!

    So far, our division has been

    doing phenomenal; even

    though my term had just

    began. I've been able to visit

    a few clubs and all I can say is

    that the amount of service

    everyone is committing

    towards is unbelievable. I'm so

    proud to be your Lt. Governor

    this year and I can't wait to

    meet more of Division 14 at

    my first Division Council

    Meeting (Page 3)!

    - Fan Huang

    Division 14 Swag

    If didn't already know, Division 14

    is all about spirit and by the time

    we have DCON next year, I want

    everyone in the entire Capital

    District to know how much

    energy we really have!

    That's why I took the time to

    design a new newslettertemplate, made specially for the

    division, so that we can really

    show everyone else how

    enthusiastic we really are!

    In the future, be ready for T-Shirts,

    banners, cheers, and plenty of

    projects! Being left out in all the

    spirit is definitely NOT an option!

    Have a great May!

  • 7/31/2019 Division 14's May Newsletter



    ELIMINATE Officer DutiesService


    Happy Helpers for the

    Homeless is a wonderfulorganization that allowsstudents to assist the homeles

    around the community. Youmake sandwiches and delive

    them to the homeless directlyThey meet every Saturday an

    Sunday (no matter theweather condition).

    On Saturdays, you make thesandwiches. On Sundays, yougo to Baltimore City and

    deliver aid to the homeless.There will be adult supervision

    Meeting Location/Times:

    7-Eleven7701 Quarterfield RoadGlen Burnie, MD 21061

    Saturday: 11am-1:30pm

    Sunday: 1pm-4pmPhone: 443-433-2416

    Kiwanis International and

    UNICEF have banded together

    to reach the goal of

    eliminating maternal and

    neonatal tetanus (MNT) by

    giving vaccinations to as many

    women and children as they


    We have the cure. We just

    need the help. It costs just

    $1.80 to save a mother and

    her future babies from getting

    this horrendous disease.

    Kiwanis hope to reach $110

    million by the year 2015.

    Kiwanis International President,

    Alan Penn, visited Capital

    District recently and

    announced at the banquet

    that the Kiwanis Family has

    raised over $11 million in just its

    first year!

    A lot of clubs have done their

    elections and I'm waiting on just

    a few more. But remember that

    officers have monthly duties

    they have to carry on.

    Club secretaries shouldsend in monthly reports to

    me by the 5th of every

    month. I'll accept them

    no later than the 9th. This

    can also be completed

    by any other officer other

    faculty advisor.

    I'm still pending oncontact information from

    a few more clubs so I canupdate the division

    directory. If you haven't,

    please send them in.

    If you haven't beenadded to the Google

    Groups mailing list or the

    Facebook list, contact

    me as soon as possible.

    The Facebook group is

    optional but the mailing

    list is mandatory.

  • 7/31/2019 Division 14's May Newsletter



    ICON 2012

    Key leader

    Division 14 Key Clubber attendeesat Key Leader weekend.

    A 9 day trip to Orlando, Florida? Wait, did you

    say Disney World and The Wizarding World of

    Harry Potter too?! Count me in! Come join

    Capital District Tour to go t o the 2012

    International Key Club Convention in Orlando

    Florida. You'll explore lots of new things about

    Key Club as well as meet members from all

    over the country!

    When: June 30th- July 8th Where: Orlando, Florida Why:To elect next years officers and

    celebrate Key Club!

    Cost: $975 in three installments

    To Learn More Visit:

    Key Leader was the last weekend of April

    and we were well represented at the

    camp itself. Although I wasn't able to

    attend, I heard it was very fun and

    everyone left with a lot of new friends!

    If you couldn't go this year, there is always

    next year! I know I'll be excited for it :).
  • 7/31/2019 Division 14's May Newsletter



    Division 14 Council Meetin DCM ContinedPlease try your best to attend my

    Division Council Meeting. It'll give y

    an opportunity to be a participan

    a larger part of Key Club, outside

    just your home club. You'll receive

    hand information from Capital Disand meet other members from the


    Please RSVP so I know how much

    pizza to order. You can either

    call/email me, or you can say you

    attending on Facebook.


    Got a smart phone?Scan this QR codeto RSVP on Facebook!

    Officer's Training Conference

    I'll be holding a training conferenc

    for all officers around the end ofsummer. Date is still TBA but more about this will be announced soonenough.
  • 7/31/2019 Division 14's May Newsletter



    Reminders Contact Info


    Just a few announcements and reminders.

    Monthly Reports are due 5th of every month. Send in your club directories if you haven't. Tell me if you've done a cool service project. I'll

    feature it on the next newsletter.

    Notify me if you want to advertise an event. I'll alsoinclude it on my next newsletter.

    I'm more than happy to attend club meetings orevents. Just let me know and I'll try my best to come

    Don't be shy, I don't bite! Give me a call/email if you need

    any help, questions/inquiries, or you just want to chat :).

    Division 14 Lt. Governor

    Fan Huang


    Governor Bowden Saunders


    Secretary Maddie Mitchell

    District Treasurer Hanwen Liu

    District Editor Minwei Cao


    Zoning Administrator

    Justin Garrow


    District Administrator

    Joe Stankus


    Assistant District Administrator

    Nicole McDermott


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