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  • Hi everyone! Hope you've had a great start to the Service Year so far! Here are a couple of updates from the May Board of Trustees Meeting:

    First, and foremost, the District Secretary has set a deadline for the submission of all officer rosters in the District. Therefore, after electing new officers, please email me their name, gender, position, address, home phone, cell phone, and email. (Any officer can compile this!) OR, in our division, officers can just fill out a Google form at the following link: If using the form, please remind all officers and advisors to fill it out or else the complete roster will not be compiled for your club. Again, from now until the end of the school year, this will be the most important piece of information I am soliciting from you so please take the time to complete the form!

    Secondly, as those of you who went to DCON should know, NJ District dues have increased for the upcoming year in order to lower price for DCON and other gatherings. Effective this Service Year, International Dues will be $6.50 and NJ District Dues will now be $5.50. Clubs are allowed to charge up to $5.50 for their own expenses. Please be prepared for this change as it will affect every club especially in these tough economic times.

    In addition, service and fundraising goals for the next year have been passed by the Board and Kiwanis Committee. For our 5th year of serving Childrens Specialized Hospital as our District Project our fundraising goal is to raise $75,401.65. Our service goal is 15,700 hours. The goal for UNICEF fundraising next year is $33,190.25. (Why these numbers? See page 4 for more details.) To achieve these goals, we need your help to make it happen!

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    Division 14: Chatham | Columbia | ECLC | Jonathan Dayton | Madison | Millburn | Summit | Union

    Jiayuns Journal

    Great job Jonathan Dayton, Chatham, Millburn, and Union for submitting Club Monthly Report Forms for April!!

    Month of may 2nd Issue

    Table of Contents

    LTG Update .................. 1

    Regional Training Conf.

    Recap ............................ 2

    Club Reminders ........... 3

    Club Spotlight: Union .. 4

    KC By the Numbers ..... 5

    Contact Info ........ 6

    K E Y C L U B

    Jiayun Fang Cell: 908-546-2996 Facebook: Jn Fang

    Aim: jfang2996 Twitter:

    Jiayun Fang 2010-2011 NJ Lieutenant Governor Division 14

    45 Short Hills Cir. Apt 2B

    Millburn, NJ 07041

    Cell: 908-546-2996

    LTG Update



    Official Newsletter of NJ District of Key Club International Division 14

  • All Division 14 officers: Contact me!

    Please CC me in emails and threads with your officers! I love calls and emails as well so feel free to contact me at

    any time!

    Regional Training Conferences (RTC) Recap

    By LTG Div 21 Gabrielle Gutierrez

    2 KEY CLUB Division 14 Newsletter

    Hello everyone!

    First, I must congratulate you

    all on your newly elected

    positions. Clearly you all have

    demonstrated extraordinary

    leadership, citizenship, and a

    passion for service and Key

    Club! I have faith in all of you

    and your abilities to help

    carry out a successful Key

    Club service year for 2010-


    The first important step to

    begin a successful service

    year begins with being

    trained. All newly elected

    officers are required to

    attend one Regional Training

    Conference (RTC) in order to

    attend sessions which will

    help better their leadership

    roles and clarify their duties in

    their club. If you couldnt make it to the one this past

    weekend, see you at the Fall

    RTCs in September! We hope

    to also have your Advisors

    join us, for a

    workshop/meeting with Mr.

    Barrie Werfel, the NJ District

    Administrator. Also,

    remember that RTCs are

    open to general members! At RTCs, Key Clubbers meet

    the New Jersey District Board

    and attended workshops

    which will help you have a

    better understanding of your

    position as well as workshops

    that will help spice up your

    meetings, stir some new

    ideas for projects, and a

    great opportunity to meet new

    Key Clubbers! Because the

    board knows that we all hail

    from different schools that

    could be far away from each

    other, the RTCs are broken up into three parts: North, Central,

    and South. There are RTCs held

    in the Spring and Fall. They take

    place on Saturdays and


    This years Spring RTC theme was Rock Out with Service! The Spring RTCs took place on

    the following days at these


    Saturday, May 22nd: South

    RTC @ Brick Memorial HS

    Sunday, May 23rd: North RTC

    @ Morris Knolls HS

    They were both a great

    success as Key Clubbers

    bonded from all over the

    region came together to

    learn about the next Service


    Again, if you couldnt make either of these, have no fear

    because there will be RTCs in

    September as well.

    SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, Sep 25th: North RTC

    @ Millburn HS ( in our division!)

    Please contact me (your LTG)

    for any questions, comments,

    or concerns.

    Get ready to rock and

    make this service year

    your greatest hit!

    Rock Out with Service!

    The 2010-2011 NJ District Board of Trustees

    LTGs Rockin Out with Service!

  • All Division 14 officers: Presidents council


    This open to every officer and advisor!! (not just presidents).

    *Presidents are required to attend.

    Possible dates: June 20th 3:00pm Springfield

    Library (Flexible)

    All Division 14 officers: Officer Training


    All officers have to be trained by me before summer starts so

    please contact me ASAP if you have not been trained.

    Possible dates: June 8th Millburn HS 3:30 June 10th (if needed) TBD

    Secretaries: Club monthly

    report forms

    Please submit them by the 10th of each month. They are mandatory for secretaries and easy to fill out!


    s/cmrf Next Due Date: June 10th (for

    month of May)

    Past Presidents and Advisors: End of the year


    You should have received in mail and in email a copy of the End of the Year Survey for last year. These short questionnaires are essential to Key Clubs progress so please take the time to fill it out and mail it to

    District Gov Rachel Orbach!!

    Deadline: June 15th All Division 14 officers:

    Roster collection

    If you have not done so already, please fill out the following Google Form


    V0F5aEMxR3NaS3c6MQ Clubs must submit an officer roster

    OR have all officers and advisors fill out the form above by Sunday, June


    Club Reminders


  • Hey Key Clubbers!

    Union High School Key Club has made a great run for its 2009-2010 year. We have accomplished many projects and events throughout the service year. One great success was our first "Operation Christmas Child." Union Key Clubbers brought in shoeboxes filled with toys, necessities, and school supplies to send to third-world countries. The contributions gave children of disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to

    K E Y C L U B

    ~By Vivienne Buenaventura Union HS Key Club President 2010-2011

    Division 14


    experience the joy and excitement of receiving Christmas gifts. In total, 89 BOXES were collected! Almost ninety children were able to celebrate Christmas this past year due to our clubs generosity and contributions. By participating in fundraisers and other projects like these, we were actually able to make a difference in someone's life.

    UHS Key Club has also taken every chance to visit and help Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside. We really had fun with the children there by creating a connection with them, learning their names, and getting to know them. We are glad that Key Club is taking an earnest part in helping and supporting these children.

    With the use of technology such as Facebook and the internet, organizing events and informing club members has become easier. This past year, important events were

    sent to club members via Facebook messaging and, in turn, attendance became much more frequent. Also thanks to our club secretary, Vanessa Liwag, our club website is now set up, and we are excited to use it for future events.

    Some upcoming events for UHS Key Club include Operation Clean Sweep, where we will be cleaning up a local park in Union, as well as joining in the Children's Specialized Hospital Carnival, and Walk n' Roll happening this month. For future endeavors, UHS Key Clubbers will continue to dedicate their time and efforts in events and service projects, even throughout the summer. We will also begin to prepare for another Operation Christmas Child this December along with the many other fundraisers to support UNICEF, Children's Specialized Hospital, and our community as a whole. The officers and members of UHS Key Club are determined to make the most of our time in high school, keeping our passion for service alive to benefit our community and the world. Most importantly, we will have fun doing so!

    Please visit our website at:

    Club Spotlight

    sample box from Operation Xmas Child CSH Walk n Roll

    Union High School Key Club

  • NJ CSH Goals

    Fundraising: $75,401.65

    7 - 7 days a week service and dedication to CSH

    5 - 5th year CSH is our NJ District Project

    401 - the cumulative amount we will have raised (in 1000s)

    65 - anniversary of the NJ District

    Service: 15,700 hours

    15700- 100 hrs for each club in NJ District

    Dates to Remember

    June 10 CMRF for May due

    June 13 Officer rosters are due

    June 15 End of the Year Surveys Due

    July 4-12 ICON (NJ Tour)

    July 10 CMRFs again

    Aug 10 CMRF (leave blank if inactive but must

    submit) Sept 10

    Sept 25th Fall North RTC @ Millburn

    Jiayun Fang LTG Div 14 5

    Key Club By the Numbers

    Key Club Numbers

    85 years old (founded in 1925)

    250000 members

    30 countries

    1 Kiwanis family

    NJ UNICEF goal

    Fundraising: $33,190.25

    33 --3.3 million: The number of newborns worldwide dying in the first month of life is 3.3 million

    190 --190 countries that UNICEF works in

    25 --25 for 25,000 children dying every day because of preventable causes

    Key Club By the Numbers

    March of

    Dimes NJ District

    goal: $3,000

  • Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc.

    6 www.

    Contact Info Jiayun Fang LTG Div 14 Cell: 908-546-2996 Facebook: Jn Fang

    Mrs. Celeste Werfel Zone Administrator

    Mr. Barrie Werfel NJ District Administrator

    Ms. Beth Ann Keat Kiwanis Advisor of Chatham and Madison

    Vivienne Buenaventura President of Union HS KC

    Bhavna Patny President of Millburn HS KC

    Annie Monson President of Chatham HS KC

    Caroline Murphy President 09-10 of Jonathan-Dayton HS KC in Springfield

    Brenna Anderson President of Madison HS KC

    Danielle Martin 09-10 President of Columbia HS KC in Maplewood

    Eric Hermann President of Summit HS KC

    In addition, here are some suggestions to help everyone keep in contact: 1. Please to copy (CC) me in your emails (to officers or announcing general meetings)! That way, everyone can be kept in the loop and will not miss any opportunities. 2. Check out my divisional website: Although it's still under construction, I hope to constantly update it along with my Facebook, AIM, Twitter, and other messengers. (Found at the end of this email.) 3. Despite technology, I am still an old-fashioned girl at heart. =) So, please feel free to call instead of texting me! 4. Lastly, please reply to my emails Even if it is to say "I got it," I really appreciate hearing back from you all. Please give me the peace of mind that you received the message.

    Thank you so much!

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