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  • Were facing a new Digital Age . .

  • An undeniable force is here . . .

  • Companies are compelled to be different

  • What is Digital Disruption?The change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.

  • Why is it Occurring?The rapid increase of mobile devices for personal use, often referred to as the Consumerization of IT, has increased disruption across many industries.

  • Early Disruptors:

  • Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have disrupted the media and entertainment industries by changing how content is accessed by customers and monetized by advertisers.

  • Data creation is erupting . . .

    And its exponential

  • Adapting to DisruptionDigital disruption requires rethinking the entire business, not just ones technology portfolio. It requires thinking - and then behaving - like a digital disruptor.

  • How to be a Digital Disruptor:Use and create digital tools.

    Exploit digital platforms provided by companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google.

    Accept the fact that the customer is ultimately in charge of your strategy.

    Innovate through focused pursuit of adjacent consumer benefits.

    Become a promiscuous partner & deliver these benefits quickly and at a low cost.

  • Digital Disruptor: Note to SelfNot all disruptions require that you have a new patentable technology. Instead, you use digital resources to provide more value to people in more contexts than everybody else.

  • Question: What are our customers future wants?

  • Beware of the competition . . .

  • Even the small disruptors

  • And their vision or product . . .

  • Planning for Digital DisruptionHaving a clear-cut IT strategy is key to establishing a competitive advantage over any competition.

    It can be the difference between success and failure.

  • Basic Human Needs of DD:

  • Establish a progressive thinker in the C-Suite . . .

  • Create innovation teams to negotiate disruption, and create a strategy for progress.

  • Digital Disruption: BehaviorAdopt a digital disruption ideologyBehave like a digital disruptor

  • Methodology to DDAssess energy, skills & policiesEstablish DD as a priorityIdentify barriersDesign small innovative teamsLearn from competition

  • ConclusionNew Product experienceBuild a digital bridgeUse essential, free digital toolsBecome digitally promiscuousMeasure differentlyExpect and accept some failureOWN YOUR SUCCESS!!

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