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     Dezember 2017  

    Curriculum Vitae: Wolfgang Frey

    Wolfgang Frey, a dynamic, sought-after public speaker and urban planning visionary, holds

    an honorary doctor for his sustainable work. Founded in 1959, the architectural office is

    located in the German eco-city of Freiburg im Breisgau. As one of the pioneers in sustainable

    architecture, Frey Architekten has been using solar panels since 1972. In addition, the office

    has an international presence in China, Russia, Israel and other parts of Europe. The Frey

    Group, which the architectural office is a part of, acts as investor, project developer and

    leasing company.

    Milestones 2017 The principal and the governor award Frey with the honorary doctor at the Universidad Nacional de Tumbes. 2016 Cooperation with the large Russian corporation Morton and Siemens AG in sustainable urban development. 2015 Awarded with the „Initiative Deutschland – Land des Langen Lebens“ prize for the project Heidelberg Village at the Demography Congress 2015 in Berlin. Continued cooperation with the Israel Green Building Counsil (ILGBC). Copperation with Qiu Baoxing, the former Vice Minister for Construction in China and the translation of his main work from Chinese into German.


     Dezember 2017  

    2014 Introduction of “Smart Green Tower” with a consortium of experts and partner like Fraunhofer Institute and Siemens. 2013 Publication of „Die neue Architektur der Pflege – Bausteine für innovative Wohnmodelle“ (‘The Latest Architecture for Care Facilities’) with prologue from Wolfgang Schäuble, German Federal Minister for Finance. 2012 Development of Heidelberg Village – the living community. Wolfgang Frey is awarded a prize as one of „Übermorgenmacher“ (‘Tomorrow’s Movers and Shakers’). Publication of Free Energy. 2011 Publication of Freiburg Green City - Approaches to Sustainable Urban Development. 2010 On behalf of the City of Freiburg, Wolfgang Frey presents examples of sustainable architecture and urban development at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. 2009 Founding of „pro scholar gmbh“, a leasing enterprise. 1997 Founding of the property developer „Freie Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH“ (FLV). Since 1998 Construction of passive houses with exclusive use of renewable materials. 1991 Takes over as firm manager. 1987 Completes studies in Architecture at the Technische Universität Berlin (final degree: Diplom-Ingenieur, German graduate engineer) and study tours to Yemen, India, Portugal, Italy, Sweden and the USA. 1973 The installation of the first solar energy panels and thermal heat pumps in self-financed pilot projects through the Frey office.

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