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  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    It was in 1970 that Sanjey Gandhi envisioned the manufacture of Maruti which

    is known popularly as the peoples car it is maruti which is known to !ive

    wheels to the nation "he first car of Maruti was rolled on #ec $fter its

    colla%oration with Su&uki motors

    Satisfaction is a persons fellin! of pleasure or disappointment

    resultin! from a comparin! pervasive performance in relation to his or her

    e'pectation If the performance falls short of e'pectation (the consumer)s

    dissatisfied If the performance matches the e'pectation the consumer is

    satisfied If the the performance e'ceeds e'pectations the consumer is hi!hly

    satisfied or deli!hted

    In today s world competitive scenario firms consistently tries to satisfy his

    e'istin! customer s needs to !et more customer in every re!ards to meet

    desired e'pectation of customers companies has to look around all aspect of

    product services otherwise they may %e out of the race $utomo%iles industry

    is consistently workin! for enhancin! their products and services



    Comparative study of service provided by Maruti

    Suzuki ad !yudai motors" i Raipur city#

    S$%M&TTE' &N PART&A( )$()&(MENT O) T!E A*AR' O) %# %# A +%ac,e-or & %usiess Admiistratio.

    Year 2006-09


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    Asst# PRO)# C,# /#N# S*APNA S$N'ER (A( SA!$

    %#%#A# 0t,SEM

    Ro-- o# 123245



    RA&P$R +C#6#.A))&(&TE' TO Pt# RA/&S!AN8AR S!$8(A $N&/ERS&T7

    RA&P$R +C#6#.



  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    I declare that this report entitled Comparative study of

    service provided by Maruti Suzuki ad !yudai

    motors" i Raipur cityIs my own and true work and not

    submitted for any award or degreeIt is submitted for the fulfillment of the re!uirement of the degree of

    ""# $"#%&'()* )+ ",I.' #/I.I*#I).

    'ate S$N'ER (A( SA!$

    P-ace Raipur %#%#A# 0T!SEM

    CENTRA( CO((E6E O) &T


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    I would like to e4press my gratitude to all those who ga5e me the

    responsibility to complete this *eport I want to thank the /epartment of

    %%A of CENTRA( CO((E6E O) &N)ORMAT&ON

    TEC!NO(O67RA&P$Rfor gi5ing me ermission to commence this

    report I ha5e furthermore to thank my friends without there help it wontbe possible for me to complete this ro7ect *eport

    I am deeply indebted to my super5isor #sst rof %h 8. wapna from

    the department of ""# whose help stimulating suggestions and

    encouragement helped me in all the time of writing of this ro7ect *eport

    &N'E9 PAGE



  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    3# !&STOR7 O) A$TOMO%&(ES 0:1

    2# &NTRO'$CT&ON : ;:


    PRO)&(E O) MAR$T& S$?

    4# COMPAR&S&ON %ET*EEN MAR$T& @ !$7AN'A&S

    MO'E(S >0:>1

    ># &NTRO'$CT&ON O) J ' PO*ER @ ASSOC&AT&ON >;:



    COMPAN7 !&STOR7 >;:





  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)





    AC!&E/EMENT T&ME(&NE ?1:?=

    ?# O%JECT&/ES 05


    0# SCOPE 03:


    1# RE/&E* O) (&TERAT$RE


    ;# RESEARC! MET!O'O(O67


    =# ANA(7S&S )OR C$STOMER 0=:

    ;=35# O%SER/AT&ON


    33# S$66ET&ON


    32# CONC($S&ON


    34# %&%(&O6RAP!7


    3># ANNE9$RE


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    he automobile as we know it was not in5ented in a single day by a

    single in5entor he history of the automobile reflects an e5olution that

    took place worldwide It is estimated that o5er 100000 patents created

    the modern automobile &owe5er we can point to the many firsts that

    occurred along the way tarting with the first theoretical plans for a

    motor 5ehicle that had been drawn up by both (eonardo da 8inci and

    Isaac .ewton

    In 1

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    he following year $1

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    he topic of my research is customer satisfactio o service provided

    by maruti suzuki"#

    I took this brand mainly because this is more popular among the


    PRO)&(E O) MAR$T& S$1 though

    the actual production commenced in 19>3 hrough 200: aruti has

    produced o5er ; illion 5ehicles aruti are sold in India and 5arious

    se5eral other countries depending upon e4port orders %ars similar to

    aruti $but not manufactured by aruti ,dyog are sold by u?uki in

    akistanand other outh #siancountries

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    he company annually e4ports more than 30000 cars and has an

    e4tremely large domestic market in India selling o5er ;00000 cars

    annually aruti >00 till 200: was the IndiaAs largest selling compact

    car e5er since it was launched in 19>3 ore than a million units of this

    car ha5e been sold worldwide so far %urrently aruti #lto tops thesales charts

    /ue to the large number of aruti >00s sold in the Indian market the

    term CarutiC is commonly used to refer to this compact car model ill

    recently the term CarutiC in popular Indian culture was associated to

    the aruti >00 modelaruti u?uki India (imited a subsidiary of

    u?uki otor %orporation of =apan has been the leader of the Indian car

    market for o5er two decades /uring 2006-000 for less than *s 200000 $E ;000 e4-

    showroom to the premium sedan F : /GI*' and lu4ury ,8 Hrand8itara'cho etc

    u?uki otor %orporation the parent company is a global leader in

    mini and compact cars for three decades u?ukiDs technical superiority

    lies in its ability to pack power and performance into a compact

    lightweight engine that is clean and fuel efficientaruti is clearly an

    employer of choiceJ for automoti5e engineers and young managers

    from across the country .early

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    aruti ,dyog (imited $aruti in India reached the cumulati5e

    production units of four million on #pril 19 2003 he memorable four-

    millionth 5ehicle was an #lto

    ince the start of production of the aruti >00 on /ecember 1: 19>3

    aruti has been producing the )mni 'steem Gen "aleno Kagon *

    #lto and 8ersaHrand 5itaraecho etc hey achie5ed one million units

    in arch 199: two million in )ctober 199< and three million in =une

    2000aruti held a tape-cut ceremony in the lant 2 to celebrate the four

    million unitDs achie5ement #t the ceremony r =adish Lhattar the

    anaging /irector of aruti ,dyog (imited commented that this

    achie5ement had pro5en their responsibility and commitment to their

    customers to deli5er high-!uality products &e also emphasi?ed that they

    would keep pursuing higher standards in the production in order to

    further satisfy the customers who had dri5en them to thisaccomplishment



  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    Auto EDpo 255; is -ike-y to see t,e -auc, of t,e Suzuki Sp-as, from


    #part from the #-tar concept car aruti u?uki plans to launch

    another small hatchback the u?uki plash at the #uto '4po 200>

    u?uki plash will be positioned between Gen 'stelle and wift and can

    be called the ne4t generation Kagon * plash is e4pected to be priced

    around *s 3; lakh the price of the Kagon *

    he plash is a great looker - 7ust take a look at the photos of the plash

    on this page and you will know what we meanM

    #-tar concept the plash will also be an #-segment car and will be

    produced at arutiDs anesar plant )samu u?uki u?uki otor


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    chairman has said that the premium hatchback plash will be

    manufactured in India and will be a5ailable in the Indian market by mid-

    200> plash will be launched in 'urope and other o5erseas markets in


    he u?uki plash was first displayed at the 2006 aris motor show and

    then at the +rankfurt otor how In terms of design plash is

    reminiscent of the wift and the F: which is not surprising

    considering the styling team for plash was led by #kira Lamio who

    was also a critical part of the wift styling team he plash has been

    described by u?uki as a multiutility 5ehicle for small families he

    u?uki plash has spacious interiors though the Indian plash will be

    functional to the point of being bare with safety features like seatbelt

    force limiters for the front seat he dashboard will be fuss free in

    keeping with the plashAs youthful fresh look he plash also has high

    seating positions and good 5isibility

    he plash is e4pected to make its Indian debut at the #uto '4po and

    price and specs would be hopefully re5ealed by then


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    SPARS! A$TOMO%&(ES P/T (T'

    achpedi .aka

    /hamtari =agdalpur*oad

    h .oN 09>261:00

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    aruti ,dyog (imited the largest automoti5e

    manufacturer of India was established in +ebruary

    19>1 though the production started only in 19>3 he company started as

    a ;0-;0 =8 between u?uki of =apan and aruti he go5ernment of

    India held 1>2>O stake until recently his holding stake was sold off to

    the financial institutions in ay 20000

    was the bestseller for a long time till its sibling the #lto took o5er

    elling o5er ;00000 cars annually in the domestic market aruti

    e4ports close to 30000 units to se5eral countries )f late the Indian

    giant was facing stiff competition from 5arious manufacturers and

    aruti did well by launching the wift which is a modern and e4udes a

    lifestyle image he trend continued with the F: he large portfolio

    takes care of the options a5ailable to the customer


    he aruti /ealerships are the most 5isible parts of customer focus

    *ight from the way a prospecti5e customer is welcomed to the

    dealership to the entire buying e4perience and the ser5ice e4perience

    customers feel 5ery Ain5itedA

    Its what makes customers loyal to aruti cars too #lmost ;0O of our

    new car customers are e4isting customers #lmost 90O people who trade

    in their used cars through Aaruti rue 8alueA finally buy a new aruti


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    +or us customer focus is 5ery important amply e5ident from the fact


    A%ustomer )bsessionA is our first core 5alue Ke ha5e been chosen by

    customers as the best car manufacturer in terms of customer satisfactionse5en years in a row in the prestigious = / ower sur5ey


    Avai-ab-e Mode-s StartiB )rom

    aruti >00Rs# 31;043#55

    aruti )mniRs# 232050#55

    aruti #ltoRs# 2>;;35#55

    aruti Gen 'stiloRs# 43;?>>#55

    aruti Kagon *Rs# 42=5??#55


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    aruti Kagon * /uoRs# 4>10;2#55

    aruti 8ersaRs# 4;01=0#55

    aruti wiftRs# >50>24#55

    aruti 'steemRs# >04525#55

    aruti HypsyRs# ?33503#55

    aruti F:Rs# 0>1>;4#55

    aruti Hrand 8itaraRs# 3>5=103#55

    Maruti 6ypsy1>
  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    aruti Hypsy Ling is a rough and tough 5ehicle ha5ing the capacity to gonearly e5erywhere and in any weather It is e4cellently tough designed tomo5e through any terrain If you want to call the wild you must choosearuti Hypsy he low-cost ,8 is widely used by the police and defenseforces in the country hanks to its sturdy design and good mileage it isthe choice to take on any terrain

    'esiB ad &teriors

    .ew model of Hypsy is a5ailable with a wider track and all-round leafsuspension "ut the original three-door layout has been kept unchangedhe 5ehicle features a sturdy structure which is specially designed toensure smooth dri5e in rugged terrain #nother ad5antage is its lightweight &owe5er little legroom and high-floor seats make it not sosuitable for family use

    /ariats Price ad Mi-eaBe

    he car is a5ailable in three 5ariants - oft top &ard top and #mbulanceIt is a5ailable in the range of *s :> lakhs to *s ;1 lakhs


    aruti Hypsy has +I engine with ma4imum power of >0 bhp P 6000rpm enabling it to mo5e through rugged terrain he ma4imum tor!ue of5ehicle is 103 .m P :;00 rpm he 1300 cc gasoline engine is lighterthan the diesel one gi5ing better control and power

    SafetyIts parts are designed to withstand higher rotational speeds as well asreduced wear and tear he steering damper grants protection to thesteering wheel thereby a5oiding discomfort of 7erks

    MAR$T& S$00 has remained the right opening car for people wholook for low cost of ownership and fuel efficiency It is a car perfectly

    made for the Indian roads It goes in any location be it

    in town around town highways busy streets narrowlanes anywhere and e5erywhere

    In order to make the car more attracti5e new enginehas been installed in >00 he >00 ' 2 #% has

    been a ma7or success


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    Compay SeBmet %iBBest $SP

    aruti ,dyog (td A#A "est 5alue for money on Indian roads

    Striking Features

    leek lim dimensions ,nbeatable purchase price &assle-free maintenance

    Model Variants

    aruti >00 td - "harat III aruti >00 #% - "harat III

    Color Variants

    Icy "lue %aribbean "lue uper Khite ilky il5er "right *ed %rystal Hold

    Price Tag

    /ariat Co-our Type ED:s,oroom Price +Rs#.

    aruti >00 td -"harat III

    .on-etallic 1916:6

    aruti >00 td -"harat III

    etallic 19:13:

    aruti >00 #% -"harat III

    .on-etallic 213062

    aruti >00 #% -"harat III

    etallic 21;;;0


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    MAR$T& : .m P 3;00 rpmhe transmission of aruti Gen 'stilo has ; speed manual gears with allsynchromesh he car has got 5entilated disc brakes at the front and drum

    brakes at the rear he front suspension of aruti Gen 'stilo has chersonstrut along with torsion type roll control instrument

    aruti Gen 'stilo (4 and aruti Gen 'stilo (4i has got kerb weight of >;;

    kg while aruti Gen 'stilo 84i comes with kerb weight of >

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    MAR$T& S$ eater- " III aruti )mni (H- " III

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    aruti )mni %argo (H- " III aruti )mni %argo- " III

    Available Color Options of Maruti Suzuki Omni

    "right *ed ilky il5er

    uperior Khite %arribean "lue Icy "lue

    Price of Maruti Suzuki Omni

    aruti )mni is carrying a price tag of *s 20-2;0 lacs

    MAR$T& S$:gmP3;00 rpm

    he 5ehicle has smoother pick-up faster acceleration hassle-free start anda more efficient power distribution # 32 bit on-board computer withdiagnostic capability monitors the air-fuel ratio for optimum fuelefficiency

    Compay SeBmet %iBBest $SP

    aruti ,dyog (td A"A Inner pace

    Striking Features

    op-class (u4ury houghtfulness ,nmatched afety

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    Moel Variants

    Kagon* (F '3 I.)*-06 Kagon* (F (H " III Kagon* (Fi Kagonr 8Fi Kagon* (FI (H "3 I.)*-06 Kagon* 8Fi #" Kagon* #F

    Color Variants

    "lue "eige "lack


    Hreen *ed Khite


    Price Tag

    In +s

    /ariat No Meta--ic Meta--ic

    Kagon* (F '3 I.)*-06 323122 326;2:

    Kagon* (F (H " III 3:;106 3:>;09

    K#H).* (4i 3:>660 3;2063

    K#H).* 84i 32 bhp at 6000 rpm and is controlled by a 16-bit 'ngineanagement ystem

    8ersa has fle4iseat to ad7ust space as per re!uirement twin #% $/F25ariant for uniform all round cooling and many otherinno5ati5e features


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    Striking Features

    +le4i eating afety etatech 'ngine (arge liding /oors 'asy arking 'asy /ri5ing

    Moel Variants

    8ersa $;-seater 8ersa /F $>-seater 8ersa /F 2 $>-seater

    Color Variants

    uperior Khite etallic idnight "lack etallic ilky il5er etallic Icy "lue etallic earl il5er

    Price Tag

    /ariat ED:s,oroom Price +Rs#.

    8ersa td "harat III 3601>2

    8ersa /F $; seater "haratIII


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    con5enient lighting arrangements sporty looking instrument panel areamong the most catchy features in this offering from aruti ,dyog (td

    Compay Name SeBmet $SP

    aruti ,dyog (td edan >; bhp P 6000 rpm

    Striking Features of Maruti Suzuki !steem

    %hrome plated front grille ubeless tyres "ody coloured bumpers ockets on both front doors and front seats back %on5enient lighting system in centre dri5erAs cabin and trunk

    ower steering $in (Fi Q 8Fi 5ariants only lush fabric upholstery oulded floor carpets

    Variants of Maruti Suzuki !steem

    aruti 'steem (F - " III aruti 'steem (Fi - " III aruti 'steem 8Fi - " III

    Available Color Options of Maruti Suzuki !steem uperior Khite ilky il5er etallic Icy "lue etallic etallic Kine *ed etallic earl il5er idnight "lack etallic

    Price of Maruti Suzuki !steem

    aruti 'steem is ha5ing a price range starting from *s :;0-;00 lacs $e4-showroom /elhi

    Safet" Features of Maruti Suzuki !steem

    &eadlamp le5eling de5ice %ollapsible steering column

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    %hild proof rear door locks

    MAR$T& S$

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    "etween *s : (akhs to *s ;60 (akhs

    MAR$T& S$

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    /ariat No Meta--ic Meta--ic

    #lto td 231;>; 23:9>>

    #lto (4 26;262 26>66;

    #lto (4i 2>3> 2>1

    MAR$T& S$

    In an attempt to strengthen its position in the of edan cars market aruti,dyog (tdhas launched its premium model bearing name F: #fteraruti u?uki wift F: is the second international model beinglaunched in India u?uki F: is an #3 segment sedan car with a perfectcombination of style performance safety and comfort here are two5ersions of u?uki F:N 84i and G4i that gets power from latest andefficient 16-litre -eries engine deli5ering impressi5e 102 "& of


    aruti u?uki F: is packed with strong features like independentsuspension system #nti (ock "raking ystem $#" matching color

    bumpers electrically ad7ustable outside mirrors fine !uality fabric seatspower windows rear seat center armrest and ad7ustable head rests in thefront and rear seats are few to name for a smooth comfortable and saferide

    &a5ing the price tag of between *s 6-6; (acs aruti u?uki F: willpro5ide tough competition to its ri5alry models like +ord +iesta &yundai8erna &onda %ity and Indigo F(

    #e" Features of Maruti Suzuki S$%

    owered with 16 5al5e : cylinder engine deli5ering impressi5e 1:3horsepower 136 ft lbs of tor!ue

    1;C large wheels and the arched bumpers adds grace to its athleticand robust presence

    ower assisted rack and pinion steering #ll wheel dri5e system to ha5e better riding comfort tandard 3 ready stereo with 0: speakers and a5ailable iod

    integration Kith ::90 mm length and 1

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    /ashboard composed usic ystem with controls on teeringKheel

    #n illuminated key insert switch is the uni!ue features of this car he turning radius of ;3 meters makes the F: easily dri5en car on

    narrow roads

    Colors Available &n Maruti Suzuki S$%

    aruti u?uki F: is a5ailable in 0< sparkling colors - idnight "lack #?ure Hray ilky il5er %lear "eige unlight %opper earl #rctic Khite upreme *ed

    Price ' Competition From Rivals

    aruti u?uki F: has been priced between *s 6-6; (acs is in a toughcompetition from its +ord +iesta &yundai 8erna &onda %ity and IndigoF(

    Safet" Features of Maruti Suzuki S$%

    *ear doors %hild-lock Intelligent %omputerised #nti-heft ystem $i%# which

    pre5ents its engine from running unless the correct key is present 'nhanced safety through seat belt pre-tensioners and force limiters #ccented seating position pro5ides

    Maruti Suzuki (ran Vitara

    aruti Hrand 8itara aruti u?uki Hrand 8itara F(-

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    e4pensi5e 5ehicle in u?ukiAs line-up It is a large and powerful 2< litre86 powering a 16 tonne 5ehicle

    Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Press Releases

    Maruti offers New Grand Vitara

    %ar market leader aruti ,dyog today launched the new Hrand 8itara Itis a stylish muscular ;-seater ,8It comes with a 2-litre 8I engineand offers authentic off-road e4perience alongside the lu4ury dri5eabilityand superior ride !uality re!uired

    Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Variants

    Available variant Price (Rs.) Ratings

    Maruti Su&uki Grand ,itara -0 M" +s1.(0/(000

    Maruti Su&uki Grand ,itara -0 $" +s1/(0/(000

    MAR$T& S$ cc engine thatgenerates >2 bhp at 6000 rpm and is controlled by

    a 16-bit 'ngine anagement ystem

    8ersa has fle4iseat to ad7ust space as per re!uirement twin #% $/F25ariant for uniform all round cooling and many other inno5ati5e features

    Striking Features

    +le4i eating win #% afety etatech 'ngine

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    (arge liding /oors 'asy arking 'asy /ri5ing

    Moel Variants

    8ersa $;-seater

    8ersa /F $>-seater 8ersa /F 2 $>-seater

    Color Variants

    uperior Khite etallic idnight "lack etallic ilky il5er etallic Icy "lue etallic earl il5er

    Price Tag

    /ariat ED:s,oroom Price +Rs#.

    8ersa td "harat III 3601>2

    8ersa /F $; seater "harat III :33;

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)




    &yundai otor has been selling cars in the , since 19>6 but it only

    started selling its hea5y trucks stateside in 199> outh LoreaAs R1

    carmaker &yundai produces 1: models of cars ,8s and mini5ans as

    well as trucks buses and other commercial 5ehicles he company

    reestablished itself as outh LoreaAs leading carmaker in 199> by

    ac!uiring a ;1O stake in Lia otors $since reduced to about :3O

    &yundaiAs models for the .orth #merican market include the #ccent and


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    onataB models sold elsewhere include the H*/ and '!uus he

    company also manufactures machine tools for factory automation and

    material-handling e!uipment%hung =u-Yung founded the &yundai

    'ngineering and %onstruction %ompany in 19:> beginning with the midsi?e onata In 199>

    &yundai began to o5erhaul its image in an attempt to establish itself as a

    world-class brand %hung =u Yung transferred leadership of &yundai

    otor to his son %hung ong Loo in 1999 S2T &yundaiDs parent

    company &yundai otor Hroup in5ested hea5ily in the !uality design

    manufacturing and long-term research of its 5ehicles It added a 10-year

    or 100000-mile $160000 km warranty to cars sold in the ,nited tates

    and launched an aggressi5e marketing campaign

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    In 2006 the outh Lorean go5ernment initiated an in5estigation of

    C,uB MoB 8ooDs practices as head of &yundai suspecting him of

    corruptio )n Apri- 2; 2550 %hung was arrested and charged for

    embezz-emetof 100 billion o $,E106 million F4G with &yundai

    8ice %hairman and %') 8im 'oB:Hi taking o5er as head of thecompany



    R NAME





    great easternroad atiband

    in :92001

    *aipur ;1 0

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)




    !yudai Motor -auc,es (P6 versio of Satro at Auto EDpo I5;#

    &yundai otor India IndiaAs largest car e4porter and second largest car

    manufacturer in the country has made a mark at the #uto '4po 200>

    with the launch of the antro (H 5ersion


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    'arlier the company had launched the %.H 5ersion of its flagship model

    in the country and in future plans to add to the (H range in the future

    by offering (H 5ariants for other models

    #lso on display at the &yundai stall are two of its bold new concept cars

    the 8eloster and the UarmaU

    he antro (H is powered by a 10>6 cc engine and promises reliable

    performance with high fuel efficiency he engine is mated with a ;-

    speed manual transmission

    he company will soon inaugurate a new manufacturing plant at

    riperumbudur in amil .adu he new plant with its state-of-the-art

    production facility would double &yundaiAs production capacity in India

    to o5er 600000 units per annum

    #t the ninth #uto '4po being held at .ew /elhi &yundai is also

    displaying two bold new concept cars the UarmaU &yundaiAs first in the

    crosso5er coupe segment and the iconic 8eloster a lifestyle product

    named to combine A5elocityA and the !ualities of a AroadsterA

    he UarmaU is &yundaiAs #d5anced echnology /emonstration 8ehicle

    $#/8 that showcases o5er 30 different en5ironmentally progressi5e

    technologies an inno5ati5e solution that can help reduce the risk of

    se5ere in7uries

    &yundai also showcased its range of cars including the #ccent 8erna and

    a fully kitted 5ersion of the Het? the recently launched i10 and the onata

    %*/i 8H #utomatic &yundaiAs i10 launched in )ctober 200

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    now being manufactured and e4ported from India #lso on display are the

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    *I%' (I )+ ('#/I.H )/'(

    Avai-ab-e Mode-s StartiB )rom

    &yundai antro FingRs# 214?3;#55

    &yundai i10Rs# 4>0>12#55

    &yundai Het? rimeRs# >5>005#55

    &yundai #ccentRs# ??;5>1#55

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    &yundai 8ernaRs# 0?0;=3#55

    &yundai 'lantraRs# 1??533#55

    &yundai onata 'mberaRs# 3>24=52#55

    &yundai ucsonRs# 3000=44#55

    !7$N'A& SANTRO 9&N6

    The Sunshine Car

    &yundai antro Fing one of themost popular cars in its segmentis an identical 5ehicle with itsinternational cousins It has

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    undergone a cosmetic makeo5er and has a new look than itspre5ious model &yundai antro It is e!uipped with 11 litreengine and has options like #" and automatic transmission

    he car is powered by 10>6 cc 'psilon engine fired by a/istributorless Ignition ystem $/(I that results in

    impro5ed fuel efficiency reduced emission increased powerand reduced maintenance costs It deli5ers 63 ps of power at;;00 rpm and an impressi5e tor!ue of 9> kgm at 3000 rpm

    Color Variants

    *eal 'arth &usky "lue .oble Khite 'bony "lack %harming Hrey #!ua int assion *ed "right il5er

    Moel Variants

    FL .on #% FL F( F) #

    Price Tag

    Mode- /ariats 'e-,i 8o-kata Mumbai C,eai

    FL .on#%

    'uro III -




  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    'uro III -FL$olid



    36;061 3>0126 36;362


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    litre /)&%$/umi o5erhead %amshaft petrol engine he :-cylinder %*/i 5ariantchurns out an ama?ing 1122 bps at :000 rpm and the /)&% 5ariantdeli5ers 12< bps P 6000 rpm hese makes 'lantra one of the most

    powerful yet refined sedans in its segment on Indian roads

    Striking Features of )"unai !lantra

    he new &yundai 'lantra %ar is intelligent enough to sense thetemperature It has independent suspension #part from these two the carhas many other features that pro5ides the highest le5el of comfort +ew ofthe features of 'lantra are as mentioned belowN

    ,ltra smooth all wheel independent suspension +ront Q rear gas filled shock absorbers #d5anced tubeless tyres Henerous room space ,ltra-sensiti5e automatic temperature sensing

    Colors of )"unai !lantra

    2yundai has launched only two color variants of its 5lantra model in the Indian market "hey are as

    mentioned belowN .oble Khite $.K 'bony "lack $'"


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    Price Tag of )"unai !lantra

    "etween *s < (akhs to *s 9; (akhs

    $lease .oteN he price range is e4-showroom and based on the closeappro4imation lease check the latest prices and 5ariant specifications

    with your dealer

    Safet" an Securit" of )"unai !lantra

    &yundai has taken some e4tra care in pro5iding the safety and securityfeatures of &yundai 'lantra =ust check out the safety measures and see itis one of the best among the same segment Indian cars

    'lectronic "rake +orce /istribution ystem $'"/ raction %ontrol ystem $%

    #nti-(ock "raking ystem $#" "rake #ssistance ystem $"# re-ension eat "elts 'nergy #bsorbing %ollapsible teering %olumn

    A compariso of t,e base versios of t,e Maruti Suzuki A:

    Star ad its to mai competitors t,e !yudai i35 is Bive


    Parameters Maruti Suzuki A:

    Star (Di

    !yudai i35 ':(ite


    )5erall length 3;00 mm 3;6;mm

    )5erall width 1600 mm 1;9; mm

    )5erall height 1:90 mm 1;;0 mm

    Kheelbase 2360 mm 23>0 mm


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    Hround clearance 1; mm

    Lerb weight >60 kg >60 kg

    +uel tank capacity 3; litre 3; litre

    Fuel efficienc"

    ileage $city 1:> km@litre 123 km@litre

    ileage $highway 19; km@litre 16> km@litre

    ileage $o5erall 163 km@litre 12; km@litre


    a4imum speed 1;; Lm@&our 1;2 Lm@&our


    'ngine type L10" petrol i*/' 11( etrol

    /isplacement 99> cc 10>6 cc

    ower 6

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    ransmission type anual anual

    Hears@peeds ; Hears ; Hears


    +ront suspension cherson strut and coil cherson strut withstabili?er bar

    *ear suspension Isolated trailing link Qcoil

    %"# with coil spring


    +ront brakes 8entilated disc 8entilated /isc

    *ear brakes /rum leading Q trailing /rum


    Kheel type teel teel

    Kheel si?e 13inch 13inch

    yres 1;;@>0*13 1;;@>0*13


    rice $umbai *s3:9 lakh *s3:1 lakh


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    J.D. Power and Associates

    %ompany erspecti5esN

    'stablished in 196> the firmAs primary ob7ecti5e is to assist companies inachie5ing their operating goals by pro5iding rele5ant information and

    business solutions based on the e4pectations of their customers =/ower and #ssociates has gained practical e4perience de5elopingcustomer ser5ice models across industries by becoming intimately familiarwith consumer decision-making habits and perceptions #s a result the


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    firm can !uickly assist companies in better understanding their customerbase by analy?ing consumer e4periences with products and ser5ices andtranslating that information into actionable impro5ement initiati5es

    Key Dates:

    3=0;K=ohn /a5id ower III founds market research agency =/ owerand #ssociates in southern %alifornia3=14Kower publishes results of national ownership sur5ey that re5eals

    problems with the a?da rotary engine3=;3Kower publishes the first annual %onsumer atisfaction Inde43=;1Kower introduces the Initial Uuality tudy3==3Kower releases its first annual %omputer Industry atisfactionrogram study3==4Kower begins de5eloping the ower Information .etwork to capture

    daily sales data of automobile dealers3==1Kower introduces its first annual study of the used-5ehicle market3===Kower completes its first sur5ey of the *8 market

    Company History:

    "y the early 1990s the name =/ ower and #ssociates had becomesynonymous with automoti5e !uality in the minds of consumers owerAssur5eys defined !uality in terms of how consumers 7udged it rather thanfrom the manufacturersA point of 5iew owerAs sur5eys influenced not

    only consumers but also manufacturers ower has been recogni?ed asplaying a ma7or role in propelling the , auto industry toward impro5ing!uality in the late 19>0s and 1990s

    ower bears the cost of conducting the sur5eys which could run as muchas E300000 or more he firm then generates re5enue by selling theresults of its sur5eys to interested companies for E;0000 to E100000 Inaddition ad5ertisers must also buy the rights to use the ower name for anadditional sum

    Customer Satisfactio Surveys %ecomiB *e--:8oK 3=;5s

    owerAs annual %onsumer atisfaction Inde4 first published in 19>1measured satisfaction among customers who had owned their cars for oneyear %onsumers were asked to rate their 5ehicles as well as dealer ser5iceduring the first year of ownership by checking off a list of defects andser5ice problems he 19>3 sur5ey indicated the o5erall inde4 was up 9;

    percent which could be taken as an indication that automobile;2

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    manufacturers were becoming more concerned with !uality Khileimports dominated the list +ord was able to pull ahead of a number ofimports in the sur5ey

    It was not until the mid-19>0s that ower was able to sell his researchfindings to the big three automakers in /etroit "y then appro4imately halfof owerAs re5enues were from 5arious studies on the automoti5e businesso impro5e the firmAs credibility and stop complaints about itsmethodology ower opened its studies to three statisticians from graduate

    business schools for auditing

    ower became in5ol5ed in a dispute with +ord otor in the late 19>0s+ordAs own in-house studies ranked it abo5e its domestic competitors interms of initial customer satisfaction and !uality owerAs IU ranked +ord

    below its domestic competitors he two sides discussed their differentmethods of data collection and interpretation and appeared to resol5e the

    dispute "y 1992 +ord outranked both Heneral otors and %hrysler in theIU

    "y 19>9 the ower agency was sending out four million !uestionnairesannually to car owners and taking in E12 million #bout 3; percent of themailed sur5eys were answered a higher than a5erage response rate #t theend of the 19>0s !uality was the biggest issue among carmakers heywere spending millions of dollars promoting the findings of the owerorgani?ation which had grown in status during the 19>0s due to threemain factorsN increased professionalism of the ower staffB increased

    attention gi5en to domestic automakersB and a substantial increase in thenumber of winners who purchased ad5ertising to promote the owerfindings and the organi?ation

    #utomakers cited owerAs impro5ed technical support hey werecompletely confident in the ower organi?ationAs ability to conductinter5iews and code results properly without bias #t the end of the 19>0sower was publishing four ma7or automoti5e reports annually plusnumerous minor ones Its best-known sur5eys were the %ustomer

    atisfaction Inde4 and the Initial Uuality tudy %ustomers were notallowed to publish or release the contents of an entire sur5ey but theycould report and publici?e fa5orable findings as long as ower appro5ed itfor accuracy

    Maruti tops in customer satisfaction: J.D. Power


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    #*,I ,dyog ranks highest in customer satisfaction with automoti5edealer ser5ice for the third consecuti5e year as per the =/ ower #siaacific 2002 India %ustomer atisfaction Inde4 $%I tudy releasedtoday

    he annual study now in its si4th year identifies fi5e factors that measurecustomer satisfaction with dealership ser5ice in India - in order ofimportanceN problems e4perienced ser5ice ad5isor ser5ice performanceser5ice timing and facility appearance

    C+i4ing the 5ehicle right on the first 5isit and doing so in a timely manneris the foundation of the ser5ice@repair e4perienceAA r an7ay *alhanenior #nalyst and #ccount /irector =/ ower #sia acific has said

    Caruti dealers are among the most consistent in meeting customere4pectations on fi4ing problems right on the first 5isit and ser5ice

    timeliness %onse!uently one in four aruti owners $26 per cent ratetheir ser5ice e4perience to be e5en better than e4pected compared to 7ust1> per cent for the industryAA he said

    #ccording to an official statement while the industryAs gains are largelydri5en by impro5ements recorded by 5olume manufacturers - aruti ata'ngineering and &yundai - nine out of the ele5en ranked makes registeredan impro5ement in ser5ice satisfaction o5er 2001 indicating that mostmanufacturers now place an e5en greater emphasis on ensuring a positi5ecustomer e4perience

    Maruti Suzukicotiues to domiate J' PoerLs &dia Customer

    Satisfaction&deD study

    hey ha5e topped the sur5ey for the eighth year in a row hey scored animpressi5e >3> points out of 1000

    hey were followed by &onda &yundai oyota and +ord which scored

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    Maruti Udyog tops JD Power ratings

    %&'..#I #*%& 12 aruti ,dyog ranked top in the =/ ower #siaacific 2002 India customer satisfaction inde4 study

    wo &yundai models V antro and #ccent V and the oyota ,8$multi utility 5ehicle Uualis emerged top in the premium compact entry

    midsi?e and ,8 segments respecti5ely in the =/ ower India specificautomoti5e performance e4ecution and layout $appeal study for thesecond year in succession according to a release

    .ow in its tenth year the #'#( study pro5ides an analysis of whate4cites and delights owners about their new 5ehicleDs performance anddesign during the initial two to si4 months of ownership he studye4amines nearly 100 attributes co5ering 10 5ehicle factorsN 5ehiclee4teriorB 5ehicle interiorB storage and spaceB audio @ entertainment @

    na5igationB seatsB heating 5entilation and air conditioning $&8#%Bdri5ing dynamicsB engine @ transmissionB 5isibility and dri5ing safetyB andfuel economy

    +our aruti u?uki models the wift wift /Gire F: and Kagon *each recei5e awards in their respecti5e segments In the entry midsi?esegment the newly launched wift /Gire ranks highest with a score of>02 points on a 1000-point scale he wift and F: each rank highestfor a second consecuti5e year in the premium compact and midsi?esegments respecti5ely In particular satisfaction with fuel economy has

    impro5ed considerably for the wift from 200: percent of customers who say they are delightedJ with their

    5ehicle report that they would definitelyJ would recommend andrepurchase their e4isting make and model *ates of recommendation andrepurchase intent decline to 2< percent and 19 percent respecti5ely forthose customers who say they are disappointedJ with their 5ehicleDsappeal

    he 200> India #'#( study is based on responses from more than 6000owners who purchased a new 5ehicle between .o5ember 200< and =uly

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    200> )wners were inter5iewed between ay and eptember 200> in 20ma7or cities throughout India ore details on the =/ ower officialwebsite

    Maruti models top 6uality chart 8# ower

    +or the first time global market research firm =/ ower has ranked threemodels of aruti -- Kagon* Gen and 'steem -- at the top in terms of!uality e5en as customers faced more problems in the industry this yearcompared to the last year

    In the compact car category arutiAs Kagon* topped the list followed byGen while &yundai antro which ranked first in terms of !uality for the

    past two consecuti5e years came in third =/ ower said in its initial!uality study

    ,(As 'steem was ad7udged the best car in the mid si?e segment whileHeneral otorsA )pel %orsa@wing and +ord Ikon came in at second andthird positions respecti5ely

    &onda %ity has been ranked the best in the new mid si?e segmentfollowed by &industan otorsA (ancer and &yundai #ccent whileoyotaAs Uualis stood first in the multi-utility 5ehicle category

    CUuality is a constantly mo5ing target and while the industry has made

    considerable progress o5er the last fi5e yearsit becomes increasinglydifficult to maintain the rate of impro5ement we ha5e been seeingC =/ower country manager ohit #rora said adding surging sales often put

    pressure on !uality control

    he sur5ey was based on e5aluation from o5er 3300 new owners of 26different models representing 11 makes =/ ower said

    Maruti tops JD Power customer satisfaction survey

    +or an eighth consecuti5e year aruti u?uki $U .%+W ranks highest incustomer satisfaction with authori?ed dealership ser5ice according to the =/ower #sia acific 200< India %ustomer atisfaction Inde4 $%I sur5ey

    he study now in its 11th year measures the o5erall satisfaction of 5ehicleowners who 5isited their authori?ed dealer@ser5ice center for maintenance orrepair work during the first 12 to 1> months of ownership )5erall


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    satisfaction is determined by utili?ing se5en measures hey are $in order ofimportanceN problems e4periencedB ser5ice !ualityB user-friendly ser5iceBser5ice ad5isorB ser5ice initiationB ser5ice deli5eryB and in- ser5icee4perience

    *ecording only a single-point increase since 2006 o5erall satisfaction in the

    industry remains stable aruti u?uki leads the industry in customersatisfaction with a %I score of >3> points on a 1000-point scale andcontinues to set the industry benchmark in all measures of the %I Khileranking below the industry a5erage the remaining eight nameplates includedin the study ha5e impro5ed since 2006 &onda koda and &yundairespecti5ely demonstrate the greatest impro5ement

    he 200< India %ustomer atisfaction Inde4 $%I study is based onresponses from more than ;300 owners of nearly :0 different 5ehiclemodels

    =/ ower #sia acific has released the findings of its annual alesatisfaction Inde4 $I tudy

    #n e4cerptN

    Q!uotBkoda and +iat follow aruti in the o5erall rankings respecti5ely"oth rank abo5e the industry a5erage for the first time in the history ofstudy koda impro5es its ranking by se5en positions while +iat impro5es

    by fi5e rank positionsQ!uotB

    he complete =/ ower report is here

    Uuite frankly IAm $albeit pleasantly surprised

    aruti most popular among customers

    aruti ,dyog has topped the list of = / ower ranking for the fifth year ina row in terms of customer satisfaction

    Caruti ,dyog continues to lead the industry on all factors that contributeto o5erall customer satisfactionC = / ower #sia-acific countrymanager ohit #rora said


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    = / ower a market research firm conducts customer satisfactionresearch and pro5ides consulting ser5ices in the automoti5e informationtechnology and finance industries aruti IndiaAs biggest carmaker hasscored >13 points on an industry a5erage of points

    % L "irla group company &industan otors has been ranked secondfollowed by )pel of Heneral otors India &yundai otor India +ordotor and oyota Lirloskar C#dditionally with a significant lead in%ustomer atisfaction Inde4 performance aruti is the only brand to rankabo5e the industry a5erageC he said

    he study finds that due to the recent sharp increase in fuel prices thea5erage cost of operation per kilometre for both diesel and petrol modelshas gone up by nearly 2; per cent o5er the last year

    +uel cost accounts for o5er >; per cent of the a5erage cost of 5ehicle

    operation which includes the usage-dependent components of fuel repairmaintenance and tyres

    Santro tops in small-car sector in J Power sur!ey

    .ew /elhi .o5 2: N &yundai antro aruti 'steem itsubishi (ancerand oyota Uualis top the ranking for initial 5ehicle !uality according to=/ ower #sia acific

    #ccording to India Initial Uuality tudy $IU the number of problems

    reported by new car owners declined by 2< per cent as against 1999 hestudy its fourth year for the Indian market e4amines initial 5ehicle!uality at three to fi5e months of ownership he study uses problems perhundred 5ehicles as a measure of initial !uality with a lower scorereflecting better !uality

    he !uality impro5ements are dri5en by the strong performance of si4new models included in the 2000 IU as well as impro5ement by thema7ority of e4isting models +i5e out of the si4 new models - +ord Ikon&yundai #ccent )pel %orsa aruti "aleno and oyota Uualis- recordfewer than 200 problems per hundred 5ehicles &yundai antro hasimpro5ed its ranking by 19 per cent and performed consistently across allthe problem categories =/ ower said he car ranked ahead of othersmall cars like aruti Gen +iat ,no /aewoo ati? and elco Indica'4cessi5e fuel consumption remains the most-fre!uently reported problemin the industry


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    CInitial !uality in India has impro5ed dramatically these past four yearsCr %hris "onsi director =/ ower #sia acific said Caruti 'steem hasimpro5ed its IU performance by :0 per cent ranking ahead of the newlyintroduced +ord Ikon &yundai #ccent and )pel %orsaC the study says

    It says that itsubishi (ancer in alliance with itsubishi otor%orporation of =apan Chas established a new benchmark with >: problems

    per hundred 5ehicles the first model in India to break the 100 problemsper hundred 5ehicles barrierC

    oyota Uualis has been ad7udged the best ,8 ahead of ata afari ataumo and ahindra #rmada =/ ower said in a statement

    he sur5ey included responses from new car owners of more than 20different models which represented 11 different makes

    Che 2000 India IU results show that manufacturers are deli5ering better!uality 5ehicles than they ha5e in the past +or e4ample &onda %ity wasthe only model to record fewer than 200 problems per hundred 5ehicles in199> In comparison 12 out of the 23 models co5ered in the 2000 IUrecord a score better than 200 problems per hundred 5ehiclesC )n fuelconsumption he said although many car makers ha5e impro5ed their fueleconomy by switching to fuel in7ected engines fuel consumption wasdependent on road conditions and dri5ing habits which were beyond themanufacturerAs control

    Hyunai Accent !ame Most Depenable "ub#$ompact$ar %y J.D. Power an Associates


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    : !yudai %rad Jumps EiB,t Rak Positios i 7ear-y 'epedabi-ity Study

    : Prob-ems:per:355 /e,ic-es 'rop Overa-- by 3> Percet

    : !iB,:mi-eaBe Accet at t,e Top of its C-ass

    : A-- mode-s improved over -ast year

    +),.#I. 8#(('Y %alif #ug < -- he fuel-efficient &yundai#ccent which gets up to 3; miles per gallon on the highway today wasnamed the most dependable sub-compact car by =/ ower and#ssociates in its 200> 8ehicle /ependability tudy $8/ he highlyregarded study measures problems e4perienced by original owners ofthree-year-old $200; model year 5ehicles he study is based on theresponses of more than ;2000 owners of new 5ehicles bought between

    .o5ember 200: and #pril 200;

    In addition to the highest ranking by #ccent &yundai on the whole made

    dramatic impro5ements in its o5erall dependability scoresN

    -- he number of problems per 100 5ehicles o5er the entire productlineup dropped 2> points to 200 a 1: percent impro5ement o5er 200 nameplates measured inthe study and placed it ahead of the industry a5erage for the first time -- 'ach product in the &yundai product portfolio impro5ed o5er last year

    C)ur continued dedication to !uality is paying off for consumers and thisyearAs 8ehicle /ependability tudy is further demonstration of the strideswe are makingC said "arry *at?laff &yundai otor #merica director of

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    product !uality C%ustomers deser5e higher le5els of !uality at the timethey buy their 5ehicle and throughout its lifetime )ur impro5ing initial!uality and long-term dependability show that weA5e responded in ameaningful way for the long termC

    *at?laff went on to say that with the results achie5ed in this yearAsdependability sur5ey that &yundai had reached a top tier of only a smallnumber of brands that are abo5e industry a5erage in both initial !ualityand dependability

    he #ccent scores registered only 1>< problems per 100 cars a more than20 percent impro5ement o5er 200< results his impro5ement was mostlyaccounted for by measured impro5ements in the engine climate controlsand seating categories

    he 8/ study measures problem symptoms of three-year-old 5ehicles

    primarily in categories such as ride handling braking temperatecontrols seats engine performance dri5ing dynamics and interior ande4terior durability he 8/ is one of three =/ ower and #ssociates!uality studies along with the Initial Uuality tudy $IU thatmeasures !uality after 90 days of ownership and the #utomoti5eerformance '4ecution and (ayout $#'#( study that measurescustomer perceptions on the design content layout and performance oftheir new 5ehicles

    #t &yundai weAre committed to deli5ering !uality and e4cellence in

    e5erything we do #nd our efforts ha5e been recognised by industrye4perts all o5er the world

    Ac,ievemets time-ie


    &yundai produces the most segment leaders of any automoti5emanufacturer according to trategic 8isionAs otal Uuality Inde4 $UIwhich measures total 5ehicle satisfaction among new car owners

    #chie5ing the top slot in three distinct 5ehicle segments is a first for&yundai

    he anta +e is 5oted A"est "uy :4: under X30000A at the Khat %ar 20000 for less than *s 200000 $E ;000 e4-showroom to the

    premium sedan F : and lu4ury ,8 Hrand 8itara


    aruti goes ahead to gi5e the customer a complete car e4perience - a

    solution to ha5e all auto needs under a single roof #llied ser5ices like

    +inance $aruti +inance Insurance $aruti Insurance and sale

    purchase and trade-in of pre owned cars $rue 8alue help customers

    ha5e a hassle free ownership e4perience


    Ke ha5e a nationwide footprint in o5er 11

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    working women who need more time and comes in as a great ser5ice

    his was a result of one of the communication meetings when the

    suggestion was put forward and immediately rolled out

    Hyundai Motor Signs Technical Agreement with Caparo

    India to Make Luxury Buses

    eoul Lorea &yundai otor %o which operates IndiaDs second-

    largest automobile maker signed a fi5e-year technical agreement with

    %aparo India plc today in %hennai to further cement its leading position

    in India by entering the countryDs rapidly-growing lu4ury bus market

    #ccording to the %L/ agreement with auto parts maker %aparo India

    which is part of the (ondon-based %aparo Hroup &yundai otor will

    pro5ide parts and production technology for the buses while %aparo

    India will build a 1;00 units-a-year factory near &yundai otor IndiaDs

    current plant to locally manufacture and sell the 5ehicles he %L/

    plant may begin production by early 2009 initially producing 3;0 units

    #ccording to the agreement the plant will produce a total of about

    ;100 buses by 2013 IndiaDs commercial 5ehicle market stood at

    290000 units in 200

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    middle-class emergesC a &yundai official said C&yundai with its high-

    performance and high-!uality aero bus will create a re5erberation in the

    Indian commercial 5ehicle market which has been dominated by local

    makers such as ata and #shok (eylandC

    )n top of its best-selling models in India such as antro and the i10

    &yundai otor will now enter the countryDs commercial 5ehicle market

    to boost market presence and strengthen its brand name

    r %hoi &an-Young resident of &yundai otorDs commercial

    5ehicle di5ision and %aparo IndiaDs resident r unil ahila7ani and

    about >0 other officials attended the signing ceremony

    &yundai will continue to aim for commercial 5ehicle sales of 100000

    units by 2010 entering the op 10

    &yundai currently has commercial 5ehicle %L/ plants in si4 countries

    including %hina 8ietnam *ussia Indonesia alaysia and Iran

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)




    *esearch in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge )nce

    can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for

    pertinent information on a specific topic In fact research is an art of

    scientific in5estigation he ad5anced learnerDs dictionary of current

    'nglish lays down the meaning of research as a careful in5estigation

    especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledgeJ

    he research approach for the study e4ploratory research +urther this

    research was of descripti5e type which is an off shoot of conclusi5e

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    research he data collection was both primary and secondary data he

    source was 2; managers and >0 customers


    ampling as a process may be defined as a structured way with whichthe items are chosen from gi5en space be fitting for research study

    ampling as such is a probabilistic process with which the whole

    research depends upon as targets chosen for study pro5ided for rele5ant

    data to meet desired ob7ect


    It may be defined as a unit of an item chosen for study to draw desired

    inference he sample is decided with reference too the ob7ecti5e of the

    study and properly defined in the chose the !uality and !uantity of

    sample for conclusi5e deduction for the study of he research

    $N&/ERSEKith reference to the process of sampling a uni5erse may be understood

    as the entire space which may consist of li5ing and non li5ing beings out

    of which a si?able population can be chosen to draw sample from

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    It is for the purpose of sampling may be defined as designated part of

    uni5erse which has the entire desired sample and of course a part of

    population is chosen to consist the si?e of the sample he population

    always has the feature of homogeneity

    SAMP(E S&

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    Analysis for customers

    U1N- /o you ha5e a : wheeler a Yes b .o

    Resposes No# resposes

    Yes >0

    .o 00

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    his graph shows that out of >0 samples all use four wheeler in the*aipur city

    U2N-I+ Y' K&I%& ).' /) Y), ' a aruti b +ord c &yundai d)ther

    Resposes No# Resposes

    Maruti 44

    )ord =

    !yudai 2;

    Ot,er 35

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    &ferece+rom the abo5e graph I can say that 33 customers ha5e maruti 2>ha5e &yundai 10 ha5e other and remaining 9 ha5e ford

    U3N-Khat do you look into a : wheeler a Your budget b er5ice pro5ided by the companies

    c %omfort d )ther

    Resposes No# Resposes

    7our budBet 25

    Service provided by t,e compay 40

    Comfort 2>



  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    &ferece+rom the abo5e graph we can say that 36 customers go for ser5ice

    pro5ided by the companies at the time of purchase of the four

    wheeler 2: look for comfort and remaining 20 look see theirbudget out of >0 sample si?e

    U:N-KhatDs the color of your car

    a Khite b "lack c *ed d )thers

    Resposes No# Resposes

    a. *,ite 45

    b. %-ack 2?

    c. Red ?

    d. Ot,ers 25

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    )ut of >0 sample si?e 30 customers ha5e white colored four

    whalersD2; ha5e black colour ; ha5e red and remaining 20 ha5e othercolours four wheeler

    U;N-/id you purchase your car with the help of finance facilities a Yes b .o

    Resposes No# Resposes

    7es 05

    No 25



    :0!o. of



    yes no


    Purc&ase of 'w&eeler by finance



  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    +rom the abo5e graph I can find out that out of >0 sample si?e 60customers ha5e purchased their four wheeler with finance facilities

    and remaining 20 ha5e purchased with cash payment

    U6N- If yes are u satisfied with the rate on interest of the loan a Yes b .o

    Resposes No# Resposes

    7es ?2

    No 2;

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)


    &ferece;2 customers are satisfied with their rate of interest and remaining2> customers are not out of >0 sample si?e


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    +rom the abo5e graph Ii can plot that 3< customers out of >0 preferpower fuel 33 prefer speed and rest 10 use turbo

    U>N-what is your monthly e4penditure on fuel# 2000-below b 2000-:000 c :000 and abo5e

    Resposes No# Resposes2555:be-o 35

    2555:>555 02

    >555 ad above ;







    !o. of











    (3penuture on fuel

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    onthly e4peditor on fuel of 62 customers is between 2000-:000other 10 customers spend between 2000 and below and remaining >customers spend abo5e :000 out of >0 customers

    U9N #re you satisfied with the ser5ices pro5ided by the companiesDser5ice center

    a Yes " no

    Resposes No# Resposes

    7es 10

    No >


    "atisfaction level wit& t&e

    services provie by aut&orise

    service stataion

    / ,/ '/ 2/ 4/




    !o.of responses


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    )ut of >0 customers 3

    Duration for servicing ' w&eeler




    1A-months -A=months and a%ove

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    10 customers out of >0 5isit the authori?ed ser5ice center in 1-2months rest between 2-3 months and remaining < after


    +rom abo5e graph I can say that 0 wont

    recommended to their friends

    U12N - #re you willing to switch your brand a Yes b no

    Resposes No# Resposes

    7es 2?

    No ??


    %ran loyal






    !o. of responses


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    2; customers are willing to switch their brand and remaining ;; aresatisfied with their brand out of >0 customers

    Analysis for managers

    U1N - Khat made you to 7oin this company

    a "etter salary b better future

    Resposes No #Resposes

    %etter sa-ary 3?

    %etter future 35


    Reson for 5oning t&e company


    10?etter salary

    %etter future

  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    +rom abo5e graph I can say that 1; managers 7oined theparticular organi?ation for better salary and rest 10 for betterfuture out of 2; sample si?e

    U2N - #re you satisfied with your 7ob

    a Yes b no

    Respose No# of resposes

    7es 3?

    No 3?












    yes no


    5ob satisfaction


  • 8/12/2019 B.B.a. 6th Sem (Repaired)



    +rom the abo5e graph I can find out that 1; managers aresatisfied with their =ob and remaining 1; are not out 2; samplesi?e

    U3N - /o you own any : wheelera Yes b no

    Respose No# Respose

    7es 0

    No 3=


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