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3 Pitches of Film Genius

3 Pitches of Film GeniusBy Elspeth Barron

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34 T-ShirtsRomantic ComedyFocuses on central character Lauren after Husband dies.Looks at how she copes and her friends who help her find a reason for living.Film sees Lauren and best friends Billie and Ashlea take a 34 day holiday which helps them seek whats next for them all.34 t-shirts relates to what her husband left in his will for her. All relate to a special occasion together. See there stories through flashbacks.

34 T-ShirtsLocation: Opening Sequence would take place in Laurens house (outside London) then move to a bar. Holiday would take place in Cornwall. The opening: Focuses on Laurens life with her husband and then we see her wake up and face reality. There is a phone conversation between Lauren and Billie. We then see them in a pub where she meets the new guy and they decide on a holiday away.

Toilet BreakA five hour car journey with kids.

Toilet BreakToilet BreakComedyFocuses on a family of five taking a trip to see their grandparent in the lakes.Although perceived as the perfect family there are cracks at the foundations which are revealed through this laugh out loud comedy.As they have many troubles (Car breaks down, too many toilet breaks, fights etc) they solve the family ones.5 hour journey which ends up as 24 hours.Toilet BreakLocation: Opening sequence in house and getting in the car. Main of the filming would be in the car or on various motorway services.The opening: We see an image near the end of the film where the family are all tearing each others hair out and hear a voiceover which discusses holiday. Then we go back to the beginning of the journey as they wake up, get ready and leave.

Running WildA love for fantasy binds siblings together.

Running WildFantasy/QuestFollows Emily and Jay whos parents lives are taken over by work in a sudden rush of need for money.Emily and Jay have to look after each other to get through each day while there parents are busy.Two ends of the spectrum join together to create a fantasy world where they forget their troubles until reality catches up.Running WildLocation: Schools, Forest, Family home.The opening: We see a blank screen and hear Emily talking to Jay. She is counting from one to ten and as she ends we see both of then layed on the grass as they open their eyes they talk about their imaginary world. We go to their home and see how life is when there back in reality.

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