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  • 1. 2013 Algae Industry Survey Conducted by the Algae Biomass OrganizationJanuary, | (877) 531-5512 |

2. Surveyed Across the Industry471 respondents from across the industry 3. Survey Highlights There is significant optimism in the industry that: Algae fuels will be price competitive within thedecade. Production and hiring will increase in both theshort and long term. Supportive federal policy would acceleratehiring and production. 4. On Track to Price Competitiveness 91% of respondents say it is likely that algae-based fuels will be cost-competitive by 2020. Nearly 1 in 4 producers say the price will be below $3.00 per gallon by2020. Given what you know about the algae industry, in your opinion, how likely is it that algae-based fuels will be cost-competitive with fossil fuels by 2020? 2012 Response 2013 Response2013 ProducersRatio Ratio Only Extremely likely13% 12% 16% Very likely 22% 26% 31% Moderately likely 34% 29% 27% Slightly likely 20% 24% 21% Not at all likely 10%9%5% 5. On Track to Price Competitiveness 6. Industry Pursuing Full Range of AlgaeProductsDoes your company or organization produce any of thefollowing algal products? (select all that apply)ProducersABO MembersOnlyVegetable oils for use infood products 5%11%Feeds (fish and/or farm) 35%35%Bioplastics 4% 5%Chemicals11%10%Nutritional products ornutraceuticals 30%28%Fuels33%29%Fertilizers21%18%Biomass for energy orother uses 37%36%Other 9% 9% 7. Capacity Continues to Expand 25% of producers reported theywould be expanding in 2013 at anexisting facility 22% said they would expand withnew facilities 20% reported expansion and bothnew and existing facilities. 8. Most Critical Challenges#1: cost-efficient productionsystems#2: harvesting and extractionsystems 9. Continued Job Growth AheadTo the best of your knowledge, approximately how many people in your organizationor company (or division) are directly working (or will be working) on algae-relatedbusiness at the following times?Beginning 2013 End of 2013End of 20201-10 71%58%17%11-5020%27%30%51-1004% 4%16%101-500 4% 4% 8%500+1% 0% 4%Not sure0% 6%25% 10. Types of Jobs in Algae Industry Executives Scientists and researchers Marketers and salespeople Administrative, legal, human resources Operations and production Financing Customer support Student Professor 11. Supportive Policy is Vital Interest from policymakers is high more than half ofABO members report hosting elected officials at theirfacility. 90% of employers say better federal policy supportwould accelerate hiring.Have elected officials at any level (local, state, federal) ever visited yourfacilities? ABO MembersProducersYes 52%44%No43%51%Not sure 5% 5% 12. Top Policy RecommendationsThe most important federal policies in building a robust algaeindustry:#1 Research and development grants#2 Commercialization grants#3 Tax credits and/or incentives 13. | (877) 531-5512 |

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