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Zoom Media: Make your advertising work harder

Jun 29, 2015


Zoom Media is the world’s leading digital advertising agency connecting your business to the local community all day, every day.

Along with supplying an advertising platform for some of the world’s largest companies, Zoom Media offers small to medium enterprises the opportunity to reach millions of active adults through extensive partnerships with all of the UK’s leading health and fitness operators and universities.
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  • 1. Make your advertising work

2. The worlds largestdigital fitnessadvertising agencyReach the most valuable and elusiveaudiences.Access the UKs active, upwardlymobile consumers.Target the countrys leading gymchains.Engage with eye-catching motiongraphic advertisements. 3. Strengthen your brand 4. Why Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising?Changes in technology and lifestyle allow consumersto miss traditional advertising methods.DOOH is growing despite traditional mediastruggling.It is flexible and adapts to your target audience.It is Dynamic, engaging campaigns.63% of adults say DOOH catches their attention.Higher than all traditional media surveyed.*DOOH advertising intercepts valuable consumers asthey go through their daily routines.SOURCE Engaging People with Digital-Out-of-Home.OTX and SeeSaw networks 5. vStopping powerThe Zoom Media network has on average 15 million viewers per month.86% noticing our in-house TV programming. 6. TV channel designto maximizeadvertising 4000 screens in in over 700 sitesvnationwide Located in the highest dwell timeareas* Only channel dominantthroughout each health club Playing your advert a min oftwice an hour White labeled channel designedfor each health club.*minimum of 1 in 4 overhead screens in themain workout zone. 7. Leading ProductionsBespoke advertising service.Talented in-house team.Dedicated personal editor.State-of-the-Art technology.We work to a 6-8 week turn around for alladvertisement. The production process hasseveral stages which your editor willexplain to you. 8. Example advert one 9. Example advert two 10. Example advert three 11. The Elusive Audience 12. At a Glance 12.7% of the UK population areregular gym-goers. 74% of the Zoom Mediaaudience have above averageincomes. 51% female 49% male. Average health club membervisits their club twice a week,staying for over an hour per visit. 13. v 14. Case study: Vauxhall North WestVauxhall North West are now offering flexible finance packages on new cars, with 0% finance for up to fiveyears.vCampaign objectives: Through Zoom Medias gym advertising, Vauxhall wish to demonstrate an uplift inpositive brand perceptions and increased brand consideration. 15. Vauxhall North West advert 16. CampaigneffectivenessImprinting 61% recall seeing theadvertisement in the gym.Brand perceptions 80% of those whorecalled seeing the advert associatedVauxhall with being good value formoney.Campaign perceptions 64% agreedthe advert told them something theydidnt know before.Impact56% of those who saw the advert arelikely to act.61% of those who recalled the advertare likely to consider buying a Vauxhallin the future. 17. Client testimonialsWe had ads create by Zoom Media in 2 of our local sports clubs.The ads are striking, well designed and can be seen clearly from adistanceWe have gained a considerable number of new clients from thesports clubs and are so happy with the results that we have signedup for another year!-Kathy, The SalonWe have always enjoyed working with Zoom Media.They are helpful an efficient and you can always rely on a promptand friendly service.Apart from that, our ad looks great!-Sharron, Hillview PhysiotherapyWorking with Zoom Media has been great!Everyone has been efficient and understanding and always morethan happy to help with our requirements.This is our second year with Zoom Media and would definitelyrecommend them to others.-Fiona, Guy SalmonI have had the pleasure of working with Zoom Media with a fewcampaigns now.They are on hand in a consultative basis ensuring that the campaignmessage and creative is right for their audience.Feedback from customers and retailers alike has all been verypositive, and I look forward to working with them on more campaignsin the future.-Paul, Vauxhall 18. BROADSTONE HOUSE, BROADSTONE ROAD, STOCKPORT, CHESHIRE SK5 7DLTEL: (0161) 443 4200 FAX (0161) 443 4222 EMAIL: [email protected]