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Zendesk PRO Tips

Nov 01, 2014



This presentation was from the Zendesk Boston User's group kick-off event. These slides show you a little bit about how Compete PRO uses Zendesk as well as some other projects within our group. For questions regarding these slides feel free to reach out to me.

  • 1. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o mZendesk Boston Users GroupHow Compete uses Zendesk to create a positivecustomer experience.Presented by Lindsey Mark
  • 2. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m2 Competeisamarketresearchcompanyspecializinginprovidingdigitalinsightstoglobalbrands. Wehaveabout200employeeswithmultipleZendeskinstances! HappyZendeskuserssince2009.Compete & Zendesk
  • 3. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m3 Ceri Landrum & the Consumer Input Team Supports our data acquisition, survey, and mobile efforts. Sam Fisher & the Data Team Supports the product and vertical teams data inquiries. The PRO Client Relations Team Sarah Friedman & Kristina Lopez Serves Compete PRO customers and our freemium Site Analytics users.Compete Teams & ZendeskCC BY
  • 4. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m41. Itsaves us time inrespondingtocustomers(macros)2. Allowsustomanage expectations (triggers&automations)3. Helpsusmeasure(gooddataandzendeskreporting/views)4. WorkingwithZendeskfeelslikeapartnership5. Theproductisdogfoodable theyuseittoo!Why we love Zendesk
  • 5. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m5We aspire to work with Zendesk as a partner.Leverage Zendesk as our Competeschoice provider for organizing all ofour product and services requests. Show the value of Zendesk as a productivitytool with superior integrations. Push to leverage Zendesks forums forknowledge sharing by storing information andorganize our communications as livingdocuments. Facilitate adoption by helping others in ourcompany understand its vast capabilities andsharing our successes.VisionStrategy
  • 6. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m6What Ive learned,as a customer of Zendesk.
  • 7. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m7Winston ChurchillSuccess consists ofgoing from failure tofailure without loss ofenthusiasm.
  • 8. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m8Salvador DaliHave no fear ofperfection - youllnever reach it.
  • 9. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m9Benjamin FranklinTell me and Iforget, teach me and Imay remember, involveme and I learn.
  • 10. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m10Zendesk PRO tipsThe Compete Client RelationsTeams Favorite Configurations
  • 11. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m11The ProblemClients & colleagues email us directly. We need to record ourinteractions in order to trackour interactions andmeasure ourselves We want to be friendly andrespectful of our clientstime, while gentlyacknowledging the benefitsof best outreach practices.Photo Credit: uzvards
  • 12. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m12The Solution A trigger that fires when a mail is received from [email protected] email Organization = Compete // AND The body of the email contains one of the following // THEN Auto_close_ticket Auto_assign_{{agent_name}} Auto_assign_{{group}} Compete PRO TIPWhen using HTML emailmake your trigger text white &small so clients dont see it.Photo Credit: juhansoninOrganizations & Triggers
  • 13. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m13The ProblemWeneed to ensure our communications are relevant. Right message, at the righttime, to the right people. Organize and track ourcommunications. Delegate out messages toother departments.Photo Credit: dysturb
  • 14. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m14The SolutionLeverage the power of tags, targets, and ticket sharing. Custom email templatestriggered by macro tags. Welcome Emails New Tickets Delegate via Email Targets Blog inquires Marketing inquires Ticket Sharing Custom macro templatesinclude use informationPhoto Credit: Khalid AlHaqqan
  • 15. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m15The ProblemWeneed to measure our performance. Keep tabs on performance Ticket volumes Timeliness of responses Ticket touches Customer satisfaction Voice of the Customer (tags) Track our projects and tasks. Gain visibility into group andteam member performance.Photo Credit: billaday
  • 16. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m16The SolutionZendesk and GoodData Help Us Fetch Information. Build & Automate Reports Analyze Performance &Share Insights Recent Insights We need to facilitatea self-service option. Site changes haveimpacted ticket volumes. Customers are more likelyto respond as satisfiedwhen theyve spoken to usvia phone.Photo Credit: ajagendorf25
  • 17. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m17Team building, staying focused, andcelebrating customer praiseOutside of Zendeskthe importance ofalignment & values
  • 18. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m181. What are some of your personal core values?2. What motivates/discourages you?3. What is example of an accomplishment youre proud of (can be anything)?4. I feel most happy when?5. What was the last customer service experience made you feel warm & fuzzy?6. I pride myself on?7. How do you like to be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded for a job welldone?8. What makes you feel like a valuable contributor?9. My biggest strength/weakness is?10.If you could focus on improving /learning one thing this quarter what would it be?Its much easier when you first agree on your values.Striking a balance can be difficult.
  • 19. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m191. We are committed to anticipating our customers needs, proactivelyreaching out, and carrying ourselves with patience and infectiousoptimism.2. We are advocates for our clients acting as liaisons within ourorganization to facilitate timely and accurate data, must-havefeatures and functionality, and externally to promote the knowledgeand understanding to derive actionable insights from ourproducts.3. Were respectful of our clients time, listen carefully, andare thoughtful in our actions and recommendations.4. We work hard to keep up-to-date on industry trends so thatour clients value our expertise and think of our products andservices as must have.5. We have a strong appreciation of facialhair, specifically mustaches and coffee too!Our Team Values
  • 20. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m20How westaycustomer focused Our values live incontext ofreal, positive customerfeedback thatsupdated regularly. Updated weeklyusing our satisfactionsurveys and VOCtags. Anyone on the teamcan submit contentin any format.Our Internal Tumblr Account
  • 21. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m21Twitter @linji andoutreach welcome!Icons Credit: