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Jan 22, 2018


  1. 1. Zelgors first mobile game Zelgors first mobile game
  2. 2. Mobile games can & should be better Its not because of the phone Most games arent fun at first, but promise to be more fun if you pay of mobile gamers quit playing within the first 24 hours66% Most phone games are barely fun The Problem
  3. 3. Nolan Bushnell -- Founder of Atari All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master. 3 Discoverability 2 Excellent Game Structure 1 Unique Feel Successful games need three key elements: Building Better Games
  4. 4. Fruit flinging, dodgeball-style, food fights! Noob Squads battle for control of the planet the only way they know how... Noobs team up to form Noob Squads as they attempt conquer territories and take over Earth NoobTubez chronicles the story of a loveable alien race called Noobs Unique Feel: NoobTubez NoobTubez is our first mobile game
  5. 5. The combo of immediate satifaction and long term goals creates epic wins that keep customers coming back for more The battle for territories provides endless content and social incentives The food fight arcade game is easy to pick up and offers instant gratification Players unlock new Noobs for their squad along the way Dodgeball meets map-based strategy games Excellent Game Structure
  6. 6. GoogleMaps SDK, Unity 3D, foursquare Creates clickable territories and locations all over the globe A mobile platform that turns the real world map into a board game Were Using the Zelgor Platform to build NoobTubez Powering NoobTubez
  7. 7. Casual gamers, who play short sessions, with divided attention, a few times a day Core gamers, who play games for days, months, and years Younger gamers, who play games both in their free time and while theyre in class Target Audience
  8. 8. Leverage strategic major consumer brand partnership Use large trafficked traditional ad buys in major cities Launch giant pop-up nation-wide guerilla campaigns Create full press plan roll out with strategic PR agency Growth Launch Nolan Bushnell online commercial campaign Use strategic and targeted ad buys on related games Build out an influencer promoter network in 3-5 major cities Set up sponsorships/booths at major trade shows and conferences (E3) Push targeted press releases to writers and news platforms Launch Pre-Launch Launch Kickstarter marketing campaign Reach out to 1st & 2nd degree networks Create and engage on specific strategic social channels Launch traditional and digital guerilla marketing campaign Soft launch in similar markets such as Australia and Canada Discoverability
  9. 9. Merchandising Expansion to PC and Console Platform Licensing Future Opportunities Sponsored Items and Power-ups Sponsored Territories and Quests No Banner or Pop-up Ads In-Game Monetization Free-to-play game with in-app purchases Players can buy key items for their Noobs Free to Download Business Model
  10. 10. **Sources: | | Top titles, such as Game of War and Clash of Clans, bring in one million dollars of revenue each day** Private game three year exit returns = 7 times initial investment 2011-2014** Record $15B in Mobile M&A/IPOs in 2014** Game Exit Value by Sector 2014 (M&A and IPO)** The mobile game space is an 11 billion dollar industry, with over 100 million mobile gamers in the US alone Market Opportunity
  11. 11. $250k Seed - Round 1 Aug. 2012 - Sept. 2013 Past Financials Nolan Bushnell Founder of Atari Games Shawn Fanning Co-founder of Napster Joe Abrams Co-founder of MySpace Kai Huang Co-founder of RedOctane Advisors Tim Draper DFJ Venture Larry Sonsini Wilson Sonsini Goodrish & Rosati Clarke Keough Allen & Company Jack Schneider Allen & Company John Arsneault T-Rex Hotdog Ventures Duncan Richardson Eaton Vance Management Greg Pesik EveryMundo LLC Investors Spencer Bramson Chief Marketing Officer Phil Fogerite Product Manager Gabriel Tironeac Game Designer Alex Boca Lead Game Developer Core Team John Fanning Jr. Founder and CEO Founder Zelgors DNA
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