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YouTube Ads Genius 101

Jan 19, 2017



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YouTube Ads Genius 101Discover how to make the most of YouTube ads to promote your business

IntroductionYouTube ads are growing, rapidly becoming one of the most popular ad networks because it leverages the huge traffic on one of the top 5 most popular sites in the world.It is also owned by Google, so is part of the entire Google network of free marketing toolsThis means your marketing can be integrated in a number of ways.


1-Why YouTube ads?YouTube ads are CheapHighly visibleLow competition at this timeLow inventory for many topics means lots o displays for youCan be measured easily and improved, for a great return on your investment (ROI)

2-Different Types Of Ads & How To Use ThemThere are 2 main kinds of ads available.Mastering them can help you drive the kind of traffic you want to your websiteEach works in different waysUsing both can achieve great trafficThere are design considerations, but once youve learned the basics, you can create as many ads as you like easily

3-Linking to Your WebsiteThe main goal will be to link to your site to drive traffic to itHowever, not all links are created equalDont link to your homepageDo link to a special page you have created for your promotionIn this way you can track and test your results. Call to action-give them a REASON to click

4-Linking an Adwords AccountIf you already have a free Gmail account, great!A free Gmail account is your gateway to more than 20 free tools that can help you market your business effectivelyAdWords is Googles ad networkOnce you set up your account, you can create ads, run them and pay for them

5-Blueprint for In-Display AdvertisingIn-display ads are one type of ad at YouTubeIn-stream is the otherIn-display is very common-youve probably seen banners, boxes and moreYou need to communicate value and a call to action in a very small spaceYou need to follow the ad specifications so your ad will be allowed to run

6-Creating In-Display AdsThere are a number of ways to create in-display adsYou can do it even if you dont own any expensive programsYou can get free backgrounds and royalty-free clip art at a range of sitesPut them together with your message and call to action and see how much traffic you can get

7-Using Camtasia the Easy WayCamtasia is one of the most popular screen capture software programsIt is ideal for showing what is on your screen as you are workingIt gives your audience a look over your shoulder, so to speak, as you demonstrate software, processes, how tos, and moreThere are free alternatives as well to try

8-Keywords Research In-DisplayOnce you have your ad created either as a display ad or a video made with Camtasia or similar programs, you might feel excited at the chance to post your adsBut wait. Be patient.All ad networks and search engines run on keywordsMastering keyword research in relation to your niche is key to getting good results

9-Thumbnails That Get Clicked OnThe thumb is like a book cover. It needs to match the content.Heres the thumb we made for this course. It is easy to read even at a small size and clear about what it is about.You can learn how to create gorgeous thumbs easily once you have the right tools

10-Uploading & OptimizationThere are several important aspects to listing your ads once you have created them, researched keywords, and created an attractive thumbnailUploading may look easy, but certain settings will work better than othersOptimizing your ads will also make a big difference in relation to how much ROI you will get

11-Secret To Funnel TrafficIf you have not mastered traffic funnels yet, it might be a good idea to make sure you have one in place before you launch your ad, and that your ads each lead to their own funnelThere are free funnels and sales funnelsChoose which one to use depending on your goals.See for more information

12-Setting Up Your In-Display AdOnce you have your funnel set up for your ad, then you can set up your in-display adYou will be able to choose size, configuration and moreYour in-stream and in-display ads should all have a clear purpose and goal in mind so you can have a clear call to action

13-YouTube ads strategyIntegrating your YouTube ads strategy into your overall marketing strategy can be done in a number of waysYouTube ads drive traffic to free and sales funnelsWhat happens after they get into your funnelWhat are the goals of each adWhat is the call to action for each ad

14-Channel Research for High ROI PlacementsYouve already done keyword research, but channel research is also important if you want to get a high return on your investmentSome channels are going to be a lot more competitive than others, so be prepared to set up ads in different channels to test their performance and your ROI

15-In-Stream TargetingIn stream targeting offers further opportunities to make the most of YouTube adsThese behave differently than display ads and you have a number of settings to choose fromThink of these ads as infomercials that can grab and hold attention

16-Running a Smooth BusinessEvery business needs to turn a profit in order to stay in businessThey also need trafficYouTube ads can be one of the best ways to automate driving traffic to your funnels, and from your funnels to your email marketing list or sales process, all in a smooth and seamless way

17-Split-Testing Your Way to SuccessIt will take you some time to become familiar with the YouTube ads interface, but the same is true of every ad systemOne of the most important skills to master from the outset is split-testing, running 2 ads against one another to see which is the winner.When you get a winner, keep it and spilt test against a 3rd ad, a 4th, and so on, til you get a clear winner

18-Scaling UpOnce you have a clear winner that is well optimized and making the most it can for you in terms of clickthroughs, subscribers and sales, you can scale up, that is, increase your budget and run the ad more and moreIf you know each 5 cent click is worth $1, heck, you can keep running ads all day, every day and you will be sure to get a good ROIJust watch out for any new competition in your ad space

19-What Other ways can you profit from YouTube?Ads are just one way you can profit from YouTubeYou can also:Use Google+ for marketingRun HangoutsRun webinars (free and paid) Do product demosAnd more

ConclusionYouTube ads will take some time to master, but the same is true of most other ad networks and promotional methodsThe advantage of YouTube ads is they are backed by Google and the AdWords program so they are highly visible, and will be running on one of the most popular sites in the worldLearn how to get started and see how much traffic you can drive

For more informationTo learn how to get started, take the YouTube Ads Genius 101 course at: contains 25 videos for beginners to help you achieve the success you need to make the most of YouTube adsTo your success!