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Your Stockbroker Hates Gold: The Ugly Truth

Jul 12, 2015




  • No one knows that better than Wall Street

    and your local stockbroker.

  • However, they dont want you buying gold or even thinking about gold, and

    treat you shabbily if you do.

  • One stockbroker told us, I dont like gold, but if I did, I couldnt talk to you about it. Id lose my license.

  • He then added, Youre not using names for this article, right?

  • The fact is they cant sell physical gold.

  • The fact is they cant sell physical gold.

    And they dont know any more about it than most


  • They rely on Wall Streets mantra dismissing

    precious metals as a murky investment.

  • The most important reason

    hates gold: WALL st

  • Precious metals in your possession have

    no counterparties, no continuing fees,

    and no commissions, unlike the thousands of

    investments brokers sell.

  • Once you own gold, that part of your wealth and

    your future is out of Wall Streets hands.

  • Stockbrokers dont get paid

    if you buy physical gold

    and silver.

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