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Your first F2P game Where you will go wrong David Edery, Spry Fox @djedery

Your first f2p game, cc 2012

Jun 22, 2015



David Edery
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  • 1. Your first F2P gameWhere you will go wrongDavid Edery, Spry

2. RotMG iteration 3. Mistake #1: Assuming things about other games 4. Mistake #2: Limited design space 5. Mistake #3: Expecting recognition for restraintIm all in favor of supporting the developers of fun games with no ads, buteven after paying $3.99 they keep nickel-and-diming you Zynga-styleIll give more stars if they add content and subtract greed. 6. (This only happened after RotMGstopped relying on donations) 7. Mistake #4: Expecting miracles from x-promo 8. Mistake #5: Over-reliance on press & platform love 9. Mistakes we generally didnt make,but you might: No consumables as a source of revenue Over-reliance on a single platform Excess emphasis on aesthetic goods 10. RotMG Revenue, Mature Populationas of 2/26/2012 11. RotMG Revenue, Mature Populationas of 2/26/2012 12. Questions?David Edery, Spry Fox