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your exchange in Austria - Graz at FH Joanneum

Jan 12, 2015



Information about FH Joanneum and its Global Business Programme (GBP) for incoming students


2. CONTENT Austria Styria Graz FH Joanneum basic information Master of Business in Emerging Markets Global Business Programme further useful information 3. AUSTRIA - STYRIA What do you alreadyknow about us? 4. SEE WHERE WE ARECOMING FROM 5. 6. 7. AUSTRIA Population: 8.440.465 Area: 83.878,99 km2 Capital: Vienna Language: German Currency: Euro () Organization: federal parliamentary republic 9 independent federal states member of the EU 8. WHAT AUSTRIA IS FAMOUS FOR Wiener Schnitzel Wiener Walzer Arnold Schwarzenegger (Graz) Sigmund Freud Mozart (Mozartkugeln) Red Bull Sachertorte Alps 9. 10. GRAZ Population: about 299,506 (45.000 students) Area: 127.58 km2 Province: Styria The green heart of Austria The citys landmark: The Bell and Clock tower 4 Universities, 2 Universities of Applied Scienceand 2 Colleges of Education 11. WHAT GRAZ IS FAMOUS FOR City of Design Pumpkin seed Oil Arnold Schwarzenegger 12. GRAZ - ADVANTAGES It is a very good location for travelling within Europe 20 minutes to Slovenia, 50 minutes to Hungary, two and half an hour to the sea, and just some seconds to see a lot of other students many bars, restaurants, cinemas, and lots of other beautiful spaces very beautiful cities like Vienna, the capital of Austria 13. FH JOANNEUMUNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCESWho are we? 14. MISSION STATEMENT We are one of Austrias leading Universities of Applied Sciences. In order to maintain and consolidate this status, both our teaching and our applied research and development is modelled on the best colleges and universities in Europe. 15. SOME DATA Founded in 1995 4 Programmes 1 Location ~ 200 Students Today: 36 Programmes (Bachelor, Master, DI and Magister) 3 Locations (Graz, Kapfenberg, Gleichenberg) ~ 530 Employees & 800 external lecturers ~ 3600 Students & over 5800 graduates ~ 3,7 mill EUR overall project volume p.a. 16. 36 DEGREE PROGRAMMES IN 4 AREAS Health Sciences Information, Design & Technologies International Business Life, Building, Environment 17. Student numbers Graduates per year 12004000 1100 1100* 3625 3428 1033 33843500 1000 3174 29203000800 244825687412500 2113 606 6006005602000 17181500 1307 400951 2701000235 810 189 668200158152 479116 500 327 1470 01999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 95/96 96/97 97/98 98/99 99/00 00/01 00/01 01/02 02/03 04/05 05/06 06/07 07/08 08/09 09/10 10/11 18. STUDENTS ARE PROVIDED WITH practice oriented curricula specific needs oftomorrows economy high quality in teaching small size classes &innovative didactic approaches opportunities to participate in leading researchprojects in selected areas of applied sciences close cooperation with local and internationalbusinesses and industry 19. FACILITIES @ FH JOANNEUM Free WLAN @ university Library for research activities Access to lecture rooms for group work extensive sport possibilities @ USI Close students residence (eg. Greenbox) Buddy & Tandem programme 20. R&D - FIELDS OF EXPERTISE (1/2) International Business International Business Development Management and Communication Information, Design & Technologies Green Mobility and Green Technologies Info- and Edutainment Safety and Security 21. R&D - FIELDS OF EXPERTISE (2/2) Life, Building, Environment Energy Efficient Technologies City - Development Health Sciences Diagnostic and Therapeutic Research,Activity and Participation eHealth Public Health and Health Systems 22. www.fh-joanneum.atDEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT (1/2) Programmes: Management of International Business Processes (Bachelor) ~ 230 Students Management of Emerging Markets (Master) ~ 60 Students Global Business Programme: for Incoming Students 23. www.fh-joanneum.atDEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT (2/2) Transfer Centre: 9 Employees 16 Major projects in different areas Company Projects Overall volume ~ 1Mio EUR 24. VIDEO MEM 25. MASTER OF BUSINESS IN EMERGINGMARKETS (MEM) Exciting double degree program Concentration on emerging markets in Russia, India,Mexico and China Study abroad semester is feasable as well 4 Semesters 30 Places Language English completion of a Bachelors degree in Business orsome equivalent academic education 26. HARD & SOFT SKILLS Finance in Emerging Markets Compliance Leadership Global Supply Chain Management Political Economy and Institutions Cross-Cultural Management Foreign Languages International Project Management and many more 27. GLOBAL BUSINESS PROGRAMME (1/3) Designed for the special needs of incomingforeign exchange students Around 8 different courses per semester,covering e.g.: HR, Marketing, Financing,Negotiating, Economics, InternationalBusiness Law, Cross Cultural OrganizationalBehaviour .. 28. GLOBAL BUSINESS PROGRAMME (2/3) International and cross cultural Instructors are faculty members or selected visiting professors from prestigious foreign universities Studying with Austrian and many international students from various countries Fully modular programme each course is instructed for 2x1 or 1x2 weeks 29. GLOBAL BUSINESS PROGRAMME (3/3) Completely flexible Allows you to enter and leave the programme at any time of your choice Entirely in English Advantage of being able to study in English while living in a German-speaking environment No fees for foreign exchange students 30. www.fh-joanneum.atEXPERIENCE OF FH JOANNEUM EXCHANGE STUDENTSERASMUS-Video | Julian Castro, Absolvent & Caution! This semester may change your life 31. CONTACT DATA for GBP Programe - Outbound coordinator at yourUniversity: Ms Ingrid Gehrke [email protected] For Master of Business in Emerging Markets(MEM): [email protected] 32. THANK YOU!