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February 2014 2 index Xanadu Luxury In Partnership with


Mar 13, 2016




This is a free sample of XL INDEX issue "XL INDEX Issue #2" Download full version from: Google Play Store: Magazine Description: Welcome to our launch edition of our INDEX. Featuring over 80+ luxury products from around the world, from Exotic Cars to International Property. You can build your own iPad and Android app at
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February 2014


Xanadu Luxury

In Partnership with

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Ashley Isham

Still in the start of 2014, we felt that it was time to kickstart the year having the INDEX go deeper into all the unique and One of a Kind products that passionate manufacturers from around the globe are putting in the hands of equally passionate owners.

As most of you know, the reasons for purchasing something truly unique have as many facets as the items itself. In this issue, we cater to a wide variety of interests and passions. We let crazy get the better of sain, we allow The Joker a chance to get on equal terms with Batman in terms of tumblers and all of you to find your next favorite house, private island, yacht or why not a crystal and diamond crusted RollsRoyce.

As always, everything is available for sale at JamesEdition and should this issue not satisfy your appetite and hunger for luxury, next issue will be released in March.

Until then, happy shopping...

Khawer Carr Founder, Xanadu Luxury

& Johan Bengtsson



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Your Portal to a Luxury Lifestyle!

Working with leading luxury companies from around the world, we aim to provide brand new and used luxury products ranging from Cars, Yachts, Helicopters and not forgetting Properties. Our aim is to grow your luxury

portfolio and enriching your lifestyle.

@[email protected] www.xanaduluxury.comwww

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Sometimes you just want something so special that no one is the world has it, but


We all want exclusive items within our portfolio, it makes us stand out from our


This month we are proud to present a Crystal Rolls Royce and exclusive Titanium


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Roll Royce

Silver Cloud

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May we present to you one of the most exceptional cars you have ever seen: The Crystal Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Originally a 1960 Silver Cloud, this exceptional limousine was elevated to a piece of art in the year 2010. During this project, 7 artists worked for more than 3 years fitting each of the 1 Million plus Swarovski crystals, with tweezers, to the car. Every detail of the Crystal Silver Cloud has been finished to perfection and a special glue was even developed for this purpose only. Next to indulging the beauty with your eyes and driving the car, the greatest pleasure is to slide a hand across the surface, feeling the crystals smoothness and elegance. The car bare the unmistakable trades of the Crystal Silver Cloud, with the 'Emily' flying over a sea of Swarovski Crystals and the Rolls Royce logo on the chest cover perfected using 4,200 precious Topas stones (4 x 4 mm). This is the only existing Rolls Royce decorated with over 1 Million Swarovski crystal stones and a true art piece that will remain unique for ever. The Crystal Silver Cloud is surely the pride to every collector with its discreet and artful yet very recognizable details and fantastic craftsmanship. The result is one of its kind that must be experienced.

Priced atPrice Upon Request




Technical Specifications:Type of Car: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II. (In total, 2.417 cars were built from this model)Initial Registration: December 10th 1960 Car Model: Limousine Doors: 4 Mileage Status: 99813 Car ID: SXC307 Cubic capacity: V8 � 6230 cubic � Orginal Motor Steering: RightInteriors: New black leather upholstery and side panels. New black carpets. New Alcantara � Interior roof and sun shields. Newly carped baggage department, original black steering wheel, original burl wood armature board, side panels and all parts in the back of the car.Chrome Parts: Original partially newly chrome platedReadiness to Drive: The Rolls Royce is fully ready to be driven

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Titanium Luxury Toothbrush

Throughout the ages, development in oral and dental hygiene has never been gratifying. From the purest, most simple branch of a Miswak tree to the electronic brush, we have finally found the

balance between medical function and aesthetic beauty. Reinast brings extraordinary beauty to dental care through the use of distinct materials and elegant design that transcends time and

passing trends.

Page 10: XL INDEX - XL INDEX Issue #2

The history of Reinast is inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of its founders to create luxurious everyday objects on the forefront of technology. The desire for timeless beauty

combined with expertise in dental science and material research resulted in a unique and everlasting product: A toothbrush, Made in Germany, that merges exceptional functionality

with a design that transcends time and passing trends.

To guarantee perfect biocompatibility with unparalleled durability, Reinast is manufactured from solid titanium under highest quality standards. The replaceable brush heads ensure exceptional and lasting hygiene. To further strengthen the antibacterial composition, an

antibacterial coating is applied to the most critical point, the interface between toothbrush and replaceable brush head. These properties combined with the stylish, ergonomic and

timeless design made the vision a reality: creating the first everlasting hygienic toothbrush, a fine accessory and an exclusive gift.

A timeless luxury is now an option.

Priced atPrice Upon Request






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One of aKindWe are proud to introduce a new section of the the magazine call One of A Kind, features Cars, Yachts, and Properties, that are either one offs, ultra-high-end luxury, or just simply outstanding within the market.Items that are featured in this section are scored like

we do in our reviews, out of 15, with the same scoring of Desirability, Style, and Presence.

You will find in this issue a few special items such as a the Batmobile, a one off Lamborghini, and a very

special 1938 Delage.

Page 12: XL INDEX - XL INDEX Issue #2

This concept vehicle features an LS1 motor with a custom built frame, chassis and drive line. It has an automatic transmission, dually rear end featuring FOUR 44" super swamper tires with custom rims! It has a custom cut windows, seating for two, 5 driver assist cameras, Double den stereo with blue tooth, CD/DVD, Ipod integration for all of your entertainment needs.This vehicle also features GPS Navigation worldwide as well as a custom interior. It is a limited edition of only 5 worldwide! We have built this



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Priced at







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1938 Delage

D8 120 Aerosport Coupe

Long considered the most attractive design in Delage history, the Aerosport was the work of the brilliant

Marcel LeTourneur, who today ranks alongside the renowned Jean Bugatti as one of the greatest young

French designers of the 1930s. Just 12 Aerosport coupes were built (not counting the less attractive

notchback coupes), all featuring long hoods, flowing fenders and a unique roof design incorporating

dramatic downward-sweeping pillarless side windows.

At almost 18 feet in length, the Aerosport was a large but beautifully styled and proportioned automobile whose lightweight alloy body easily enabled prolonged cruising at highway speeds. The final iteration of the Aerosport, design number 5941, was reserved for this car, chassis number 51617. A late Series 2 car with a lower roofline, it is the 11th built of the series of 12 cars, eight of which remain extant today. Recently imported from Copenhagen by a Sarasota, Florida, museum, its entire history and ownership are very well chronicled.

Page 15: XL INDEX - XL INDEX Issue #2

Ordered by French aviation pioneer and manufacturer Felix Amiot, the car was delivered to LeTourneur et Marchand on February 1, 1939 and completed later that spring. At the beginning of the German occupation in June 1940 the car was requisitioned by the Wehrmacht for a German officer and sent to occupied Denmark in September 1940. After Denmark�s liberation in May 1945 the car was confiscated by the newly re-established Danish government, where it assigned a new documented title number D838120 with engine number 51617 (both remaining with car today) and sold it to national resistance hero Jens Lillelund.

Page 16: XL INDEX - XL INDEX Issue #2

It passed then to Danish industrialist Knud Vilhelm Count Schulin, who demonstrated the Aerosport�s performance when he almost succeeded in outrunning the police on his way to catching a ferry; the incident, which ended with a record-setting fine, was reported in the national media, immortalizing both the Aerosport and its driver in Danish automotive lore. The Count�s company, DAPA, manufactured heavy truck trailers; the Delage was parked outside a DAPA factory with a �For Sale� sign when it was discovered by its next owner, prominent Copenhagen attorney Hans Jorgen Beier in 1956. Beier had the somewhat run-down Delage fully restored in 1957, and again in a two-year project completed in 1999. A most enthusiastic owner and caretaker, Mr. Beier amassed a huge collection of handbooks, instruction manuals and historic marque information, all of which accompany the car.

Page 17: XL INDEX - XL INDEX Issue #2

After 57 years of single ownership, in 2013 the car was imported directly to Florida, where it was rallied and shown at the Amelia Island Concours d�Elegance in non-judged display-only status. Always carefully

maintained, this magnificent French automotive objet d�art still presents in excellent condition today. - Chassis No. 51617, Engine No. 51617 - Coachwork by LeTourneur et Marchand - Fully documented history - 1 of 12 built and 1 of 8 in existence - Ordered new by French aviation pioneer Felix Amiot - Siezed during WWII by the German government and sent to occupied Denmark in 1940 - After Denmark's liberation in 1945 the car was confiscated by the newly re-established Danish government, where it was assigned a new documented title number D838120 and sold to national resistance hero Jens Lillelund - Then passed on Danish industrialist Knud Vilhelm Count Shulin who sold the car to Hans Jorgen Beier in 1956 - Beier owned the car until 2013 when it was imported to Florida - 4.7L inline-8 cylinder engine - Cotal four-speed electric pre-selector gearbox - Wheelbase: 133�


Priced at