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Feb 03, 2022



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Dynaudio Wireless High-End

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What if a real High-End system could be set up just like this? What if your music was free to play wherever you want to listen to it? In any room? From any source? In singular, breathtaking quality? Introducing new Dynaudio Xeo, the world’s first Wireless High-End Loudspeaker system.

Xeo is a new way of listening to music. Xeo is very easy to use and sounds awesomely brilliant. Xeo can be wirelessly connected to anything that plays music: your hi-fi audio system, computer, mobile phone, personal audio player, video system, docking station, network player, streaming client, TV, anything. Xeo frees you from set-up problems with amplifiers, cables and converters. Because it frees you from amplifiers, cables and converters altogether. And what’s not there can’t get into the way of the music. Unplug and play.

Xtraordinarily innovative. Say goodbye to loudspeaker cables. Get full high-end resolution and musicality. From anything that plays music. Anywhere you want it. For the very first time.

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Xeo is easy, Xeo is smart, Xeo is game-changing. Because Xeo is the very first wireless and remote con-trolled High-End loudspeaker system. Say goodbye to speaker cables, D/A converters, amplifiers and special software. Unplug them all. And simply plug in the Xeo loudspeakers and the Xeo Transmitter.

Here you go. Everything else can be easily done via the smart, slim remote control. Powering the speakers on and off. Setting the volume level. Selecting an audio source, or muting the sound. And for those old-school components you just got rid of – there’s always eBay. Unplug and play.

Xeo is wireless. Xpect a revolution. The freedom you need. The purity you crave. The sound qualities you always dreamed about.

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Xeo loudspeakers feature the legendary Dynaudio driver technology, fine-tuned to perfection. Handbuilt by our craftsmen with loving care in Skanderborg, Denmark. Incorporating the renowned tweeters and ultra-refined woofers for which Dynaudio is justly famous among the most discerning hi-fi aficionados.

But Xeo offers an even more direct connection to the music: The Xeo speakers receive the music digitally, process the music digitally, and amplify the music digitally. Sent from the Xeo Transmitter, the Xeo loudspeakers receive the most pure, unchanged music signal there is! And play it using the finest loudspeaker technology available. Maintaining the refined natural balance and homogenous sound quality so sought after by true connaisseurs worldwide. Unplug and play.

Xeo is more High-End sound quality. Xtremely awesome. More detail. More dynamic. More transparency. More neutrality. More happiness. Less clutter.

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Naturally adapted to a multi-source environment, Xeo perfectly improves your relations with all sources of musical bliss. Up to four of which can be connected to the Xeo Transmitter inputs. These inputs can then be easily selected on the Xeo loudspeaker’s remote control.

With the Xeo Transmitter you don’t need D/A converters, soundcards, preamplifiers and speaker cables – making listening to music as natural and carefree as possible. The Transmitter receives music from an analogue or digital sound source and transmits it wirelessly to the powered Xeo loudspeakers. In simply breathtaking clarity and quality. It can receive music digitally via USB cable or Toslink optical cable, or analogue via RCA Stereo cable or 3.5mm Minijack cable. The Xeo Transmitter needs no software, no plug-in and no IP address. It streamlines all your acoustical needs with the simple flip of a switch. While giving a new meaning to that old design statement „less is more“: „Nothing“ is even more more. Unplug and play.

Xeo is Multi Source. Xtremely versatile. Upgrade your iPhone, iPod, iPad, TV-set and marriage in a single bold move.

iPod, iPad, MP3 Player

PCSonos, Squeezebox

HiFi system, Amplifier,Phono Pre-Amp


TV, CD/DVD/BD-Player,Dockingstation

NetbookCD-Player, Dockingstation, Sat/Cable Receiver

iPhone, Smartphone


MacApple AirPort Express

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Wireless High-End doesn’t get more practical than this: Xeo is equally suited for multi zone and multi speaker environments.

A Xeo system can be expanded simply via additional Xeo loudspeakers. One single Xeo Transmitter is equipped to provide perfect music to a second pair of Xeo speakers in another room. And if one should wish, to even a third pair of Xeo speakers in a third room. Or simply to two or three pair of Xeo speakers in any single room. Every pair of Xeo loudspeakers is supplied with its own remote control, so each pair can thus individually be powered on and off, set with independent volume levels and play independent music sources, in every room. Unplug and play.

Xeo is Multi Zone. Xtrasensory perception. Multi zone. Multi speaker. Multi environment. Multi satisfaction.

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The Xeo 3 and Xeo 5 are wireless, remote controlled actively powered loudspeakers. And both are built by the people who’ve built the foundations of the recording world. Epitomizing sonic neutrality, over 10,000 of our legendary Dynaudio active monitors are installed in studios all around the planet every year.

Some of the most prominent studios, including the esteemed Air Studios and Mayfair Studios as well as the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England, the NRG Studios in Hollywood, California, and Paragon Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, rely on Dynaudio technology. BBC Radio & Music selected Dynaudio loud-speakers as the reference monitor for their new UK and international production facilities, while the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) chose to order more than 500 Dynaudio Acoustics monitors for their all-new multimedia facility, DR-BYEN in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore, many sound designers in the multimedia sector create their audiovisual experiences on Dynaudio monitors. These are the guys in the know. And there is no reason why you should be content with less. Unplug and play.

Xtremely professional-grade. Xeo 3, from the finest studios in the world right into your living room.

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Each and every Dynaudio model is engineered and hand-built by our craftsmen in Denmark. The Xeo cabinets are finished to perfection, with a choice of piano black lacquer and piano white lacquer to complement any surrounding.

All tweeters and bass drivers of the Xeo 3 and Xeo 5 are created in a balanced mix of elaborate hand craftsman-ship and highest-precision machining, benefiting from Dynaudio’s over 30 years of experience in designing and producing the finest loudspeaker drive units. Only by this approach Dynaudio can guarantee its proverbial quality in both finish and sound. And only this approach is befitting of the world’s first High-End Wireless Speakers. For breathtaking accuracy. Absolute neutrality. A sound stage that is truly faithful to the original. And sheer joy of listening, for years and years to come. Unplug and play.

Xcellence redefined. Xeo 5, a monument to awesome engineering and superb craftsmanship.

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PC/MACSound Card 5V DC


Digital InLine InAux In





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An interactive pdf file of this brochure is also available for

Tablets and smartphones on the Dynaudio website:

Technical Specifications Xeo 3 Xeo 5

Frequency response 48 Hz – 22 kHz 36 Hz – 22 kHz

Power consumption 4 – 76 W 4 – 76 W

Power consumption standby 0.6 W (network active) 0.6 W (network active)

Power rating Woofer: 50 W, Tweeter: 50 W Woofer: 50 W, Tweeter: 50 W

Dimensions (W x H x L) 170 x 281 x 246/262 mm

(6.7 x 11.1 x 9.7/10.3 inch)

170 x 922 x 260/275 mm

(6.7 x 36.3 x 10.2/10.8 inch)

Weight 6.4 kg 16.7 kg

Power supply 100 – 230 V 100 – 230 V

Finishes White Piano Lacquer

Black Piano Lacquer

Satin White Lacquer

Satin Black Lacquer

Technical Specifications Transmitter

Transmitter signal frequency 2.4 GHz

Wireless signal resolution / sample rate 16 bit / 48 kHz

Frequency response 20 Hz – 22 kHz

Typical input voltage RCA: 1 Vrms

, Minijack: 250 mVrms

Input impedance RCA: 11.4 kΩ, Minijack: 8.2 kΩ

Dimensions (W x H x L) 120 x 32 x 90 mm

(4.7 x 1.3 x 3.5 inch)

Weight 0.148 kg

Power Supply Adaptor: 100 – 240 V

Micro USB: 5 V / min. 500 mA

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All there is.

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