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By Alex Kroke WWE Superstars: Modern Day Gladiators?

WWE Superstars: Modern Day Gladiators?

Feb 24, 2016




WWE Superstars: Modern Day Gladiators?. By Alex Kroke. Introduction. Spartacus, Batista, Commodus, Ezekiel, Verus , and Kane; remember these names. Some are Roman gladiators and the others are WWE wrestlers, but which is which?. Injuries. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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WWE Superstars: Modern Day Gladiators?

By Alex KrokeWWE Superstars: Modern Day Gladiators?Spartacus, Batista, Commodus, Ezekiel, Verus, and Kane; remember these names. Some are Roman gladiators and the others are WWE wrestlers, but which is which?Introduction To begin, one major difference is the types of injuries that both gladiators and wrestlers attain during the actions they partake in, as well as the consequences of these injuries they suffer.

InjuriesGladiators suffered from:Broken BonesInfectionDeathWrestlers Suffered fromBroken BonesTorn Ligaments

InjuriesGangrene is the death of a body tissue or organ. - Carson-Dewitt (2009)Staph Infection is caused by a bacterium that affects the skin, bones, and lungs. McCoy (2009)InjuriesThe Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a major stabilizer of the knee. The highest degree of stress to the ligament occurs during: motions with a foot that is fixed and landing from a jump. Schwager (2009)InjuriesAnother great difference between the Roman gladiators and World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers resides in the way that these men are treated.TreatmentWrestlersPaid Multimillion dollar contractsTravel the worldTrain religiouslyGladiatorsTreated like slavesWorked extremely hard to surviveFought to the deathTreatmentTreatment

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Ancient Gladiator School or Ludus

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Weight and Training Facility used by Wrestlers9In spite of all these great differences, WWE superstars and Roman gladiators are very much alike. Both wrestling and gladiatorial games were made with the sole purpose to entertain the masses. EntertainmentGladiatorial EventsChariot RacesHuman vs. Human CombatHuman vs. Animal Combat


Courtesy of sacred-destinations.comPollice Verso ("Thumbs Down"), an 1872 painting of gladiatorial combatWrestling EventsTelevision ShowsRawSmackdownECWSuperstarsPay Per ViewsRoyal RumbleSummerslamWrestlemaniaEtc.EntertainmentEntertainment

Courtesy of wwfcharacters.googlepages.comThe Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels makes an extravagant entrance.In conclusion, gladiators and wrestlers come from completely different universes with separate lifestyles and situations, and have many similarities and differences. Are wrestlers modern day gladiators? You decide.