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Writing a Composition A presentation by the Purdue University Writing Lab (Adapted by Jochen Lüders)

Mar 26, 2015



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Writing a Composition A presentation by the Purdue University Writing Lab (Adapted by Jochen Lders) Slide 2 What is a Composition about? In a composition you are mostly supposed to give your opinion about an issue and support it with the help of logical arguments and examples. Slide 3 The Structure of a Composition Title Introduction Main Part Conclusion Slide 4 The Function of the Title Arouse the readers interest Introduce or hint at the topic Slide 5 Creating a Title You may try to attract attention e.g. with the help of: an allusion a pun an alliteration a quotation a question Slide 6 Evaluating Titles Imagine you want to write a composition about the problem of road rage. Which do you consider the best title? Road Rage Mobile Madness High Noon on the Highway Slide 7 The Function of the Introduction Introduce the topic and purpose of the composition Arouse the readers interest in the topic Lead to the main part It often gives the writers opinion about a controversial issue. Slide 8 Introduction personal anecdote real or hypothetical example question quotation surprising/shocking statistics striking image Slide 9 Main Part Normally your main part should consist of three paragraphs. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that summarizes the main idea of the paragraph. Indent the first line of each new paragraph. In a Discuss composition there are four paragraphs. Slide 10 Arranging Paragraphs Paragraphs should be arranged in climactic order i.e. from the weakest to the most convincing argument. Slide 11 Discuss Topics When the topic demands Discuss, you should give two pros and two cons. Begin with the weaker arguments and finish with the more convincing ones. Slide 12 Conclusion Dont just repeat yourself. Dont present new arguments. It is often elegant to refer back to the introduction or the title.