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Worship for small groups

Nov 17, 2014




Presentation by Musicademy on leading worship in small groups.

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  • 1. Worship for smallgroupsAndy ChamberlainMarie PageClick through to listen to an audiorecording of this seminar.

2. About Musicademy MusicademyDVDsGuitar, Vocals, KeysDrums, Bass, OrchestralBACKING TRACKS Worship Backing Band 3. Homegroup Worship The topic of worship is one of the most contentiousand fervently debated issues in church life. Shouldwe only be singing the latest songs or raising therafters with the hymns that have stood the test oftime? Do we cast our vote of approval when wehear the beat of the drum or inwardly groan whenthe chords are struck on the church organ? Steve & Mandy Briars - Homegroups: TheAuthentic Guide 4. Homegroup Worship Worship in most homegroups is like a coal firewhich is almost about to go out, lifeless with a fewembers around the edges trying desperately toglow..leaders struggle to know how to leadworship in small groups. You are trying to replicatethe worship from your church fellowship meetingsand it just doesnt work. Steve & Mandy Briars - Homegroups: TheAuthentic Guide 5. Homegroup Worship QUESTION What do you do for worship in your homegroupscurrently? What are the challenges? 6. 7. 8. Context People arrive in dribs and drabs People are late Coffees need to be drunk People need to say hello andunwind a little When we arrive at housegroupwe are often buzzing from the day Allow for some chat or an ice breaker then perhaps startwith silence and meditation in order to encourage everyoneto relax and clear their minds and focus on God. 9. How to worship Does there have to be sung worship?Other ideas: Meditation a theme really helps, start with a clip from awildlife DVD Reading from scripture Liturgy Prayers of praise and worship Celebrate communion Share testimonies and stories Read from a book or poem Listen to a piece of music 10. Non musical worship Other sensory items to focus on/feel/ smell, like flowers,pebbles, water, perfume A photograph Read Psalms. Write your own as an exercise. Re-write aPsalm in modern language. Light a candle. Read a suitable scripture eg I am the light ofthe world Read from an inspiring book Read from The Message or the Street Bible Read from a poem Listen to a CD 11. Worship with Music- Challenges There is nowhere to hide! Musicians number/ability.Think campfire not 5-piece rock band Budget - (books/equipment/recordings/training) Technology (Audio and Visual) Songs! 12. House group sung worshipWhat are the things that go wrong? 13. Songs Pick appropriately Congregational Key/range Concepts/theology Number of songs Intimate lyrics Are the words available? How about cue-ing? Standing vs sitting 14. Things that go wrong1. SpeedOften too fast especially if nervous think about the pace of the chorusChoosing a song speedMetronome app 15. Things that go wrong2. Pitch - too high or low The album or church key may not work for house group 3 semi tones lower songs only move 3 semi tones Pitching songs without a musician - Pitch pipe app chordapp List of song keys for CCLI Top 100 on the Musicademy Blog Do you really know the tune? Does your house group? 16. Things that go wrong3. Rhythm problems Some people find 3/4 time very difficult topick up bars - not everything starts on beat 1 People start singing too early Song slows down or speeds up 17. Advice for musicians1. Aim for an "unplugged" feel2. Drop the key by at least a semi-tone because its easier to sing more quietly3. Speed up slightly because with a small group it tends to feel like its dragging if sung at the same tempo as for a full church4. Skip or shorten any instrumental breaks, and5. Have plenty of dynamic and rhythmic variety6. Cue the lyrics if you have no song sheets 18. Rhythm solutions Count in lyrical and beat cues Direct the rhythm claps, subdivisions,drum machine Cue the lyrics you dont need to be agreat singer to lead 19. How do you do musicwithout a musician? 20. Things that go wrong4. Arrangement How many verses or repeat choruses? Chart out arrangementIntros and Outros 21. TipsMusiciansPut songs into easy to play keysUse capo and transpose button Guitarists no bar chords Strumming patterns and rhythms must line up with the songs vocal rhythm 22. TipsLyrics Lyric sheets good or bad? Lyrics on TV screen good or bad? 3 blog posts advice for power point 23. Old vs. New Songs Modern songs are more complexEither go simple or prepareChart out song structure if you need to Old songs are simpler Fresh vs. familiar Blog post - list of songs for small churches 24. Tips - Environment Think aboutLightingRoom size and spaceNoise Neighbours! Talk to them Were not trying to make an album 25. Equipment What do you really need? Better (trained) people not betterequipment Can you work with what youve got? 26. More Dont just think singing Spontaneity? Testimony Open praise Psalms Prayers Participants taking the lead? Creative ideas 27. Resources Worship backing band DVDs MultiTrack Training (DVDs, lessons etc.) Time practice makes better 28. For Further Information Sign up for free resources and to receive ourweekly e-newsletter packed with usefularticles and special offers