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WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS WEEK - Schudio World Autism Awareness Week 2017 saw thousands of you going into

Oct 07, 2020





    Monday 26 March to Monday 2 April 2018



    I don’t think we realised how tough walking from Porthtowan to St Ives in just one day would be. When we started training, Samantha’s 70-year-old dad, Barry, said he’d join us for a few walks but ended up doing the whole thing! Awesome!

    I want more people to understand autism, and that’s what drove me to take on this fundraising challenge. My 15-year-old son Samuel is autistic and although he is able

    to communicate, his behaviour can be misunderstood and this can be hugely frustrating for him. Talking about Samuel’s experiences on social media helped to raise £3,750 – so many people who donated told me they had learned a lot about autism after reading these posts, and I think that made a huge difference.

    It doesn’t stop there – I know there’s more for us to do so I am already training for my next event. Watch this space!

    The idea of walking 24 miles along the coast of cornwall came from my friend, Samantha Rose. I immediately thought this could be a great way of raising money, so we chose our route and training began.

    You can text WAAW44 plus your amount (£1/£5/£10) to 70070. For example, to donate £5 text WAAW44 £5 to 70070 2

    We can help you organise your own walk for WAAW, just like Jackie – just head over to page 4 to find out more!



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    Hear from the top community fundraiser from #WAAW2017 2

    Why we have World Autism Awareness Week 3

    7K FOR 700K – new event! 4

    Quizzes 5

    parties and Onesie Wednesday 6

    Night Walks for Autism 7

    Too Much Information campaign 8-9

    Merchandise & social media 10

    competitions and paying in your money 11

    We want to thank pLAYMObIL for supporting World Autism Awareness Week

    World Autism Awareness Week 2017 saw thousands of you going into your communities, schools and workplaces to fundraise and increase awareness of autism… Until everyone understands. The UK is getting ever closer to that goal.

    You can make a huge difference to the lives of over 700,000 autistic people by taking part in World Autism Awareness Week 2018. We are here to transform lives, challenge perceptions and build a society that works for autistic people – and the money you raise will help do just that. Your fundraising has helped us gather knowledge from vital resources, spreading the word far and wide through ground-breaking campaigns like Too Much Information.

    It’s time to put on your onesies and join us in building a world for autistic people where everyone understands.

    3 #WAAW2018

  • 7K FOR 700K Here’s your chance to run, walk, cycle or swim 7k for the UK’s 700,000 autistic people!

    Whether it’s 1k or 10k a day for World Autism Awareness Week, we leave it up to you to decide the distance that suits you and help raise as much money as you can. You could even add an extra element to the challenge by doing it in your onesie!

    Anybody who takes part in this challenge and organises their own walk, will receive a special medal. You will just need to register to take part. Registration costs £12 and will open on January 2018 –

    How far will you go for the 700k?


    You can text WAAW44 plus your amount (£1/£5/£10) to 70070. For example, to donate £5 text WAAW44 £5 to 70070 4

  • Whether it’s in your local pub, home, community hall or even the workplace – hosting a quiz is a brilliant and simple way to have lots of fun, meet new people and, most of all, raise some money and awareness!


    5 #WAAW2018

    How do I raise money through a quiz?

    ask for an entry fee

    hold a raffle at the quiz (ask local shops and businesses as they are often happy to donate prizes)

    sell sweet treats

    ask the pub or venue to donate a prize for the winner to encourage people to sign up!

    Stuck for quiz questions?

    we have an autism specific quiz – download yours by visiting and click on free resources

    have a themed quiz. Any Harry Potter, Disney or Dr Who fans? These types of quizzes are very popular

    Try an A words quiz, where all answers start with the letter a. One of our supporters created this quiz for #WAAW2017 and it is A-mazing! Download this quiz by visiting and click on free resources.



    be the first in your community to throw a unique, one of a kind, pink and purple party to raise money.

    You could host it from the comfort of your own home, at the local community hall or a fine dining restaurant. Everyone loves a party, so get the invites out! An easy way to do this is by creating a Facebook event.

    Get sponsored for wearing your onesies in the community, at work or at school!

    Have a fun time by spreading joy in your outfit and raise some awareness and money at the same time. We are looking forward to seeing what you wear!

    You can text WAAW44 plus your amount (£1/£5/£10) to 70070. For example, to donate £5 text WAAW44 £5 to 70070 6

    Here are a few ideas to get you going – how about a pink and purple…

    gala ball pilates session glitter party pyjama party pamper party festival street party.

    Set up a JustGiving page to help with your sponsorship by signing up at

    28th March 2018

    And of course...


    The Night Walks for Autism are back and this year we are walking together through four cities across the UK – LONDON, MANcHESTER, bRISTOL and GLASGOW. These walks are hugely popular and our team of Nightwalkers is growing each year, so make sure you book as early as possible to secure a place!

    The routes will be made up of three different five kilometre loops, so you can decide which distance is best for you!

    5K 10K 15K

    The loops will start and finish at our central hub in each city. We’ll have all the refreshments and facilities you need waiting for you there, so you’re all set for your walk.

    7 #WAAW2018

    Saturday 17 March 2018

    What are the requirements?

    the walks are for all ages but we ask that under 16s are accompanied by a registered adult

    it costs £20 per adult and £15 for under 16s we ask participants to raise £100 or more in


    To take part in this event, please register on our website, It sold out last year, so be quick to book your place!

    Can’t make it to one of the four locations for Night Walks? Read about how you can organise your own walk on page 4! We will give you lots of tips and support with how to do it.


    Thank you to Clarks for supporting Night Walks for Autism 2018

  • You can text WAAW44 plus your amount (£1/£5/£10) to 70070. For example, to donate £5 text WAAW44 £5 to 70070 8

    Over 99% of people have heard of autism, but only 16% of autistic people feel the public understand them. We’re here to challenge the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes that mean that 79% of autistic people feel socially isolated. It’s time we help the public to understand autism, the person, and the change they can make.

    Since launching the campaign, our two films starring autistic people, which have helped to show the public what it’s like to experience an overload of too much information, have gone viral. Over 67 million people have

    watched these films. Nearly 5,000 shops and services all over the UK signed up to The National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour last October. They took simple steps for 60 minutes, from dimming bright lights to turning down music, to change things for the 64% of autistic people who avoid shops because they find them too stressful.

    We could not have launched this campaign without the incredible dedication of people like you, going out there and raising money to ensure more autistic people are supported, understood and appreciated.

    – cHANGING ATTITUDES TO AUTISM. Our Too Much Information campaign has been improving understanding of autism for two years. Why is this important?

  • 9 #WAAW2018

    Too Much Information virtual reality headset

    Our first Too Much Information film has helped 56 million people gain a deeper understanding of autism.

    Experience the Too Much Information virtual reality experience at home! This innovative and portable headset allows you to experience what someone with autism may experience every day.

    To find these headsets and our range of merchandise please visit our online shop at

    Too Much Information is crucial to helping the public better understand autism. Since launching the campaign, understanding that autistic people can face difficulties in public places has increased by 17%. That means an estimated 10 million people now better understand autism thanks to Too Much Informat