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WorkSmart 2014 Opening Remarks

Sep 14, 2014



Edward Laprade, President & CEO of ADNET will open the WorkSmart 2014 Summit and introduce many of the themes that will be discussed throughout the day. Ed will discuss the impact of new technologies and emerging trends on businesses and examine the evolving concept of connection in an increasingly disconnected world.

The Biggest Mistakes CIOs Make

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WorkSmart 2014

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Edward D. Laprade President & CEO of

ADNET Technologies, LLC

Cofounded ADNET Technologies, LLC in 1991

Over 30 years of experience & proven leadership in business &

information technology



Remarks W o r k S m a r t 2 0 1 4

The Day Ahead

Ed Laprade

ADNET Technologies, LLC




2014: Navigating the Road to Success

Is it OK?

Do you have it?

Does change seem out of control?

Ponder this . . .

The world is too big for us. There is too much dying, too many crimes, casualties, violence and excitement. Try as you will, you get behind the race in spite of yourself. It is an incessant strain to keep pace and we still lose so fast that you stagger in hopeless bewilderment. The political world witnesses new scenes so rapidly that you are out of breath trying to keep up with them. Everything is high pressure. Human nature can not endure much more! Article appearing in the Atlantic Monthly magazine . . .

1800s! . . . In the

Its All Relative

Connect . . .

sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects networked together

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

Information & Analysis Tracking Behavior

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Sensor Driven Analytics


The Internet of Things

Automation & Control Process Automation

Optimized Resource Consumption

Complex Autonomous Systems

Trending: Whats the definition of small?

20 Years Ago

. . . and today, it all fits in your pocket


. . . with recent materials science advances

driving technology miniaturization and battery

improvements, were standing on the brink of widespread adoption. . . Think of wearables as

an Ecosystem . . .

- Deloitte University Press:

Tech Trends 2014, Inspiring Disruption


Possibilities: New Ideas & Business Models

Access to Previously Prohibitive Environments

Risks: Standards: Lack of Industry Standards

Privacy: Concerns Need to be Managed

Security: Potentially more difficult to manage


Healthcare: Ingestible sensor & patch communicate data to an iPhone


Wardrobe: Smart socks that track exercise Reeboks CheckLight beanie measures the intensity of

blows to the heads

Diapers Tweet parents when they need to be changed

Smart Glasses: Car salespeople interact with cars while information is

overlaid on hands-free glasses by augmented reality software

Trending: Is this back to the Future?

Cloud Adoption

9.6 18% 9% # SaaS applications Full replacement

- first wave adopters - Full replacement

- second wave adopters -

. . . cloud services increasingly require integration

back to core internal systems . . .

- Deloitte University Press:

Tech Trends 2014, Inspiring Disruption

Adoption Concerns

- IDG Enterprise, Cloud computing:

Key trends and future effects, June 27, 2013

Cloud Integration

No integration creates silos

Pre-integrated Cloud services i.e. ERP players supplementing core offerings

Storefronts of complementary solutions

In its infancy Integrators, ERP & Cloud providers team up

Integration is buyers problem

Strategy Components

Extensibility: ability to get information in & out APIs & Data Structures Backward Compatibility Deprecation Policies

Portability: ease of migrating from the cloud Data Export? Customized Business Logic? Contractual Terms on IP?

Reliability: performance of the service Integration to Core Systems? Will the Integration Scale?

Standards: create standards for adoption

Trending: Analyzing big data.

Data Explosion

2011 = 1.8 zettabytes will grow

50x by 2020

- Lucas Mearian, Worlds data will grow by 50X in next decade,

IDC study predicts, Computerworld, June 28, 2011

One Trillion Gigabytes= Zettabyte

What is Big Data?

Big data is the term for a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using

on-hand database management tools or traditional data

processing applications. . . .

. . . What is considered "big data" varies depending on

the capabilities of the organization managing the set,

and on the capabilities of the applications that are

traditionally used to process and analyze the data set in

its domain.

- Wikipedia:

Thousand Terabytes = Petabyte

Million Terabytes = Exabyte

In-Memory Revolution

Crunch massive amounts of data

In real time

Replaces spinning discs with RAM

Shifts from row to column based storage

Vendor claims of 1,000 to 20,000 times improvement in query speed


What if you could close your books in 7 seconds instead of 7 days?

Holy Grail: single data store supporting transactions & analytics no data warehouse?

ERP vendors adding to their applications

Gartner Inc. predicts that at least 35% of large & midsize organizations will adopt by


Exponential: Is the future here?

Artificial Intelligence

Fueled by low-cost distributed computing and the cloud

Can help: Improve accuracy of predictions

Accelerate problem solving

Automate administrative tasks

Manufacturing, Healthcare, Military, Legal already using

IBMs Watson - $1B Investment


Fundamental changes to how we work

Robots pick, pack and ship for Amazon

Coming: Pill size camera for colonoscopies

Remote Healthcare virtual consult, surgery

Autonomous Cars personal drone based deliveries disrupt retail

45% of US jobs automated in next 20 years1

1. Aviva Hope Rutkin, Report suggests nearly half of US jobs are vulnerable to computerization,

MIT Technology Review, September 12, 2013

Cyber Security

Hackers available for hire online Sell their software online

IoT: every car, appliance, and piece of office equipment linked & ready to hack

Future: Watches to EKG monitors

Example: Copier hard drives breached when thermostats were connected to Internet (US Chamber of Commerce)

- Deloitte University Press:

Tech Trends 2014, Inspiring Disruption

Cyber Security

Preventing: Risk-Prioritized Controls

Risk Awareness Programs

Build Resilience

- Deloitte University Press:

Tech Trends 2014, Inspiring Disruption

Companies should prepare to survive in an environment where these threats are commonplace.

Approach: Making the connections.

View of IT Dept

Line item cost to be managed

Relationship . . .

New Perspective

Strategic part of the business

Think like a Venture Capitalist Portfolio Investment Strategy balance project:





associated resources

risk profiles

Valuation: performance of each asset, project

communicate quantitative & qualitative value

Technical Debt . . .

Causes: Complex application requirements

Inferior code

Skipping application upgrades

Effects: Increased down time

Increased cost

Decrease in efficiency

Consider when balancing your portfolio

. . . is a way of articulating the cost to the organization of

software quality and architectural issues.

Complex defects can

absorb as much as

52% of the total effort

spent repairing defects.

Deloitte University Press:

Tech Trends 2014, Inspiring Disruption

Managing the Cloud

Your IT dept?

Some other dept?

A partner/vendor?

Who will be your cloud services broker?

Cloud Services Broker

Needs to manage integration, security, data

integrity &am