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Working with Configurator OR Fun and games with Configurator

Mar 19, 2016




Working with Configurator OR Fun and games with Configurator. Georgia Garling Berkeley Public School [email protected] Advantages. Configurator allows you to quickly set up a batch of iPads. Takes away time consuming tasks like, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Working with ConfiguratorORFun and games with ConfiguratorGeorgia Garling Berkeley Public School

    [email protected]

  • AdvantagesConfigurator allows you to quickly set up a batch of iPads.Takes away time consuming tasks like,Individually adding apps.Individually adding Wi Fi set upIndividually adding restrictionEnables you to IMAGE (BACKUP) an iPad with all the apps you want on the pages and folders you want and then have the same set up on all Kindy or Stage 2 etc iPads.

  • First SetupTransfer free apps and paid ones from iTunes Mobile Applications. Add VPP codes for paid apps.Setup any restriction settings you want; G rated access, and perhaps Wi Fi access if you have systems other than Aruba. Tick the apps you want.Prepare ONE iPad first. It takes a while for iOS to download if its not the latest version; iOS 7.3Organise apps into different screens and folders on the iPad and then create a backup of this iPad so all iPads will look the same.Now its time to do a batch of iPads.

  • Add profiles for iPads used by different Stages

  • Tips and Tricks

  • TiP access to Yammer is a must to find other people with knowledge of Configurator and usually a solution!Join at BUT for email sign up, use [email protected]

  • TiP #2 Attend an inserviceSetting up each of the three Apple IDs for Configurator if using VPP and adding VPP codes can be daunting.Scott Barnham runs inservice days. He was at ASTD 2013 and Port Kembla PS this year.Email [email protected] if you wouldlike this workshop in your area

  • TiP #3 Check you have the latestversion of iTunes and ConfiguratoriTunes and Configurator need to be fully up to date to operate smoothly especially for iOS7 or you get glitches.It also helps if MAC iOS on your lap top is up to date as well.

  • TiP #4 Check you have good internetConfigurator needs to connect to the internet to confirm VPP codes and to activate profiles especially when updating to iOS7. Have a good connection, preferably LAN.This is particularly important when adding VPP codes. If it cant confirm codes nothing happens.

  • TiP #5 Contact Apple Contact iTunes Store Customer Support for problems with Volume Purchase Program for Education.

    Apple Support usually get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.Sometimes, VPP codes dont work but Apple have always sorted it with replacement codes.

  • TiP #6 Configurator ALWAYS updates a device when it is being PREPAREDALL non-supervised iPads AUTOMATICALLY update to iOS7 once PREPARED in Configurator.No way around it unless you dont use Configurator

  • TiP #7 Always check NEVER update on a supervised device!!On the settings screen ENSURE that NEVER UPDATE DEVICE is the default.Configurator will always look for the latest version of the iOS and UPDATE your device without asking if you dont.Theres NO going back once you UPDATE to iOS7!!!

  • TiP #8 Create a backup of your Configurator laptop regularlyVPP codes can be lost if your laptop fails and you havent backed it up.Use Time Machine to get an exact backup of everything on your laptop.

  • TiP #9 Setup DET fake email afterwards using ConfiguratorThis enables you to create individual iPad email addresses using the iPad number. Can only send not receive. Enables you to get work off an iPad eg, send a Gami or Puppet Pals presentation to a teacher for assessment.Easier to track emails this way then setting up a generic in Configurator. Find the file here

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