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Working Overtime

Aug 28, 2021




Working overtime occurs when you spend additional time beyond your agreed and contractual hours at work. The concept of working overtime is not alien to most employees but it can be harmful to your productivity. Some have argued that it ensures that work gets done but this does nothing to change how it impacts productivity. When working overtime becomes a norm, it can be harmful to your performance. What happens is that after some time, the law of diminishing returns will set in. You might initially get work done by working extra hours but its long-term effect will come back to haunt you. If you are getting paid for working overtime, several studies have shown that it can be detrimental to your health

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Communication is key at the workplace – Endeavour to prioritise your work in a way that you do not have to find yourself working overtime. If the situation you find yourself makes this impossible, find time to rest and strike that work-life balance.Regardless of your situation, bear in mind that the long-term benefits of working overtime to you, your career and organisation are far less important compared to the longtime pains.