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+ Working Across the Generations Danielle Oristian York, Director, 21/64 202.779.0609

Working Across the Generations · Working Across the Generations Danielle Oristian York, Director, 21/64 . 202.779.0609 +

Jan 03, 2021



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    Working Across the Generations

    Danielle Oristian York, Director, 21/64 202.779.0609

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    21/64 is a small non-profit Consult with families and their advisors for the past 12 years Convene peer groups of like minded young men and women Create tools to help individuals and larger groups begin to make decisions

    better together

    Our heritage is family philanthropy – The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

    #NextGenDonors concretizes our experience of working with philanthropic families

    “I cannot walk in a dead man’s shoes…You’ll have to

    accept the way I do things.”

    Advising and Engaging Each Generation

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    Create a #NextGenDonor

    On the inside of the silhouette note their beliefs, values and attitudes

    Name, age, gender, relationship status What roles do geography and technology play in their lives

    and giving? How are they involved in family’s work and/or philanthropy? What kinds of causes are they passionate about? Who/What influences them? What do they want to change? How do they define impact?

    On the outside note events, conditions and experiences that have shaped their life experience and worldview

    What do you think?

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  • + The Next Generation 8

  • + Why Next Gen Donors?


  • + Next Gen Donors in this Study


  • + Summary of 4 Key Findings


    Driven by Values, Not Valuables

    Impact First

    Time, Talent, Treasure and Ties

    Crafting their Philanthropic Identities

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    Driven by Values, Not Valuables Values drive these next gen major donors, not valuables – values they

    often say they have learned from parents and grandparents.

    They fund many of the same causes that their families support and use many of the same methods their families use, but are interested in exploring new tools as well.

    Most of all, they are ready to be donors – and all that the term entails – now.


    K E Y F I N D I N G # 1

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    Impact First

    They see philanthropic “strategy” as the major distinguishing factor between themselves and previous generations.

    They see previous generations as more motivated by a desire for recognition or social requirements, while they see themselves as focused on impact, first and foremost.

    They want impact they can see, and they want to know that their own involvement has contributed to that impact.

    They want to use any necessary strategies, assets, and tools – new or old – for greater impact.


    K E Y F I N D I N G # 2

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    Time, Talent, Treasure and Ties

    They want to develop close relationships with the organizations or causes they support in order to solve problems together with those whom they support.

    They have grown up volunteering, and they still want to offer their time, but in meaningful ways.

    Peer networks are where they learn about and share about causes and experiences important to them. They believe that collaborating with peers makes them all better donors, and extends their impact.

    They want to give their full range of assets – their treasure, of course, but also their time, their talents, and even their ties, encouraging others to give.


    K E Y F I N D I N G # 3

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    Crafting their Philanthropic Identities

    These next gen major donors are still figuring out who they will be as donors. Many are in their twenties, experiencing a move from adolescence to emerging adulthood and developing a sense of self.

    They learn most from seeing and doing, or even hearing from others about their own authentic experiences of seeing and doing.

    Rather than waiting until the sunset of their lives to decide who they are as philanthropists and what legacies they want to leave, these next gen major donors actively craft their identities now and actively think about their own legacies.


    K E Y F I N D I N G # 4

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    Comparing Generational Priorities Next Gen vs. Families


    Shared Next Gen Donor Priorities

    Divergent Next Gen Donor Priorities Emerging Next Gen Donor Priorities

  • + 4 Most Important Influences on Learning and Developing Personal Philanthropy


  • + Who Influences Next Gen Donors?


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    Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers

    Association of Small Foundations

    Bolder Giving

    Council on Foundations

    Council of Michigan Foundations

    Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

    Forum of Regional Association of Grantmakers

    Grand Street


    Indiana Grantmakers Alliance

    Jewish Communal Fund


    The Minneapolis Foundation

    National Center for Family Philanthropy

    Resource Generation


    A network of partner organizations helped gather data for the project:

    The Next Gen Donors research project is a collaboration of 21/64 ( and the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy ( The project is funded by the supporters of the Frey Chair for Family Philanthropy at the Johnson Center, the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation, Grand Valley State University and the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation, and an anonymous donor.


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    Press Coverage

    • The New York Times • The Chronicle of Philanthropy • Forbes • The Washington Post • The Denver Post • Stanford Social Innovation Review

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