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1. @multimehdia 2. Clever and civilized men will not stay home Leave your homeland and explore foreign field Go Out! You shall find replacement for those you have left. Give your all, the sweetness of life will be tasted after struggle Imam Syafii 3. Bored. Stuck with the idea... Go travel 4. Choose the destination 5. Pack your stuff, then Go! Go! Too much think will kill you Jogja, 2012 6. Wait...know your budget 7. Jump! Komodo Island, Flores 8. Jump! Maratua Island, East Borneo 9. Jump! Ranu Kumbolo, Mt. Semeru 10. .....and Jump! Blang Padang, Aceh 11. Play. Komodo Island, Flores 12. Rinca Village, West Manggarai Play 13. Ijen International Festival, Bondowoso 2012 Play. 14. enjoy Komodo Island, Flores 15. Kakaban Lake, East Borneo 16. Learn from the local people Thousand Island, Jkt 17. Ijen Crater, Bondowoso 18. Learn the local tradition, Melo Village, Manggarai 19. Melo Village, Manggarai 20. Taste it... 21. Living in a local house Maratua, East Borneo 22. Melo Village, West Manggarai 23. Make a friend 24. Save it to your memories 25. Try something different Talk with the lesbian. See their communities 26. Dieng Crater, Wonosobo 27. Live in Indonesian workers shelter, Macau 28. Gapang Beach, Weh Island 29. City of Dream, Macau 30. Then.. Share it! 31. Talkshow 32. Blogging 33. Enjoy the bonus! 34. Work Hard, Travel Harder!