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Wordy professional copy editing

Oct 31, 2014



Wordy is the fastest, most reliable way of adding professional copy-editing to your writing process.
Wordy relies on professional editors to establish long-term relationships with clients.
Wordy delivers best-of-web pick-up and turnaround times, and our editing workflow allows your team to focus on content and save valuable time.

1. 2. Wordy is the fastest way of adding professional, human copy-editing to your writing process. to your writing process. 3. Wordy makes your text perfect. 4. Winning recipe = Speed + Price + Accessibility 5. 6. Cheap Expensive 7. 8. WordPress sample workflow. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 70% of online users dont have English as their first language. 15. Most jobs have 2 to 3 errors per line. 16. 50% customer retention 99% customer satisfaction 68% excellent ratings 142 editors online 17. Flexible service 24/7 Record-breaking turnaround Attractive pricing Solid standards 18. Two-click ordering Pick trusted editors Maintain writing guidelines 19. The language service market is worth 22 bn with an annual growth rate of 13%. . 20. The market is extremely fragmented and dominated by translation services . . . 21. [email_address] +45 2625 1100

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