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Words from Pastor Tony - Congratulations to Jeb & Jessica Clay on the birth of their daughter, Laynee-Blake,

Jul 10, 2020




  • Volume 41 , I ssue 4

    APRIL 2020


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    Dear Church Family,

    During this season of Lent it sure

    feels like we are out in the “desert”

    alone with all this social distancing.

    These are challenging times for eve-

    ryone. I never thought I would see the day when we were told we

    could not worship together in person; I thought that was some-

    thing mandated in communist countries that missionaries had the

    challenge of dealing with, but here we are.

    I do hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy. I encour-

    age you to keep calling and checking in with friends and family

    because it is so important during this time. We are abiding by the

    guidelines given to help do our part in minimalizing the transmis-

    sion of the coronavirus. To that end our audio/video volunteers

    have really worked hard in getting us up and running with a live

    stream on YouTube. We know there are some who do not have

    internet or computers so I am sorry we are not able to connect for

    virtual worship on Sundays.

    At the time of writing this article it looks like the social distanc-

    ing has now been extended until the end of April, but we know

    how often such decisions keep changing. For now, we will be live

    streaming one service on Sunday mornings at 10:00 on YouTube.

    If you are able to access the internet, go to YouTube and type in

    Cold Springs UMC and then click the “Live” icon at 10:00. We

    will keep people posted via church email with any changes or an-

    nouncements that affect our church family and how we can gath-


    Easter is April 12th and we have been discussing possibilities. On

    Words from Pastor Tony...

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    Sunday, April 12:

    7:30am Easter Sunrise Service (watch for email updates)

    10:00am Easter Worship Service Live Stream on YouTube Live

    Easter Cross of Flowers Available on front porch of sanctuary after

    10:00am worship, through April 15

    Easter Sunday, we will again live stream a service at 10:00 from the

    sanctuary. As has been the tradition for many years at Cold Springs,

    we will have the flowered Cross for Easter. It will be placed on the

    front porch of the church after Easter service for families to come

    add flowers from their gardens or to come spend some time in pray-

    er. We know many families look forward to the traditional family

    photos by the cross at Cold Springs so despite so many changes we

    are having to make, we want to preserve as many traditions at this

    time as we can. It will be available until Wednesday April 15.

    We are in conversations and looking into the possibility of having

    the Easter Sunrise service outside at 7:30 am. If people spaced out

    six feet apart, or even stayed in their cars it would be wonderful to

    continue the tradition of worshiping outside. I am aware that some

    churches are having “drive-in” church so we will keep you posted on

    the Easter Sunrise possibility.

    I am so thankful and impressed with our church family for how each

    of you have been thoughtful, supportive and encouraging to one an-

    other and to the church staff during this time. Thank you all for your

    continued prayers for our church, community and the world. We will

    get through this and God is still alive and well. I have seen many ex-

    pressions of God’s mighty power during these challenging times al-

    ready and I know He continues to be with us.

    Blessings and safe health to you all,

    Pastor Tony

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    Our sincere sympathy is extended to the Jane Creed family upon the death of her husband, Darrell Creed on February 20, 2020. May the Spirit of the Living God continue to guide and direct this family of our church.

    Congratulations to Jeb & Jessica Clay on the birth of their daughter, Laynee-Blake,

    born on March 15, 2020. Best wishes!

    Check out our website:

    Online Ministries tab has links to

    for online tithes & offerings.

  • Page 4 Temporarily Cancelled: Faithful Fitness classes will resume once mandates are lifted. Watch for emails!

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    In Memory of Troy Barnhardt

    Given by: FLAMES subgroup

    Given by: Nancy Kluttz

    Given by: Lamar & Christine Barrier

    Given by: Bobby & Annette Hammill

    Given by: Howard & Vicky Floyd

    Given by: James “Lefty” Cook

    Given by: Leeann Gainey

    Given by: Tracy & Carol Talley

    Given by: Bill Barnhardt

    Given by: Terry & Dean Bowers

    Given by: Shearon & Ruth Burleson

    Given by: Charles Page Sunday School Class

    Given by: Paul Ecton


    In Memory of Troy Barnhardt

    Given by: Roy & Barbara Newsom


    In Memory of Troy Barnhardt

    Given by: Aaron & Pat Misenheimer


    In Memory of Troy Barnhardt

    Given by: Mike & Lynne Helms

    In Memory of Darrell Creed

    Given by: Terry & Dean Bowers


    In Memory of Sylvia Miller

    Given by: Paul Ecton


    In Memory of Vergie Krimminger

    Given by: Paul Ecton


    Given by: Mt. Pleasant High School Tennis Team

    Gifts & Memorials Page 6

  • Please prayerfully consider becoming a Sunday School Teacher for our 6th-8th

    grade class. We will have a vacancy in ear- ly June and need someone/some people to

    step in to help teach this class. They use a video series and have discussions about the video lesson so there’s not a lot of preparation in finding lessons. If

    interested, please indicate it on the back of the attend- ance form or contact Kelli Moser 704-796-8700. Thanks!


    In Memory of Darrell Creed

    Given by: Jimmy & Linda Morrison


    In Memory of Darrell Creed

    Given by: Nancy Kluttz

    Given by: Mary Ann Cooper

    Given by: Lamar & Christine Barrier

    Given by: Bobby & Annette Hammill

    Given by: Mike & Lynne Helms

    Given by: Faye Prevette

    Given by: Delores Smith

    Given by: Johnny & Paula Faggart

    Given by: Jim & Laurie Miller

    Given by: T. J. & Lillian Overbay

    Given by: Cabarrus Physical Therapy

    Given by: Tracy & Carol Talley

    Given by: Lin & Mona Barnhardt

    Given by: Paul Ecton

    Given by: Class of ‘67


    In Memory of Darrell Creed

    Given by: Aaron & Pat Misenheimer

    Given by: Ray & Barbara Bost

    Given by: Charles Page Sunday School Class

    Gifts & Memorials continued Page 7

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    Birthdays 2—Sherry Ingold

    3—Cathey Hooper

    4—Dennis Patterson, Tucker Meade

    5—Andre Gifford

    6—Tony Miller

    7—Randy Love, Ayden Gifford

    10—Owen Pruitt

    13—Sally Bell

    14—Pat Misenheimer

    18—Leslie Gray, Neil Moser

    19—Madelyn Poole

    21—Lefty Cook

    25—Bob Helms

    26—Terri Doby

    28—A.L. Maxwell

    Anniversaries 3—Randy & Cindy Love

    6—Randy & Bridget Fowler

    8—Gene & Ann Sechler

    30—Shearon & Ruth Burleson

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    Cold Springs Preschool is open for registration for the 2020-

    2021 school year. We have a wonderful, caring preschool and

    would love the opportunity to have your 1-5 year old enrolled. Registration form is on our web-

    site, then click the preschool tab. Please call 704-782-1875

    and Carol Hendry, the Preschool Director, will be happy to schedule a tour or answer questions.

    M.Y. Heart's ministry is col- lecting supplies to make blessing bags for the homeless. These items include such things as pocket Bibles, travel shampoos, conditioners, soap, and other necessities. A green bin is located under the mailbox- es in the hallway behind the sanctuary and in the nar- thex. A list of other items are located on the flyer at these collection bins. If you have questions about this new out- reach, email Julie Love at Our cur- rent needs with spring on it’s way will be: white undershirts, deodorant, sunscreen, chap stick, ball caps, etc.

    Mt. Pleasant Food Ministry’s Current needs:

    Canned Vegetables, Fresh or Instant Potatoes, Rice or Pasta

    Crackers, Flour, and Dried Milk

    Non-food items: Laundry Detergent, Shampoo, Face

    Soap, Toilet Tissue, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Diapers

    The basket for donati