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Wood Marilyn 1988 SAE

May 02, 2017




    "Chips Off The Old Block"News From Marilyn Wood

    Serving Christ through:Spanish American Evangelism

    3135 Forney LaneEIPaso,TX 79935

    Volume VII Number 1

    r^ /^u f- j Summer 1988Dear Christtan Friends,

    It may not be June 21st, but summer is definitely here. Last week'shigh in El Paso was 101, and the weatherman said to expect more ofthe same. Unlike the rest of the country, this is the hottest time of yearhere in El Paso.

    Anyway summer Is here, and that means camps. Vacation BibleSchools, and other such activities. This summer promises to be differentfrom the past in that I'll not be representing SAE in any camps or VBS's.However, I will be busy. More about that later in this letter.

    When I last wrote, I was getting ready for Christmas. The holidayswith the family were really nice and went much smoother than Ithoughtthey might. All the family was in Denver, with the exception of my brotherand sister-in-law, and we had a great time. You may have heard aboutthe blizzard Denver had on the 26th and 27th of December. Yes, wewere in it. In fact, we didn't go to church because it was so strong.I was scheduled to play the organ for the Gateway Christian Churchin Aurora that morning. They've gotten a new electronic organ sinceI was there last summer, and I was really looking forward to playingit for the worship service. Maybe next year.

    The week of March 1-3 found me in Eagle Pass, Texas, at the Bilingual Convention, hosted by Colegio Biblico. Rosa Baker and I playedthe piano and organ for the major sessions. We had done it twice before,and we really enjoy playing together when we get the chance.

    The annual Mexican Missionary Reunion was two weeks later inSaltillo. I wasn't sure I'd be able to go, but at the last minute the Lordprovided the money, and I flew from Juarez to Monterrey, which is justabout 60 miles from Saltillo. Several others who were working with thekids reunion came into Monterrey at about the same time, somissionaries Lowell and Brenda Tate and Bob Walker only had to make

  • one trip to come and get all of us. Sam Stone, editor of The ChristianStandard ^as our guest speaker. Dr. Eleanor Daniel also came to helpwith the kids reunion and was able to spend some time with the adultssharing in the area of Christian Education. As always the reunion wasa great week of spiritual refreshing and fellowship.

    The week of April 19-22 found me in Joplin, Missouri, attending theNational Church Music Leaders Conference. Ozark Christian Collegehosted the conference, sponsored by the Association of Christian College Music Educators. Since I hadn't had any further music educationsince I left college 17 years ago, and since I'm doing so much withit in church, I felt it was about time I got a little more education. Themain drawing card for me was Diane Bish, church organist at CoralRidge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She had anorgan workshop at the conference which was a really big help to me.In fact, all the workshops and sessions I attended were a big help. I'mencouraging several others from here to go the conference next year.It will be held in Mesa, Arizona. I can't say enough about thisconference; I feel I really got my money's worth and then some.

    Things are going really well at SAE. We just sent the galleys of "Joyasde Doctrina Biblica" (Gems of Bible Doctrine) by Denver Sizemore toCollege Press for them to print. It should be available quite soon fordistribution. Raul Is working on several other books for College Pressto print. "Joyas..." is the fourth one we've sent to College Press. Wealso have two other books that we printed here. They are "Discipulandopara Jesus" (Discipling for Jesus) by Lawrence Wiseman and"Evangelismo Personal" (Personal Evangelism) by C. J. Sharp. Thesebooks represent just a "drop in the bucket" compared to what we haveavailable in English, but we are trying to get more literature into thehands of the people.

    Over 350,000 pieces of literature have been distributed so far thisyear. (This includes almost 20,000 New Testaments.) Bill is doing hisbest to get more tracts printed, so that we can get them into the handsof the people. The waiting list for tracts is probably close to 100. We'redoing our best to get the literature out, but it does take time and money.Bill has printed over 360,000 tracts so far this year and plans to printanother 150,000 this month. We have enough paper on hand to printbetween 300,000 and 400,000 more tracts.

    Since the first of the year, we've received three shipments of NewTestaments totalling 20,000, and we understand another shipment of5,000 is on its way. The last shipment of 5,000 lasted only a month.We're amazed at how fast they're going. Several people have cometo the office and taken boxes to use in evangelistic meetings, door-to-door calling, etc. We have requests coming in almost daily for them.The New Testmaents are provided to us through the efforts of ChristianGospel Distributors in Monroe, Oregon. Ray Ewing, director of this

  • organization, contracts each year with the American Bible Society forthese New Testaments. Because Mr. Ewing orders large quantities atone time, he is able to get the New Testaments at a reduced cost40cents each.

    Several have asked for complete Bibles, and so far we have beenunable to provide them. However, Bill talked with a representative fromthe ABS and found we can get complete Bibles for $1.50. So we havestarted a fund to buy Bibles. Right now we have $15.00 in the fund,and we hope to see it grow,too.

    As you can see, the three of us who work at SAE full-timeare keepingbusy. Our biggest needs continue to be money for postage to shipliterature and New Testaments and to buy paper to print the tracts andadditional workersespecially another printer and a secretary. If youknow of anyone interested in doing mission work who might fit into oneof these positions, please let me know. And pray with us that the Lordwill lead the right persons here to do these jobs.

    As for the work at the church, I continue to serve as the organistfor the morning worship service, the pianist for the evening service,and choir director for both choirs. We recently had an "All Choir Day"at the church. The Eastside Angels presented their spring musical"AmazinGrace" for the morning worship service on May 15th and theadult choir presented the cantata "The Power and the Glory" for theevening service that same day. Both choirs did an excellent jobseveralpeople said they thought the presentations this spring were the bestyet. I got several ideas at the music conference in April that I'm hopingto incorporate with both choirs this next fall.

    We're getting ready for VBS at Eastside in July, and for once JackyHarris and Iwon't be involved with the music. That seems a little strange,but we have several musically talented people in the congregation, andthree of them are going to be handling that. I'll be an assistant in the2's and 3's class. Definitely a change for me.

    By far the biggest activity I'm going to have this summer is the careof my nieces and nephews throughout most of the month of July. Yes,I'm joining the ranks of working moms for a while. All five of us arelooking forward to the visit, but I know it means a definite change inlifestyle for meat least for a little while. The kids are spending themonth of June with my folks in Dodge City, Kansas. I'm going up 4thof July week-end for my high school class's 40th Birthday Party (Classof '66) on the 2nd, and I'll bring them back with me on the 5th. Severalof my friends have volunteered to help me out by babysitting while Iwork, and I'm really grateful for that. Others have looked at me as thoughI'm crazy, but I've wanted to have the kids come for a visit for severalyears now, and it's finally working out. (For those of you who areinterested the kids are Phillip12, Allison10, Sarah7, and Paul4.I Imagine Phillip and Allie will be a big help to me with the other two.)

    I still don't have a roommate, but since the kids are coming, it works

  • out better that way. I must admit that sometimes I wish I did have onethough. At other times I'm glad I have the apartment to myself. So farthe Lord has provided for the rent and other extra expenses, and I'vebeen able to stay put. I praise the Lord for that. I've lived in my apartmentnow for five yearsthe longest I've lived in any one place in over 20years!

    Looking ahead to fall, the main event coming up is the NationalMissionary Convention. We will be taking the Latin American Plazafor the displav. Right now we have 19 of the 20 spaces spoken for. I'llbe participating in a workshop dealing with opportunities for singleson the mission field. Bob Pate, missionary in Honduras, who was alsominister at my home church in Dodge City when I was in college, willalso be participating in the same workshop. The missionary convention is in Dallas this year; dates are September 25-28. I hope to seemany of you there. Be sure to come by the Plaza and see us.

    Since the first of the year, some of my supporters have increasedtheir monthly support, and I've picked up some new support. This hasbeen one of the ways the Lord has provided. It's a really big help, asyou can imagine. Despite the increase in giving though, my monthlyaverage support is still below what the trustees have set as a monthlybase. The Lord does provide, and I thank Him for that. I do thank allof you for your prayers, too. In many ways this has been a rough year,and I could not have made it without the Lord and your love and supportbehind me. Thank you.

    May God bless you all as you continue to serve Him wherever you are.In Christ,

    arilyh Wood

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