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WiMedia Compliance Overview March 2008

WiMedia Compliance Overview March 2008. 2 Overview Several companies received WiMedia compliance in 2007 WiMedia-based products are shipping in the US.

Mar 30, 2015



Kenna Davi
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WiMedia Compliance Overview March 2008 Slide 2 2 Overview Several companies received WiMedia compliance in 2007 WiMedia-based products are shipping in the US and soon in Europe and Asia Development kits, IP and devices are available today Slide 3 3 Platform Compliance Status 19 compliant products from market- leading companies: Applications are WUSB, video streaming and networking Slide 4 4 WiMedia Platform Compliance Workshops (1/2) Devices can be certified at C&I workshops A test spec describes the test cases a DUT must pass to be considered compliant C&I workshops usually last 3 days Several compliance sessions per participant Several interoperability sessions per participant Slide 5 5 WiMedia Platform Compliance Workshops (2/2) Usually about 20 companies participate in compliance workshops Workshops are time consuming Participants need to prepare themselves very well before the event A misbehaving platform is not allowed to attend interop sessions Slide 6 6 WiMedia Platform Compliance Test Setup Test System interacts with the DUT and INTD to create the specified test cases Protocol Analyzer records the traffic and tests it against background verifications Slide 7 7 Ellisys WiMedia commitment Ellisys participated to all WiMedia Platform C&I events to help the WiMedia as follows: Supply equipment for all compliance and interoperability rooms Operate the Ellisys compliance room Co-operate the Interop room Help participants to debug their platforms Slide 8 8 Ellisys compliance solution Complete compliance solution based on Ellisys equipment Industrys first solution Used at all compliance events Automated software Slide 9 9 Ellisys WiMedia success Ellisys innovative features helped the industry exceed their targets WiMedia networks are now rock-solid with 20+ devices All Certified WiMedia Platforms are developed using Ellisys test equipment Slide 10 10 Ellisys offering WiMedia Explorer 300 Protocol Test System Multiple functions: analyzer, generator, compliance Multiple protocols support: WiMedia MAC, WUSB, WiNET / WLP, BT 3.0 Future proof: Designed to be upgradeable to new protocols, PHYs supporting upper frequencies, higher throughput, etc. Slide 11 WiMedia Explorer 300 Generator Reproduce any traffic to stress software stacks and verify compliance Replay previously captured traffic to recreate sporadic scenarios Emulate any kind of WiMedia-based device Slide 12 12 WiMedia Explorer 300 Analyzer Sniff non-intrusively any WiMedia channel Includes innovative Ellisys features Instant Timing: view, measure and optimize timings Instant Superframe: view superframe reservations and traffic Instant Beacons: view and debug WiMedia network issues Slide 13 13 WiMedia Analysis Software Slide 14 14 WiMedia Explorer 300 Duo Powerful, convenient and flexible setup Two fully featured units that can be used as Two Analyzers Two Generators One Analyzer and one Generator Best value for demanding developments