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Wilderness & Wildlife Tourism

Nov 01, 2014




This presentation was given during a seminar in Kuhmo, Finland on 14 August 2012. The seminar was about sharing exerience and lessons learned with Finnish entrepreneurs about wilderness and wildlife tourism. PAN Parks was showcased along with some of my private experience.

  • 1. Wildlife/wilderness tourism within National Parks Zoltan Kun, PAN Parks Foundation 14 August 2012Oulanka NP Kimmo Salminen

2. What is PAN Parks?Soomaa NP Mati Kose 3. What is PAN Parks?PAN Parks works to protectEuropes wilderness, the continentsmost undisturbed areas of naturePaanajrvi NP Viktor Gritsuk 4. What is PAN Parks? The only European-wide organisation focusing on the protection of wilderness areasCentral Balkan NP CBNP Appenine Chamois Bruno DAmicis 5. What is PAN Parks? PAN Parks links wilderness protected areas in Europe: European Wilderness Preservation System The size of Spain 6. What is PAN Parks?Integrated approach to mobilisesustainable tourism development forstrengthening wilderness conservationwww.panparks.orgBorjomi-Kharagauli NP Kote Gabrichidze 7. The PAN Parks ConceptRetezat NP Andreas Beckmann 8. The PAN Parks ConceptAn area of at least 10,000 hectares ofland or sea, with its native plant and animalcommunities and their associatedecosystems, in an essentially natural stateOulanka NP Hannu Hautala 9. The PAN Parks ConceptLarge spaces are needed to show wildlifeto visitors and have the opportunity toenjoy wilderness!Paanajrvi NP Minna Koramo 10. The PAN Parks Concept We help to increase the management effectiveness of the areas through third party audit based on Principles and CriteriaCentral Balkan Nanko Minkov 11. The PAN Parks Concept active promotion of local and sustainable tourism and raising awareness and creating positive perception of wildernessOulanka NP Michael Hennemann 12. The PAN Parks Concept TOURISM Promotion of sustainable tourism Certification of local businesses Tourism modelBorjomi-Kharagauli NP Kote Gabrichidze 13. The PAN Parks Concept Sustainable Tourism Development stimulates local cooperation involves local stakeholders aims for synergy between conservation and tourism improves the quality of tourism products improves the visitors experience includes local standard for businesses 14. The PAN Parks Concept Partnership with Local Businesses ensures the strategy is implemented partners are committed to the park and PAN Parks different tourism service providers over 80 partners (typically SMEs)Oulanka NP Paavo Hamunen 15. The PAN Parks Tourism Model 16. The PAN Parks Tourism ModelInternational tour operatorpartners 17. Tourism & WildernessRetezat NP Falk Kienas 18. Tourism & WildernessWilderness tourism and related activities are based on wilderness landscapes, parks and specialareas, significant wildlife features and wilderness-based historical sites andevents unlikely to see wildlife, but solitude and have the feel to be with animals very naturalWildlife tourism Wildlife tourism is focused on showcasing wildlife (species) high likelyness to see animals might require modification of animal behaviour (hides + feeding) 19. The big five dilemma The big five challenge Africa vs Europe The small 12 of AUSFulufjllet NP Orsolya Haaberg 20. Tourism & WildernessWilderness & Wildlife tourism better interpretation in National Parks is needed for visitors no-hunting rule can lead to change in animal behaviour more likelyto see wildlife without modifying behaviour no feeding inside the wilderness zone! entrepreneurs must work with the protected area management examples: parks and species /Tatra NP chamois, Hohe Tauernmarmot, Duna-Drava red deer, Bialowieza bison (monitoring) ONE brand of wilderness is needed which can lift all wilderness areas!Franchise of best practice 21. All about educationManaging expectationUnderstanding the motives 22. Managing expectationFulufjllet NP Orsolya Haaberg 23. Something happeningFulufjllet NP Orsolya Haaberg 24. Understanding the motiveProve yourselfCompetition No products: Father & Son weekendFulufjllet NP Orsolya Haaberg 25. Tourism & WildernessTourism entrepreneurs can helpto demystify Europes wilderness We need to demystify wilderness, make it more reachable for people Show it on the images too use more images with people in the wilderness!!! Prepare a newsletter with experiencing wilderness including how people can enjoy and have fun in wildernessMajella NP Bruno DAmicis 26. Tourism & Wilderness Tourism can help to raise knowledge and awareness about Europes wilderness Important to have a good brand Clients need to see how their contributionssupport wilderness protection. Ideally localprojects should be visible in the parks. the brand must be marketed oninternational and local level too, and the twohave to work togetherMajella NP Barbara Mayer 27. Tourism & WildernessEngagement connect people to wilderness and engagethem towards it The target group must be defined clearly(nature-lovers) provide clients with something, whathelps to promote the network and engagethe visitors ensure travel related communication anduse social media in promoting thedestinationMajella NP Bruno DAmicis 28. Tourism & WildernessThe current experience shows that sellingnew wilderness destinations is onlypossible ifthere is a proper destination managementTourism is a very competitive market, whichsuffers from the current financial crisis. Howevergood packages can still be sold. 29. Tourism & WildernessMost important lessons learnedmarketing through social media (mouthmarketing)engaging clientsoffer a special tripsustainability across the product cyclepricing 30. Why should anyone travel that far?The activities dilemmaThe specialty challenge Eki Ollila 31. The PAN Parks Tourism Model Case study - Oulanka National Park Finnish Wilderness Week package sold by Exodus (UK) developed by Basecamp Oulanka (FI) contribution to PPF after each client 23,000 raised in 4 years local project supported in 4 PAN Parks o visitor centre Retezat NP o eco-trail Rila NP o information boards Borjomi NP o photo documentary project MajellaNPOulanka NP Hannu Hautala 32. Memorable experience 33. PAN Parks works to protect Europeswilderness, the continents mostundisturbed areas of nature