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wikiTODAY february 2011 edition

May 17, 2015


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  • 1. C Cricket fans all around the world are now expecting the three mega events to be held this year World Cup Cricket, IPL, and the Twenty20 World Cup. The first upcoming grand event is the ICC World Cup 2011.India The mighty Indians had a commanding performance Cricketwatched player will be Sachin Tendulkar, for the legend has publiclyexpressed his desire to win a World Cup for India during his career.We must, this time, expect good captaincy from M.S.Dhoni.However, in my opinion, team selection could have been better.EnglandThe team to be led by Strauss has done good justice on the 22yards and also have done well in the ODI series against Australia. A sad thing is that the foundernation of the sport has had little luck in the ODIs this year. India with the World Cup ever since 1975 theyve never won the cup has winning chance for though having made to the finals thrice so far. But the present team two reasons: one is that is really competent and disciplined, having players like Stuart this event is going to beBroad, Kevin Pietersen, Matt Prior and Collingwood. held mainly in India, so that the Men in Blue knowThe advantage of this team is that they have developed the their conditions for their ability to change to defensive or aggressive in their batting grounds and climate thedepending on their score conditions. Each team requires good Home advantage. Theopeners, defensive middle order, and also good fielders, but this second is, we have team doesnt have a very good middle order. But if they give their witnessed the rise of some best target to their opponents, they surely will triumph the real winners who havetournament.The four teams to be propped the team upwatched out for on thiswhen it endured poor conditions.Bangladeshyears World Cup are:I sure know that you would be surprised to see this team, butIndia, England,Tendulkar, Yusuf, and Raina haveBangladesh have made a turning point in their history by defeatingBangladesh andbeeninstrumentalinwinning the Kiwis in their ODI series. The players have well done in OneSouth Africamatches. And of course, the mostday Internationals, especially Shakib Al Hasan, who has pushedwww.wikitoday.orgWikiToday February 2011

2. Cricket his team to its peak having shown immense talent andThese are the four teams which I expect to do well in the World uncompromising leadership. Even in the IPL Auctions, he was one ofCup. Each team I have mentioned above have some drawbacks, the players to be sold at a valuable price. With a good keeper, i.e. not so good openers, collapsing middle order, bad fielders and captain and an allrounder, this team has got a chance to take away so on, but they can counter their negatives by showing their best in this honor. But thats not enough as they need to stay sharp and do other categories, i.e. if they dont have good openers, they should their best in their pool matches by cashing in on the homebe able to maintain the runrate, at the same time, stem the loss of advantage.wickets. The prime focus must be in improving their bowling attack, as any bad total can be defended by a calculated and clinical disassembly of the opponents batting order and by giving all theSouth Africa players a good practice of fielding, as catches win matches. The Proteans recently had a tremendous series win against the Indians (32) and regained its respect in the world. Led by GreameNot only the teams I have expected, can triumph. Any team even Smith, this team has a golden chance to carry away the trophy and Kenya, which threw a surprise in the 2003 edition by qualifying for also skill to overthrow their opponents even in its darkest hour. The the semifinals can win this Cup if they are courageous and team is well balanced, with the best bowlers, fielders and wicket resourceful enough to face huge totals or defend belowaverage keeper. Morne van Wyk, the newcomer, has also shown of his powertotals. After all, cricket is a game of chance, right from the toss! and capacity to hit the ball finely. He had done a wonderful job in making large totals against Indians. However, there is a chance of a collapse in the middle order, so the team has to be more careful in hitting shots, players like de Villiers, Duminy, Kallis, Smith has to play more effectively if they have to post a mammoth total or chase a high total. Steyn, easily the worlds most feared bowler in this World Cup, has to keep up with his economy. But with players like Amla, Morkel, Tsotsobe, Smith, one can be pretty sure this team will enter the finals at the least.www.wikitoday.orgWikiToday February 2011 3. J July 3, 1971 might not ring a bell for most people except maybe for fans of The Doors because it was when their lead singer Jim Morrison was found dead. But the same day might soon come to be celebrated as Open Government Day after WikiLeaks tagline. It happens to be the birthday of its founder, Julian Assange. imagining things.International the U.Sled wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Governments are scrambling into damage control mode but right now there are just too many elephants in the room to tell people they are just On July 6, 2010, Private Bradley Manning, a 22 year old intelligence analyst with the United States Army in Baghdad, was charged with supplying the video that on 5th April 2010 10:44 EST, WikiLeaks released. A classified US military video depicts the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad including two Reuters news staff on July 12, 2007. Efforts by Reuters to obtain the video under the Freedom of Information Act were in vain. The 39 minute and 14 seconds long running video shows how the soldiers engaged and put down the civilians which included two reporters. The outrage and the subsequent explosion of public protests have led to two former specialists involved in the operation, Josh Steiber and Ethan McCord to issue a public apology. Manning is currently being detained at the U.S Marine brig in Julian AssangeQuantico, Virginia. His identity was revealed by 29year old AdrianA classified US militaryFormerly a hacker, Assange is nowLamo. Once a star of the hacker community, Lamo is now beingvideo depicts the the editorinchief of WikiLeaks castigated for having ratted out Manning. Lamo was contacted byindiscriminate slaying of which is releasing so many Manning for help regarding the classified information he intendedover a dozen people in to make public but Lamo was taken aback by the amount ofthe Iraqi suburb of Newconfidential cables, military war logs information that had been lifted by Manning. and the way heBaghdad including twoand video footages that it isReuters news staffpulverizing every war, peace and intended to use it.political rhetoric ever uttered aboutwww.wikitoday.orgWikiToday February 2011 4. International Lamo feared that this would lead to chaos since, to quote him, Everywhere theres a U.S. post, theres a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed....Its open diplomacy. Worldwide anarchy in CSV format. Manning may face upto 52 years in jail if he is found guilty of all the charges that he has been put up for. But the video seems to be only a small portion of the total classified information leaked to WikiLeaks by Manning. The rest is rumoured to be in the 1.4 GB insurance file that WikiLeaks posted following the strong statements issued by the U.S condemning it. This insurance file was put up along with The Afghan War Diaries, an extraordinary secret compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. The reports describe the majority of lethal military actions involving the United States military. Screen-grab from the Collateral Murder video Till now the world has taken a grim view of most civilian casualties and what the Army calls collateral damage but WikiLeaks has packed enough shock value in its releases that both wars are being reassessed from the bottom up and diplomatic ties of other countries with the U.S coming under strain considering the hypocrisy that characterised White Houses stand on terrorism when its own methods of countering it seems to resemble very closely the evil that it claims to be fighting.Private ManningAdrian WikiToday February 2011 5. International Numerous media agencies have identified the informants responsible for some of the reports that figure in the Afghan Diaries and even theri location in some instances. Britains Channel 4 news reported that a Taliban spokesman had said that the group was scrutinizing the WikiLeaked documents to find out and punish the persons who have allied with the U.S and supplying sensitive information that might compromise Taliban operatives. On a lighter note, the UK Treasury is accepting suggestions for government spending cuts via for those who want to remain anonymous. With every new WikiLeaks leak, more suspicions are being confirmed and people are reacting that such leaked cables are only confirming what they already knew and are making emphatic protests to the indictment of Julian Assange under sexual assault charges. Assange says they are politically motivated but being the most prolific spokesperson and creator of WikiLeaks, it is only obvious he will be the target of numerous counter measures by the U.S government. We should not be too proud about our sense that there is no state censorship, because we But legal hassles aside, Assange has redefined sensationalhave privatized state censorship. We have made journalism and made a paradigm shift in getting whistleblowers a it more complex and not as obvious. the brutality is hidden in its complexity. direct audience and making classified information open to public scrutiny. Julian Assange, Speech at Oslo Freedom Forum WikiToday February 2011 6. International Our secretary of defence may say the U.S. wont lose its reputation over this, but we stand and say that our reputations import