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Wifi and Lifi Technology

May 06, 2015



Lifi and Wifi existing thrilling inventions.

  • 1.LIFI ANDWIFI TECHNOLOGY Presented by BS IT 4th University of Gujrat

2. LiFiTechnology:- History 3. LiFiTechnology:- Introduction 4. Technical Detail LiFiTechnology:- 5. Issues of Radio Spec. 6. Issues of Radio Spec. Radio wave| Ifrared|Visible| Ultra violet| X-rays| Gamma rays Insuffient spectrum for increasing data Which is not used so far. Dangerous for human body Used for hospitals Low power application It is not used generally 7. Standars and Protocols 8. Advantages of Lifi More than 10Gbps download in 30 sec(theoreticaly)- Cost Efficient(due to use of LEDs)- Fast and easy transmission- Bandwidth(10,000 times greater than radio waves)- More availability- Highly secure- 9. Disdvantages of Lifi Short range- Low reliability- High Installation cost- Connectivity while moving- Shadowing- Presence of Light necessary- Efficiency-Less with bulbs, More with LEDs 10. History 1990 802.11 1999 802.11 a and b 2003 802.11g Standers IEEE 11. Connect the systems to Internet and and wired network. Wireless Environment Access to multiconnections Laptop Mobility Use RadioWave Networking got tangle Introduction 12. Technical Details Basic Concept similar to WalkieTalkies Base Station: Access point in Computer. A Bridge for the traffic. 13. Wifi Network Architectur AdHoc Mode Infrastructure Mode 14. Advantages of Wifi Advantages if Wifi Wireless- Low Cost- Mobility- Expandability- Deployment- Productivity- Convenience- 15. Disadvantages of Wifi Interference- Degradation in performance- High power consumption- Limited range- Data security risk- Speed- 16. Any Question..????

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