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PROFESSIONALS DISCUSSING THE IMPORTANCE OF A MUSIC VIDEO PURPOSE OF A MUSIC VIDEO PROMOTING THE ARTIST Music videos are a great way to promote the artist and are done in many ways. Music videos get the artist noticed for an example of how this works is the ‘Gangnam style’ video which has spread over the web and the news with people copying the infamous dance and reaching

Why music videos?

Nov 02, 2014



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  • 1. PROFESSIONALS DISCUSSING THE IMPORTANCE OF A MUSIC VIDEO OF A MUSIC VIDEOPROMOTING THE ARTISTMusic videos are a great way to promote the artist and are done in many ways.Music videos get the artist noticed for an example ofhow this works is the Gangnam style video which hasspread over the web and the news with people copyingthe infamous dance and reaching 1,236,107,574 viewson YouTube. If it wasnt for the video the song wouldntbe as infamous as it is.The personality of the artist shows through in the musicvideo and gives the viewer a chance to get a glimpse ofwhat the artist is like. A good artist example of this is Rihanna. Rihannas videos give you an
  • 2. insight of her fiery personality that youwouldnt necessarily get just from herlyricsMusic videos give a chance for theviewer to promote their ideas in acreative way that can entertain people.People often watch music videos asentertainment and due to musicchannels and YouTube a lot of people see themSALESMusic videos are made as a marketing step intended to promote the sale of musicrecordings.YouTube SalesYouTube plays a big part in sales from music videos. As long as the song is worth buyingthe exposure you get from YouTube leads back to song sales. If people see how popular thevideo is more people are going to watch it and this is how people discover new music.YouTube has had a marked effect on how people engage with the video content. If you lookback to the prime-days of the recording industry, the artist had to fork out millions of poundsfor radio or music channel exposure.MTV SalesMTV fast impact was to launch the music careers of fledging artists. Some believe Madonna(who broke through the same time as MTV) would not have got to where she is now if itwasnt for MTV, or at least she wouldnt have risen so quickly.POPULARITYMusic videos bring a lot of popularity to the artist and its due to this thatfledging artists have hit the charts and now make a successful career anexample of a now successful artist is Justin Bieber. He started out makingvideos for YouTube but just like similar others got spotted and signed.Music videos change the amount of exposure for the artist as there are ahigher percentage of people watching music videos than listening to theradio. Due to the sales caused by the popularity of music videos artists thenhit the top charts causing even more sales.
  • 3. COMPARING SONGSAfter comparing two songs it shows how much the music videos impact the sales andexposure for the artist. Although I did my research on YouTube and YouTube holds manyupcoming artists, I based my research on VEVO being only signed artists and all videosbeing easy to find.Due to the video of Thriller the sales rocketed and Michael Jackson sold millions of records.Although his name is world wide and this would have impacted the sales the amount ofviews the video received on YouTube does show how the video gave a lot of exposure to theartist.Carrie Underwood is well known in America but not so much anywhere else around theworld. Her music is very popular around the US but her music videos dont hold as much inas a lot of other artist videos like Michael Jacksons, Lady GaGa and Rihanna. This may bedue to the Genre of the video not being as popular but then you look at other country artistslike Taylor Swift she got 109,727,453 views on her love story video which is only 19 millionless views than Michael Jackson which sounds a lot but if you think about how big MichaelJackson was it isnt that many.
  • 4. THE IMPORTANCE OF MUSICCHANNELS, DVD DOWNLOADS /SALES.HOW MUCH MORE INCOME DO THESE CHANNELSBRING TO THE ARTISTS WHO PROMOTE THEIRWORK ON THEM?USE OF SYNERGYSONGS FOR FILMS/ TV PROGRAMMES/ ADVERTSA great recent example of how music for adverts give exposure to the artist is John Lewis Christmasadvert starring Gabrielle Aplin covering Frankie goes to hollywoods song The Power of Love.Before the Christmas advert Gabrielle just posted covers and her original songs on YouTube butbecause of her starring in the John Lewis Christmas advert people purchased the song. Her covershot up the charts and sold a lot of records. If it wasnt for the exposure due to the advert GabrielleAplin wouldnt have got to fame as quick as she has due to just one song.
  • 5. The apple advert is another good example of how adverts give great exposure to the artist. Due tothis advert Willy Moon sold further records and received a lot more views on YouTube. Appleshowed Willy Moons Record at the beginning of the advert playing on the iPod, this would havegiven Willy Moon a greater exposure than just the advert alone as people may have searched himdue to this and may not want to search the web trying to find the artist for the background song ofthe Apple advert.Not only do artists receive more exposure from adverts resulting in more sales but they also receivemoney from the company wanting to advertise as well therefore both the advertising company andthe artist both make money and sales from the advert.