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Diploma of Project Management Project Management Ethics & Code of Conduct Course Number 17872 Qualification Code BSB51507

Why Ethics & Code of Conduct?

Jan 03, 2016




Diploma of Project Management Project Management Ethics & Code of Conduct Course Number 17872 Qualification Code BSB51507. Why Ethics & Code of Conduct?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Diploma of Project Management

    Project ManagementEthics & Code of Conduct

    Course Number 17872Qualification Code BSB51507

  • Why Ethics & Code of Conduct?As the field of Project Management progresses into an acknowledged profession it important to define and commit to a regime of performance and professional expectations PMI Code of Ethics and Professional ConductAIPM Code of Ethics for MembersRefer to

  • Reading & Reflection

    Please take some time to review the Code of Conduct for both the PMI and the AIPM

    This could take 30 to 45 minutesRefer to

  • PMI Code of EthicsFounded on 4 values ResponsibilityRespectFairnessHonesty

    2 types of standards for behaviour Mandatory firm requirementsAspirational strive to uphold

  • PMI - ResponsibilityDescription of ResponsibilityDuty to take ownership for decisions, actions and consequences that we make of fail to make

    Mandatory StandardsUphold policies, regulatory and legal requirementsReport unethical or illegal conductPursue disciplinary action

  • PMI - RespectDescription of RespectDuty to show high regard for ourselves, others and resources entrusted to us

    Mandatory StandardsNegotiate in good faithDont take personal benefit at the expense of othersDo not act in an abusive mannerRespect the property rights of others

  • PMI - FairnessDescription of FairnessDuty to make decisions and act impartially and objectively. Free from self interest, prejudice and favouritism

    Mandatory Standards GovernConflict of interestFavouritismDiscrimination

  • PMI - HonestyDescription of HonestyDuty to understand the truth and act in a truthful manner in our communication and conduct

    Mandatory StandardsDo not engage in or support behaviour that is designed to deceive othersDo not engage in dishonest behaviour at expense of others or for personal gain

  • PMI Breach of CodeSubmit an ethics complaint for breaches of the code to the PMI Ethics Review Committee

    Can result in Removal of membershipPossible legal action or charges

  • AIPM Code of Ethics4 Articles governing behaviour High standards of conductThe way we execute our workTreatment of employers and clientsTreatment of the community

  • AIPM Article 1 StandardsAccept responsibilityUndertake projects only if we have the right skills, experience and qualificationsMaintain professional skillsPractice in a dignified mannerParticipate in the AIPMObey lawsBe aware and respectful of other cultures

  • AIPM Article 2 WorkProvide project leadership to promote maximum productivity and minimal costsApply tools and techniques to ensure project objectives are metTreat team members, colleagues and co-workers fairly with no discriminationSeek and offer honest criticism and properly credit the work of othersAssist team members etc in their professional development

  • AIPM Article 3 EmployersAct as faithful agents or trusteesRespect confidentialityInform of any potential or actual conflict of interest situationsNeither give nor accept gifts of more than nominal valueHonestly and realistically report on project status

  • AIPM Article 4 CommunityProtect the safety, health and welfare of the publicSpeak out against any abuse of the public interestExtend public knowledge and appreciation of the project management profession and achievements

  • AIPM Breach of CodeLodge any concerns with the AIPM National Council

    Can result in -Removal of name from the register of members or Removal of name from the register of certified practitioners

  • Professionalism ForumTake some time to review the Project Management Codes of Conduct and Ethics that have been defined by both the AIPM and the PMI.Reflect on which you prefer and any advantages or disadvantages that you can see.Then go to the Forum on Project Management Professionalism to discuss your findings and suggestions.ResearchPracticeComment

  • Ethics & Code of Conduct ReviewPlease go to Tests & Tasks Ethics & Code of Conduct and complete the review questions that have been assigned.The questions are multiple choice and True or False.Results will count towards your participation mark.You have 30 minutes to undertake the activity and can submit up to two times if you are unhappy with your original result.


  • Next Steps

    Please proceed to Tests & Tasks and complete the Ethics & Code of Conduct Review Exercise.

    Be sure that you have participated in the Project Management Professionalism Forum.Best of Luck!

    These are all due at the end of Week 2 in the Course Delivery Schedule